CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Test Set 3

Which of the following describes the access control method where data owners authorize who is granted access to their files?

Options are :

  • Access control list
  • Role-based access control
  • Mandatory access control
  • Discretionary access control

Answer : Discretionary access control

An administrator is tasked to perform a P2V migration of a critical application. Which of the following steps should the administrator perform FIRST before the migration?

Options are :

  • Migrate the server in a development environment
  • Establish a performance baseline
  • Contact the vendor for compatibility requirements
  • Harden the operating system

Answer : Contact the vendor for compatibility requirements

Ubiquitous access to cloud computing means:

Options are :

  • access by any device through any network connection
  • international access across country borders
  • access by authorized personnel only
  • access by any person

Answer : access by any device through any network connection

CompTIA Security+ Cert. (SY0-501): Practice Tests 2019 Set 4

Which of the following storage technologies would be MOST appropriate for installations where fast data access time is paramount?

Options are :

  • HDD
  • USB
  • Tape
  • SSD

Answer : SSD

Which of the following will allow the network administrator to verify that one IP is assigned to one VM?

Options are :

  • Storage allocation
  • Reservations
  • Resource Pooling
  • Virtual Local Area Network

Answer : Reservations

Which of the following attributes BEST describes elasticity in cloud computing?

Options are :

  • Multi-tenancy
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Universal access
  • Off premises
  • Portability
  • Scalable

Answer : Cost effectiveness Scalable

CompTIA N10-004 Network+ Certification Practice Test Set 5

A system administrator wants to create a mitigation strategy to quickly roll back a virtual image after applying the latest updates. Which of the following would the administrator utilize?

Options are :

  • Snapshot
  • Offline backup
  • Image backup
  • File backup

Answer : Snapshot

Which of the following would create an efficient means of accessing and organizing data in a cloud environment, as well as provide a list of useful, relevant data?

Options are :

  • Replicas
  • Object ID
  • Metadata
  • Blob data

Answer : Metadata

How many cores are available to the resource pool with a Type I hypervisor that has 4 quad core processors installed?

Options are :

  • 24
  • 32
  • 16
  • 64

Answer : 16

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner(CASP+) Practice Exams Set 2

A web server is offline. Which of the following will allow the FASTEST possible recovery of the web server?

Options are :

  • Operating system and application backups
  • Image backups
  • File backups
  • Operating system backups only

Answer : Image backups

Which of the following business continuity designs provides the highest degree of fault tolerance?

Options are :

  • Site Mirroring
  • Warm Site
  • Cold Site
  • Hot Site

Answer : Site Mirroring

A storage administrator has 100 terabytes of physical storage space within the SAN. Which of the following is used to enable access to the storage space?

Options are :

  • Drive striping
  • LUN creation
  • RAID configuration
  • Drive mirroring

Answer : LUN creation

220-802 CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Exam Set 10

Some of the VMs in an environment are experiencing network connectivity loss. The VM management network has no connectivity issues. Which of the following could cause this connectivity issue?

Options are :

  • Faulty host NIC port
  • Slow NIC
  • NIC teaming is disabled
  • Wrong NIC load balancing mode

Answer : Faulty host NIC port

A system administrator wants to be able to use one server to collect all of the logs on the network. Which of the following would be used to satisfy this scenario?

Options are :

  • SNMP
  • Change management database
  • Firewall logging
  • Syslog service

Answer : Syslog service

A technician would like to connect to a virtual server from inside the network, using a desktop computer. Which of the following tools could the technician use?

Options are :

  • SSL
  • HTTP
  • IMAP
  • RDP

Answer : RDP

CAS-003 CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) Exam Set 7

Which of the following will provide the MOST network address information possible for a system that belongs to a tenant in a private cloud?

Options are :

  • traceroute
  • nslookup
  • telnet
  • ipconfig

Answer : ipconfig

A company with an online store website has migrated the website and store database information to a cloud provider. The company wants to ensure credit cards used for online store purchases are processed such that local compliance regulations are met. Which of the following is used by a third party to verify the cloud vendor is meeting the compliance standards?

Options are :

  • Penetration test
  • Replication consistency
  • Application delivery
  • Bandwidth assessment

Answer : Penetration test

Which of the following is MOST important when working in highly available virtual environments?

Options are :

  • Storage VLAN
  • Wide area network
  • Virtual network
  • Heartbeat VLAN

Answer : Heartbeat VLAN

CompTIA Cyber Security Analyst (CySA+) Practice Exams 2019 Set 6

Which of the following is a MINIMUM requirement for VM online migration?

Options are :

  • Same CPU family between source and target hosts.
  • Same network equipment between source and target hosts.
  • Same hypervisor versions between source and target hosts.
  • Same hardware vendor for the datacenter.

Answer : Same CPU family between source and target hosts.

Which of the following cloud models would be used when implementing a company's email system in the cloud?

Options are :

  • SaaS
  • PaaS
  • XaaS
  • IaaS

Answer : SaaS

Which of the following reduces the risk of known attacks from being successful?

Options are :

  • Patching frequency
  • DLP techniques
  • Encryption methods
  • Mandatory access controls

Answer : Patching frequency

CompTIA PD1-001 PDI+ Beta Certification Practice Exam Set 5

Which of the following BEST defines RAID 4?

Options are :

  • RAID 4 has a dedicated parity drive.
  • RAID 4 requires a minimum of 4 disks.
  • RAID 4 is less secure than RAID 5.
  • RAID 4 allows two failed drives.

Answer : RAID 4 has a dedicated parity drive.

Which of the following networking components would be used to connect two subnets in a virtual environment?

Options are :

  • Virtual HBA
  • Virtual switch
  • Virtual router
  • Virtual disks

Answer : Virtual router

To avoid the same LUN showing up multiple times in client hosts, an administrator should implement:

Options are :

  • Multipathing software
  • Multiple HBAs
  • Multiple zones
  • Multiple initiators

Answer : Multipathing software

220-701 A+ Essentials Certification Practice Exam Set 6

Monitoring alarms should be set based on:

Options are :

  • Support availability.
  • The point of application installation.
  • Acceptable application performance criteria.
  • Ahigh point for every performance counter in the system.

Answer : Acceptable application performance criteria.

A user is notified that they will be terminated at the end of the day. As they start cleaning up their workstation, they try to FTP information from their workstation to a cloud-based, personal backup solution. Which of the fllowing hardening techniques would be used to restrict their ability to transfer this information via FTP?

Options are :

  • NIPS
  • Antivirus
  • NIDS
  • Host-based firewall

Answer : Host-based firewall

The network administrator creates a DNS A record. Which of the following tools can identify which IP has been assigned to a FQDN?

Options are :

  • arp
  • ipconfig
  • tracert
  • nslookup

Answer : nslookup

CompTIA JK0-022 E2C Security+ Threats & Vulnerabilities Exam Set 4

A company has multiple guest operating systems running in a virtual environment. An administrator would like to ensure all servers consistently receive the same IP addresses. Which of the following should be implemented?

Options are :

  • Soft limit quotas
  • Reservations
  • Resource pooling
  • Entitlement allocations

Answer : Reservations

A system administrator currently has two web server VMs on one host. Users are reporting that query searches within the site are slow. The system administrator notices that the host CPU is above the threshold. Which of the following should be completed?

Options are :

  • Rebuild the two web server VMs.
  • Install another NIC for the creation of a network bridge.
  • Migrate one web server to another host.
  • Defragment the hard drives on the server.

Answer : Migrate one web server to another host.

Which of the following would allow the knowledge management division to maximize the ability to find documents within an online document repository?

Options are :

  • Access control
  • Metadata
  • Object ID
  • Rapid deployment

Answer : Metadata

SY0-401 CompTIA Security+ Certification Practice Exam Set 3

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