CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner(CASP+) Practice Exams Set 3

Some server products have certain capabilities (such as FTP), but those services may need to be enabled in order to function so that the service is not available to a hacker. What application security principle does this illustrate?

Options are :

  • d. secure by accident
  • b. secure by design
  • c. secure by default
  • a. secure by deployment

Answer : c. secure by default

Your organization has experienced several security issues in the past year, and management has adopted a plan to periodically assess its information security awareness. You have been asked to lead this program. Which program are you leading?

Options are :

  • a. security training
  • c. risk mitigation
  • b. continuous monitoring
  • d. threat identification

Answer : b. continuous monitoring

Which attack involves unauthorized access to a device using a Bluetooth connection?

Options are :

  • a. Bluesnarfing
  • d. Bluefilling
  • b. Bluejacking
  • c. Bluefishing

Answer : a. Bluesnarfing

BR0-002 CompTIA Network + Bridge Practice Exam Set 4

Which of the following is a standard that the security automation community uses to enumerate software flaws and configuration issues?

Options are :

  • a. SCAP
  • c. SIEM
  • d. OWASP
  • b. CANVAS

Answer : a. SCAP

Your company has recently decided to switch Internet service providers. The new provider has provided a document that lists all the guaranteed performance levels of the new connection. Which document contains this information?

Options are :

  • a. SLA
  • b. ISA
  • c. MOU
  • d. IA

Answer : a. SLA

In what type of web attack does the website think that a request came from the userÂ’s browser and was made by the user himself, when actually the request was planted in the userÂ’s browser?

Options are :

  • d. click-jacking
  • a. insecure direct object references
  • c. CSRF
  • b. XSS

Answer : c. CSRF

Which of the following is used to provision certificates to network devices, including mobile devices?

Options are :

  • c. COPE
  • b. BYOD
  • d. OSCP
  • a. SCEP

Answer : a. SCEP

A hacker gains access to your organizationÂ’s network. During this attack, he is able to change some data and access some design plans that are protected by a U.S. patent. Which security tenets have been violated?

Options are :

  • d. confidentiality, integrity, and availability
  • b. confidentiality and integrity
  • a. confidentiality and availability
  • c. integrity and availability

Answer : b. confidentiality and integrity

CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Exam Preparation (Latest Version) Set 9

What design measure is the solution to most XSS and CSRF attacks?

Options are :

  • a. iptables
  • d. ACLs
  • c. tripwire
  • b. input validation

Answer : b. input validation

The following is what type of attack?


char *code = "AAAABBBBCCCCDDD"; //including the character '\0'

size = 16 bytes

void main()

{char buf[8];


Options are :

  • b. CSRF
  • d. buffer overflow
  • c. SQL injection
  • a. XSS

Answer : d. buffer overflow

Which of the following refers to responsibilities that an organization has due to partnerships with other organizations and


Options are :

  • c. due diligence
  • a. due process
  • b. downstream liability
  • d. indirect costs

Answer : b. downstream liability

SK0-004 CompTIA Server+ Certification Practice Exam Set 4

You are the security analyst for your enterprise. You have been asked to make several security controls easier to implement and manage. Which attribute will you be addressing?

Options are :

  • b. availability
  • a. maintainability
  • c. usability
  • d. recoverability

Answer : c. usability

Your organization has recently undergone major restructuring. During this time, a new chief security officer (CSO) was hired. He has asked you to make recommendations for the implementation of organizational security policies. Which of the following should you not recommend?

Options are :

  • c. All high-level transactions should require a minimum of two personnel to complete.
  • d. The principle of least privilege should be implemented only for all high-level positions.
  • b. All personnel should be cross-trained and should rotate to multiple positions throughout the year.
  • a. All personnel are required to use their vacation time.

Answer : d. The principle of least privilege should be implemented only for all high-level positions.

Recently someone stole data from your network, and that data should have been encrypted, but itÂ’s too late to figure out whether it was. What tool could you use to determine if certain types of traffic on your network are encrypted?

Options are :

  • d. fuzzer
  • c. password cracker
  • a. port scanner
  • b. protocol analyzer

Answer : b. protocol analyzer

N10-006 CompTIA Network+ Certification Practice Test Set 1

Which of the following applies rule sets to an HTTP conversation?

Options are :

  • a. HSM
  • b. WAF
  • d. NIPS
  • c. SIEM

Answer : b. WAF

Your organization wants to deploy a new security control on its network. However, management has requested that you provide information on whether the security control will add value to the organization after its deployment. What should you do to provide this information to management?

Options are :

  • a. Deploy the security control and collect the appropriate metrics for reporting to management.
  • c. Perform a cost/benefit analysis for the new security control.
  • d. Prototype the new solution in a lab environment and provide the prototype results to management.
  • b. Deploy the security control and create baselines for reporting to management.

Answer : c. Perform a cost/benefit analysis for the new security control.

220-902 CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Exam Set 2

Which of the following is not a part of hardening an OS?

Options are :

  • b. Unnecessary services should be disabled.
  • a. Unnecessary applications should be removed.
  • d. External storage devices and media should be tightly controlled.
  • c. Unrequired ports should be opened.

Answer : c. Unrequired ports should be opened.

You need to identify zero-day malware. What technique could be used to help in this process?

Options are :

  • a. fuzzing
  • c. malware sandboxing
  • d. establishing a social media policy
  • b. deploying an HTTP interceptor

Answer : c. malware sandboxing

Which of the following is the process of using a programming tool to not only identify syntactic problems in code but also discover weaknesses that can lead to memory leaks and buffer overflows?

Options are :

  • b. sandboxing
  • a. fuzzing
  • c. dumping
  • d. debugging

Answer : d. debugging

CompTIA CAS-002 Advanced Security Practitioner Certify Exam Set 2

In which type of test is the tester provided with limited knowledge of the network systems and devices, does the tester perform the test using publicly available information only, and does the organizationÂ’s security team knows that an attack is coming?

Options are :

  • a. blind
  • d. fuzz
  • c. double blind
  • b. target

Answer : c. double blind

Which of the following is used to control the use of a device and, when applied to a device, makes changes to settings such as the passcode settings?

Options are :

  • a. payload
  • c. plug-in
  • d. configuration profile
  • b. container

Answer : d. configuration profile

A group of your software developers just reviewed code while the author explained his reasoning. What type of code review have they just completed?

Options are :

  • c. tool assisted
  • b. over-the-shoulder
  • a. pair programming
  • d. email

Answer : b. over-the-shoulder

CompTIA Cloud Essentials CLO-001 Certified Practice Exam Set 4

Recently your users were redirected to a malicious site when their

DNS cache was polluted. What type of attack have you suffered?

Options are :

  • a. phishing
  • b. shoulder surfing
  • d. Dumpster diving
  • c. pharming

Answer : c. pharming

Which of the following is not a single protocol but a framework

for port-based access control?

Options are :

  • d. RDP
  • a. PAP
  • c. EAP
  • b. CHAP

Answer : c. EAP

Which of the following is information on the connection between a mobile device and a radio?

Options are :

  • b. PRL
  • c. PRI
  • d. RCP
  • a. VNC

Answer : c. PRI

CompTIA A+ 220 902 Test Set 3

Which of the following is an example of an incident?

Options are :

  • c. several invalid password attempts for multiple users
  • d. a user attempting to access a folder to which he does not have access
  • a. an invalid user accountÂ’s login attempt
  • b. account lockout for a single user account

Answer : c. several invalid password attempts for multiple users

You implemented a procedure whereby a testing team was provided with limited knowledge of the network systems and

devices and could use publicly available information. The organizationÂ’s security team was NOT informed that an attack was

coming. What type of test have you implemented?

Options are :

  • b. target test
  • c. full-knowledge test
  • d. blind test
  • a. double-blind test

Answer : a. double-blind test

A security analyst is using the SCinformation system = [(confidentiality, impact), (integrity, impact), (availability, impact)]

formula while performing risk analysis. What will this formula be used for?

Options are :

  • d. to calculate SLE
  • a. to calculate quantitative risk
  • b. to calculate ALE
  • c. to calculate the aggregate CIA score

Answer : a. to calculate quantitative risk

SY0-401 CompTIA Security+ Certification Practice Exam Set 2

Your company has decided to deploy network access control (NAC) on the enterprise to ensure that all devices comply with

corporate security policies. Which of the following should be done first?

Options are :

  • b. Develop the procedures for NAC.
  • c. Develop the policy for NAC.
  • d. Implement NAC.
  • a. Develop the process for NAC.

Answer : c. Develop the policy for NAC.

An organization has a research server farm with a value of $12,000. The exposure factor for a complete power failure is 10%.

The annualized rate of occurrence that this will occur is 5%. What is the ALE for this event?

Options are :

  • a. $1,200
  • c. $60
  • b. $12,000
  • d. $600

Answer : c. $60

Your organization has established a new security metrics policy to be more proactive in its security measures. As part of the policy, you have been tasked with collecting and comparing metrics on a day-to-day basis. Which of the following are you performing?

Options are :

  • c. baselines
  • b. trends
  • a. thresholds
  • d. daily workloads

Answer : d. daily workloads

220-902 CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Exam Set 3

OllyDbg is an example of which tool type?

Options are :

  • b. sniffer
  • a. fuzzer
  • d. reverse engineering tools
  • c. network enumerator

Answer : d. reverse engineering tools

You have been asked to document the different threats to an internal file server. As part of that documentation, you need to

include the monetary impact of each threat occurrence. What should you do?

Options are :

  • c. Determine the EF for each threat occurrence.
  • d. Determine the SLE for each threat occurrence.
  • a. Determine the ARO for each threat occurrence.
  • b. Determine the ALE for each threat occurrence.

Answer : d. Determine the SLE for each threat occurrence.

Which of the following tenets has been satisfied when an organization takes all the actions it can reasonably take to prevent

security issues or to mitigate damage if security breaches occur?

Options are :

  • c. due process
  • a. due care
  • d. CIA
  • b. due diligence

Answer : a. due care

CompTIA JK0-801 A+ Certification Part – 2 Practice Exam Set 3

ACLs are susceptible to what type of attack?

Options are :

  • d. DNS poisoning
  • a. MAC spoofing
  • c. whaling
  • b. IP spoofing

Answer : b. IP spoofing

Which of the following is used to manage a device using Telnet?

Options are :

  • a. data interface
  • b. management interface
  • d. Bluetooth
  • c. USB

Answer : b. management interface

Which SCAP component contains methods for describing and classifying operating systems?

Options are :

  • d. CVE
  • a. CCE
  • c. CWE
  • b. CPE

Answer : b. CPE

CLO-001 CompTIA Cloud Essentials Certification Practice Test Set 7

What services allow for changes to an operating system to be detected by an authorized party?

Options are :

  • b. attestation
  • a. sealing
  • d. bonding
  • c. verification

Answer : b. attestation

Which document requires that a vendor reply with a formal bid proposal?

Options are :

  • d. agreement
  • c. RFQ
  • a. RFI
  • b. RFP

Answer : b. RFP

Which of the following are used to steal proximity badge information?

Options are :

  • c. rogue APs
  • b. RFID tools
  • d. evil twins
  • a. lock picks

Answer : b. RFID tools

JK0-016 CompTIA Network+ 2009 Edition Practice Exam Set 10

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