CompTIA CySA+ Set 8

Brian is configuring a vulnerability scan of all servers in his organization's data center. He is configuring the scan to only detect the highest-severity vulnerabilities. He would like to empower system administrators to correct issues on their servers but also have some insight into the status of those remediations. Which approach would best serve Brian's interests?

Options are :

  • Give the administrators access to view the scans in the vulnerability scanning system.
  • Send email alerts to administrators when the scans detect a new vulnerability on their servers.
  • Configure the vulnerability scanner to open a trouble ticket when they detect a new vulnerability on a server.
  • Configure the scanner to send reports to Brian who can notify administrators and track them in a spreadsheet.

Answer :Configure the vulnerability scanner to open a trouble ticket when they detect a new vulnerability on a server.

Tonya is configuring a new vulnerability scanner for use in her organization's data center. Which one of the following values is considered a best practice for the scanner's update frequency?

Options are :

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly

Answer :Daily

CompTIA JK0-801 A+ Certification Certified Practice Exam Set 5

Ben was recently assigned by his manager to begin the remediation work on the most vulnerable server in his organization. A portion of the scan report appears below. What remediation action should Ben take first?

Options are :

  • Install patches for Adobe Flash.
  • Install patches for Firefox.
  • Run Windows Update.
  • Remove obsolete software.

Answer :Run Windows Update.

Tom is planning a series of vulnerability scans and wants to ensure that the organization is meeting its customer commitments with respect to the scans' performance impact. What two documents should Tom consult to find these obligations?

Options are :

  • SLAs and MOUs
  • SLAs and DRPs
  • DRPs and BIAs
  • BIAs and MOUs

Answer :SLAs and MOUs

Don is evaluating the success of his vulnerability management program and would like to include some metrics. Which one of the following would be the least useful metric?

Options are :

  • Time to resolve critical vulnerabilities
  • Number of open critical vulnerabilities over time
  • Total number of vulnerabilities reported
  • Number of systems containing critical vulnerabilities

Answer :Total number of vulnerabilities reported

SY0-401 CompTIA Security+ Certification Practice Exam Set 9

Don completed a vulnerability scan of his organization's virtualization platform from an external host and discovered the vulnerability shown here. How should Don react?

Options are :

  • This is a critical issue that requires immediate adjustment of firewall rules.
  • This issue has a very low severity and does not require remediation.
  • This issue should be corrected as time permits.
  • This is a critical issue, and Don should shut down the platform until it is corrected.

Answer :This is a critical issue that requires immediate adjustment of firewall rules.

Elliott runs a vulnerability scan of one of the servers belonging to his organization and finds the results shown here. Which one of these statements is not correct?

Options are :

  • This server requires one or more Linux patches.
  • This server requires one or more Oracle database patches.
  • This server requires one or more Firefox patches.
  • This server requires one or more MySQL patches.

Answer :This server requires one or more Oracle database patches.

Donna is working with a system engineer who wants to remediate vulnerabilities in a server that he manages. Of the report templates shown here, which would be most useful to the engineer?

Options are :

  • Qualys Top 20 Report
  • PCI Technical Report
  • Executive Report
  • Technical Report

Answer :Technical Report

CAS-003 CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) Exam Set 6

James received the vulnerability report shown here for a server in his organization. What risks does this vulnerability present?

Options are :

  • Unauthorized access to files stored on the server
  • Theft of credentials
  • Eavesdropping on communications
  • All of the above

Answer :All of the above

Tom runs a vulnerability scan of the file server shown here.

He receives the vulnerability report shown next. Assuming that the firewall is configured properly, what action should Tom take immediately?

Options are :

  • Block RDP access to this server from all hosts.
  • Review and secure server accounts.
  • Upgrade encryption on the server.
  • No action is required.

Answer :Review and secure server accounts.

Dave is running a vulnerability scan of a client's network for the first time. The client has never run such a scan and expects to find many results. What security control is likely to remediate the largest portion of the vulnerabilities discovered in Dave's scan?

Options are :

  • Input validation
  • Patching
  • Intrusion prevention systems
  • Encryption

Answer :Patching

CompTIA JK0-015 E2C Security+ Certification Practice Test Set 20

Matt is working to integrate his organization's network with that of a recently acquired company. He is concerned that the acquired company's network contains systems with vulnerabilities that may be exploited and wants to protect his network against compromised hosts on the new network. Which one of the following controls would be least effective at reducing the risk from network interconnection?

Options are :

  • Network segmentation
  • VLAN separation
  • Firewall
  • Proxy server

Answer :Proxy server

Rhonda is planning to patch a production system to correct a vulnerability detected during a scan. What process should she follow to correct the vulnerability but minimize the risk of a system failure?

Options are :

  • Rhonda should deploy the patch immediately on the production system.
  • Rhonda should wait 60 days to deploy the patch to determine whether bugs are reported.
  • Rhonda should deploy the patch in a sandbox environment to test it prior to applying it in production.
  • Rhonda should contact the vendor to determine a safe timeframe for deploying the patch in production.

Answer :Rhonda should deploy the patch in a sandbox environment to test it prior to applying it in production.

William is preparing a legal agreement for his organization to purchase services from a vendor. He would like to document the requirements for system availability, including the vendor's allowable downtime for patching. What type of agreement should William use to incorporate this requirement?

Options are :

  • MOU
  • SLA
  • BPA
  • BIA

Answer :SLA

CompTIA CySA+ Set 5

Given no other information, which one of the following vulnerabilities would you consider the greatest threat to information confidentiality?

Options are :

  • HTTP TRACE/TRACK methods enabled
  • SSL Server with SSLv3 enabled vulnerability
  • phpinfo information disclosure vulnerability
  • Web application SQL injection vulnerability

Answer :Web application SQL injection vulnerability

Which one of the following mobile device strategies is most likely to result in the introduction of vulnerable devices to a network?

Options are :

  • COPE
  • TLS
  • BYOD
  • MDM

Answer :BYOD

Kassie discovered the vulnerability shown here on one of the servers running in her organization. What action should she take?

Options are :

  • Decommission this server.
  • Run Windows Update to apply security patches.
  • Require strong encryption for access to this server.
  • No action is required.

Answer :Decommission this server.

CompTIA Cloud Essentials Cert Exam Prep CL0-002 Set 3

Morgan recently completed the security analysis of a web browser deployed on systems in her organization and discovered that it is susceptible to a zero-day integer overflow attack. Who is in the best position to remediate this vulnerability in a manner that allows continued use of the browser?

Options are :

  • Morgan
  • The browser developer
  • The network administrator
  • The domain administrator

Answer :The browser developer

Jeff's team is preparing to deploy a new database service, and he runs a vulnerability scan of the test environment. This scan results in the four vulnerability reports shown here. Jeff is primarily concerned with correcting issues that may lead to a confidentiality breach. Which vulnerability should Jeff remediate first?

Options are :

  • Rational ClearCase Portscan Denial of Service vulnerability
  • Non-Zero Padding Bytes Observed in Ethernet Packets
  • Oracle Database TNS Listener Poison Attack vulnerability
  • Hidden RPC Services

Answer :Rational ClearCase Portscan Denial of Service vulnerability

Eric is a security consultant and is trying to sell his services to a new client. He would like to run a vulnerability scan of their network prior to their initial meeting to show the client the need for added security. What is the most significant problem with this approach?

Options are :

  • Eric does not know the client's infrastructure design.
  • Eric does not have permission to perform the scan.
  • Eric does not know what operating systems and applications are in use.
  • Eric does not know the IP range of the client's systems.

Answer :Eric does not have permission to perform the scan.

CompTIA Cloud Essentials CLO-001 Certified Practice Exam Set 1

Renee is assessing the exposure of her organization to the denial-of-service vulnerability in the scan report shown here. She is specifically interested in determining whether an external attacker would be able to exploit the denial-of-service vulnerability. Which one of the following sources of information would provide her with the best information to complete this assessment?

Options are :

  • Server logs
  • Firewall rules
  • IDS configuration
  • DLP configuration

Answer :Firewall rules

Mary is trying to determine what systems in her organization should be subject to vulnerability scanning. She would like to base this decision upon the criticality of the system to business operations. Where should Mary turn to best find this information?

Options are :

  • The CEO
  • System names
  • IP addresses
  • Asset inventory

Answer :Asset inventory

Paul ran a vulnerability scan of his vulnerability scanner and received the result shown here. What is the simplest fix to this issue?

Options are :

  • Upgrade Nessus.
  • Remove guest accounts.
  • Implement TLS encryption.
  • Renew the server certificate.

Answer :Upgrade Nessus.

FC0-U51 CompTIA IT Fundamentals Certification Exam Set 5

Sarah is designing a vulnerability management system for her organization. Her highest priority is conserving network bandwidth. She does not have the ability to alter the configuration or applications installed on target systems. What solution would work best in Sarah's environment to provide vulnerability reports?

Options are :

  • Agent-based scanning
  • Server-based scanning
  • Passive network monitoring
  • Port scanning

Answer :Passive network monitoring

Terry is conducting a vulnerability scan when he receives a report that the scan is slowing down the network for other users. He looks at the performance configuration settings shown here. Which setting would be most likely to correct the issue?

Options are :

  • Enable safe checks.
  • Stop scanning hosts that become unresponsive during the scan.
  • Scan IP addresses in random order.
  • Max simultaneous hosts per scan.

Answer :Max simultaneous hosts per scan.

Laura received a vendor security bulletin that describes a zero-day vulnerability in her organization's main database server. This server is on a private network but is used by publicly accessible web applications. The vulnerability allows the decryption of administrative connections to the server. What reasonable action can Laura take to address this issue as quickly as possible?

Options are :

  • Apply a vendor patch that resolves the issue.
  • Disable all administrative access to the database server.
  • Require VPN access for remote connections to the database server.
  • Verify that the web applications use strong encryption.

Answer :Require VPN access for remote connections to the database server.

CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Test Set 1

Emily discovered the vulnerability shown here on a server running in her organization. What is the most likely underlying cause for this vulnerability?

Options are :

  • Failure to perform input validation
  • Failure to use strong passwords
  • Failure to encrypt communications
  • Failure to install antimalware software

Answer :Failure to perform input validation

Raul is replacing his organization's existing vulnerability scanner with a new product that will fulfill that functionality moving forward. As Raul begins to build out the policy, he notices some conflicts in the scanning settings between different documents. Which one of the following document sources should Raul give the highest priority when resolving these conflicts?

Options are :

  • NIST guidance documents
  • Vendor best practices
  • Corporate policy
  • Configuration settings from the prior system

Answer :Corporate policy

Rex recently ran a vulnerability scan of his organization's network and received the results shown here. He would like to remediate the server with the highest number of the most serious vulnerabilities first. Which one of the following servers should be on his highest priority list?

Options are :


Answer :

CompTIA JK0-015 E2C Security+ Certification Practice Test Set 24

Beth is configuring a vulnerability scanning tool. She recently learned about a privilege escalation vulnerability that requires the user already have local access to the system. She would like to ensure that her scanners are able to detect this vulnerability as well as future similar vulnerabilities. What action can she take that would best improve the scanner's ability to detect this type of issue?

Options are :

  • Enable credentialed scanning.
  • Run a manual vulnerability feed update.
  • Increase scanning frequency.
  • Change the organization's risk appetite.

Answer :Enable credentialed scanning.

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