Practice Test : CompTIA A+ Certification 220-902

Which of the following mobile phone features redirects the screen orientation as the user turns their phone?

Options are :

  • Geotracking
  • Gyroscope
  • GPS
  • Locator application

Answer : Gyroscope

Explanation Correct Answer:Gyroscope - A gyroscope keeps track of a phone's orientation in space.Incorrect Answers:A GPS is used to keep track of a phone's location.Geotracking is a treasure-hunting game using a phone's GPS.A locator application is an app that uses the GPS to find a lost or stolen phone.

CompTIA PD1-001 PDI+ Beta Certification Practice Exam Set 13

Taylor wants to sync her new Android phone with her desktop PC. Which will give her the quickest and most reliable results?

Options are :

  • Bluetooth
  • USB 2.0
  • RS-232
  • IEEE-1394

Answer : USB 2.0

Explanation Correct Answer:If Taylor wants to be able to connect her sweet new phone to her computer and get the fastest and most reliable connection, she'll need USB 2.0.Incorrect Answers:Bluetooth, while reliable (or as reliable as a wireless signal can be), is not very fast when compared to USB 2.0.IEEE-1394, or Firewire, is not supported by any Android phones.RS-232 is the classic serial port connector. That is seriously old-school and would definitely not cover the speed she needs. Also, I don't think there is a smart phone that exists that uses the serial interface.

A customer calls the help desk to report an issue. The customer suggests that the problem is hardware related, but the technician knows from the description that this is not the case. Which of the following is the BEST course of action for the technician?

Options are :

  • Contine to pursue your course of action.
  • Explain to the customer that your experience with this shows a different course of action.
  • Acknowledge the customer's input, but follow another course of action.
  • Continue to pursue the customer's course of action.

Answer : Acknowledge the customer's input, but follow another course of action.

Explanation Correct Answer:Acknowledge the customer's input, but follow another course of action is correct. The user generally knows their job better, so they may give you some good information that will help solve the problem. Listen to the customer, acknowledge their input; however, you should follow your own troubleshooting skills.Incorrect Answers:Continue to pursue your course of action is incorrect. Ignoring the customer's input will only upset your customer.Continue to pursue the customer's course of action is incorrect. They may know their job, but you should follow your troubleshooting guidelines.Explain to the customer that your experience with this shows a different course of action. Telling a customer that they are wrong, is not good communication. Listen to their input, but follow your troubleshooting guidelines.

A user has set up a SOHO network and needs to implement a network configuration that enables the sharing of devices and files across the network without the complexity of a centralized server. Which of the following would be most appropriate?

Options are :

  • WAN
  • PAN
  • WorkGroup
  • Domain

Answer : WorkGroup

Explanation Correct Answer:A WorkGroup enables Windows computers to connect to one another in a small network without much hassle.Incorrect Answers:A PAN is a personal area network that is created by Bluetooth hardware.

CompTIA JK0-022 E2C Security+ Threats & Vulnerabilities Exam Set 3

Which of the following best describes a method for installing an operating system across the network?

Options are :

  • USB 3.0
  • PXE
  • NTFS
  • IEEE 1394

Answer : PXE

Explanation Correct Answer:Using the PXE (or preboot execution environment), you can install Windows over a local network.Incorrect Answers:You can install Windows via USB, but it doesn't use a network.You can't install Windows via FireWire, also known as IEEE 1394.NTFS is the file system used by Windows. It has nothing to do with the installation method.

A technician has just upgraded RAM on a user's Windows 7 workstation from 4GB to 8GB. The technician now wants to adjust the page file size on the system to the recommended Microsoft minimum settings. Which of the following is the Microsoft minimum page file?

Options are :

  • 12288MB
  • 4096MB
  • 16328MB
  • 8192MB

Answer : 12288MB

Explanation Correct Answer:12288MB is correct. Microsoft's suggestion for the minimum page file size in Windows 7 is 1.5x your system RAM.Incorrect Answers:4096 MB is incorrect. Microsoft's suggestion for the minimum page file size in Windows 7 is 1.5x your system RAM. 8192 MB is incorrect. Microsoft's suggestion for the minimum page file size in Windows 7 is 1.5x your system RAM.16328 MB is incorrect. Microsoft's suggestion for the minimum page file size in Windows 7 is 1.5x your system RAM.

A nework administrator needs to set some immediate policies on several systems. Upon completion of an update from the command line of the first system, what is the next step that should be completed before moving to a new system? (Select TWO).

Options are :

  • View the CMD process in Task Manager
  • Type EXIT at the command prompt and press Enter
  • Click the "x" in the top right of the CMD window
  • Select Switch User on the PC
  • Minimize the CMD box to the taskbar

Answer : Type EXIT at the command prompt and press Enter Click the "x" in the top right of the CMD window

Explanation Correct Answer:The command line prompt should be closed, not minimized, upon completion of update command.Incorrect Answers:CMD will only open a DOS window, it does not set policy.Minimizing the CMD box does not complete the task, and leave the program open.Switching the user does not close the CMD box, and complete the task.

220-701 A+ Essentials Certification Practice Exam Set 8

A technician is installing and configuring a SOHO wireless network for a client. The client only wants five authorized computers to connect to the network within a defined IP range. Which of the following should the technician configure on the router? (Select two.)

Options are :

  • MAC filtering
  • ARP
  • SSID
  • DHCP
  • DMZ

Answer : MAC filtering DHCP

Explanation Correct Answer:DHCP is the technology in charge of handing out IP addresses dynamically, and you can configure it to stay within a certain range of IP addresses. Meanwhile, MAC filtering enables you to create a list of PCs allowed on the network based on their MAC addresses.Incorrect Answers:A demilitarized zone (or DMZ) is a security measure designed to protect internal systems from outside threats by exposing a part of the network to the outside. ARP, or address resolution protocol, resolves network layer addresses (for example, IP addresses) to link layer addresses (MAC addresses).SSID refers to the name of a wireless network.

When a technician runs the defrag utility, what types of files would be excluded from the process?

Options are :

  • System32 files
  • Music files
  • Document files
  • Paging files

Answer : Paging files

Explanation Correct Answer:The paging files are pretty much always being used by the system, so the defrag utility will never defragment them. Other files would be both Master File Tables, the one at the beginning of the disk and the one in the middle.Incorrect Answers:Documents, Music, and any cool utilities in the System32 folder will all get the same treatment under defrag.

Which of the following is NOT a way to stop a service in Vista?

Options are :

  • Command Prompt | Net stop
  • Right-click Computer | Manage | Services and Applications | Services | | Stop
  • Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services | | Stop
  • Command Prompt | winsrv.msc | | Stop

Answer : Command Prompt | winsrv.msc | | Stop

Explanation Correct:Command Prompt | winsrv.msc | | Stop. You can open up Services from a command prompt but the correct command would be services.msc, not winsrv.msc.Incorrect:The other three steps would let you stop a service in Windows Vista.

CompTIA CAS-002 Advanced Security Practitioner Certify Exam Set 5

Jan, a customer, states that another technician just removed malware from her computer and now she is not able to connect to Web sites such as Windows Update, but she is able to connect to others. Which of the following is the most likely cause of the issue?

Options are :

  • Not all the malware has been eliminated
  • NIC driver is corrupt
  • The HOSTS file has been tampered with
  • The Web browser's cache is full

Answer : The HOSTS file has been tampered with

Explanation Correct Answer:Looks like the malware finished its job! The HOSTS file is a file on your computer that resolves DNS names to IP addresses. It was DNS before there was DNS! This particular malware must have tampered with Jan's HOSTS file, disabling her computer from accessing certain Web sites like Windows Update. It would be wise to find the HOSTS file on her computer and find out if any other Web sites have been affected by this hack.Incorrect Answers:While the NIC driver COULD become corrupt from malware, the fact that she can connect to other Web sites suggests that isn't the case.If the Web browser's cache was full, then she would be out of hard drive space. She would be having a totally different conversation with you at that point.While there is a definite chance that malware might still be residing on the computer, it looks like another technician successfully removed all of it. We are just dealing with the after effects of this malware. I would definitely run another scan on the computer after I've made sure the HOSTS file was OK just to be safe!

A technician needs to rebuild a computer that had a virus. Which of the following data destruction methods should be used to ensure the virus has been successfully erased before reinstalling the operating system, programs, and all user data?

Options are :

  • Shredder
  • Low-level format
  • Degaussing tool
  • Standard format

Answer : Standard format

Explanation Correct Answer:A standard format will erase the drive so that it can be cleanly overwritten.Incorrect Answers:A low-level format formats the disk at the surface level, and is a bit overkill for simply reinstalling a hard drive.A disk shredder completely destroys a hard drive. You're not installing anything on a shredded drive.A degaussing tool will permanently ruin a hard drive.

John worked on his PowerPoint presentation yesterday, but today the program won't run. What Windows tool or option should he try to get PowerPoint working again?

Options are :

  • Safe mode with networking
  • System Restore
  • Safe mode
  • Last Known Good Configuration

Answer : System Restore

Explanation Correct:The key fact here is that the application worked in the past but doesn't work now. Given the choices you have it's safe to assume that John possibly installed another program that created a problem with PowerPoint and that his best fix to this problem would be to restore the system to a time that PowerPoint was working.Incorrect:Last Known Good is a fine answer, but not the best. Last Known Good is used when you have a driver or registry problem that prevents Windows from starting up.Safe mode and Safe mode with networking are good answers as well, but with no drivers loaded in safe mode, it may be hard to troubleshoot this application-based problem.

CompTIA JK0-019 E2C Network Media & Topologies Practice Exam Set 5

An administrator disables a user's email account due to high volumes of emails being sent in a few hours. Which of the following types of attack has the user experienced?

Options are :

  • Man-in-the-middle attack
  • Virus infection
  • malware infection
  • Phishing attack

Answer : malware infection

Explanation Correct Answer:Malware infection is a generic term used for intrusive software.Incorrect Answers:Virus is incorrect. A virus tends to corrupt or destroy data, not send e-mail.Man in the middle attacks are designed to collect data, not send e-mail.Phishing attacks are designed to collect data, not send e-mail.

A technician needs to use Remote Desktop Connection in order to get access to a remote Windows workstation. However, the Programs menu has been hidden and she only has access to the Run command utility or a command-line prompt. Which of the following utilities should the technician use to access Remote Desktop Connection?

Options are :

  • MSINFO32

Answer : MSTSC

Explanation Correct Answer:The MSTSC utility enables you to edit Remote Desktop Connection configuration files.Incorrect Answers:MSINFO32.MSC displays information about the local system.SERVICES.MSC enables you to start, stop, and otherwise manage the services on your local PC.MSCONFIG enables you to configure which programs start up with Windows.

You are working within Disk Management in Windows and notice one of your drives is listed as foreign. What must you do to use the disk? (Choose the BEST answer.)

Options are :

  • Convert it to a dynamic disk
  • Convert it to a basic disk
  • Import the disk
  • Format the disk

Answer : Import the disk

Explanation Correct Answer:When a disk is listed as foreign in Disk Management, it means that you have recently installed a dynamic disk into your computer and it needs to be imported.Incorrect Answers:You can't convert the disk to a dynamic disk because it already is one.Converting the disk to a basic disk will destroy any data on the disk.You still have to import the disk before you format it. And if you were to format it, you would lose the data you have on the disk.

SK0-004 CompTIA Server+ Certification Practice Exam Set 1

A technician is tasked with enabling TLS version and 1.2 on a workstation's Internet Explorer browser. Which settings item should the technician open to enable the TLS setting?

Options are :

  • Internet Options
  • Security
  • Downloads
  • Settings: //Options

Answer : Internet Options

Explanation Correct Answer: Internet Options is correct. Select the Internet Options item in the settings list. The Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol allows for privacy between a server and a client. Incorrect Answers: The Settings: //Options in not a valid option for any browser. The Security tab allows you to choose a number of different security presets. There is no Downloads menu option in Internet Explorer.

A technician recently set up a new wired network and wants to ensure only his computers can use it. Which of the following is the most secure way to accomplish this?

Options are :

  • Make sure the computers are using strong passwords
  • Assign static IP addresses to the computers
  • Disable the extra ports on the router
  • Enable an intrusion detection system

Answer : Disable the extra ports on the router

Explanation Correct Answer:Disabling the extra ports on the router would make it difficult for other computers to join the network.Incorrect Answers:

Which of the following software types would need to be installed on a mobile device to help prevent data from being viewed if the device is lost?

Options are :

  • Remote wipe
  • GPS locator
  • Anti-virus
  • Remote backup application

Answer : Remote wipe

Explanation Correct Answer:Remotely erasing all the data on your mobile device is the only way to be sure that no one else can access it if the device has been lost.Incorrect Answers:An anti-virus program will just remove malware from your device. It won't help keep others away from your data.A GPS locator will help you find your lost device, but if someone else finds it first, the locator won't keep them away from your data.Doing a remote backup is good if you're about to wipe the device remotely, but, again, backing your data up doesn't keep others away from it.

CompTIA 220-801 A+ Advanced Certification Practice Exam Set 4

A technician is tasked with installing a legacy application on a Windows 7 computer. When the technician tries to install the legacy application, an error appears saying that the application cannot be installed because the OS is not supported. Which of the following should the technician do first to try to get the application installed in Windows 7?

Options are :

  • Install the latest Windows service packs and updates
  • Install Windows Security updates on the system
  • Install the application in safe mode
  • Install the application with compatibility mode

Answer : Install the application with compatibility mode

Explanation Correct Answer:Compatibility mode can sometimes enable support for legacy applications. It doesn't always work, but it's the first thing to try.Incorrect Answers:Using safe mode won't get the program to work.Updating Windows with service packs or security updates also won't work.

A technician needs to configure her neighbor's iPad. The neighbor wants to access his work e-mail. The technician requires some information from her neighbor's work IT department. Which of the following information does the technician need?

Options are :

  • Server and domain
  • IP address and DNS
  • Server and gateway
  • IP address and domain

Answer : Server and domain

Explanation Correct Answer:The technician needs to know the neighbor's work e-mail server and work domain name. Incorrect Answers:You don't need to know IP address info, domain info, or DNS info to set this up.

What location on your Windows 7 system will hold all the temp files left behind by applications?

Options are :

  • C:\Temporary
  • C:\Users\Temp
  • C:\Windows\Temp
  • C:\Windows\System32\Temp

Answer : C:\Windows\Temp

Explanation Correct Answer:C:\Windows\Temp is the special holding area for temp files.Incorrect Answers:All of the other locations don't exist.

CompTIA JK0-015 E2C Security+ Certification Practice Test Set 25

What is the last thing a technician should do before transferring a confiscated computer to another department? Assume the computer was confiscated for illegal material.

Options are :

  • Document change of custody
  • Report prohibited activity
  • Preserve data
  • Identify prohibited activity on PC

Answer : Document change of custody

Explanation Correct Answer:Documenting every person who has had possession of the computer is very important when dealing with confiscated PCs.Incorrect Answers:Unless you're with law enforcement, you don't need to be documenting the stuff on the PC.If the computer is being transferred, the prohibited activity has probably already been reported.Don't preserve illegal data! That's a good way to get in trouble yourself!

Which of the following commands would you use if you need to turn a file that is read-only into a file that can be modified?

Options are :

  • EDIT

Answer : ATTRIB

Explanation Correct Answer:The ATTRIB command is used to change attributes such as Read-only, Archive, System, Hidden. (RASH!)Incorrect Answers:LABEL is used to label your volume. It's the thing that automatically happens when you format a volume.EDIT is the most basic text editor that reaches back to the glory days of DOS.PERMISSION just doesn't exist at all.

When working on a user's computer, Jamie the tech notices that the user has created a bunch of desktop shortcuts to inappropriate Web sites. What should Jamie do?

Options are :

  • Report through proper channels
  • Track the evidence
  • Preserve the data and device
  • Document all changes to the computer

Answer : Report through proper channels

Explanation Correct Answer:Jamie should report the infraction to his supervisor, who will then ensure that the appropriate action is taken.Incorrect Answers:Unless the Web sites host illegal content, the user's computer couldn't be considered evidence.Jamie should be documenting changes while working on the computer, but that's not part of dealing with the shortcut issue.Jamie should preserve the data and device in any case, not specifically for this issue.

CompTIA CA1-001 Advanced Security Practitioner Practice Exam Set 5

A client has a computer that is infected with several viruses and spyware. Which of the following should the technician perform first before spyware removal?

Options are :

  • Run Windows Update
  • Disable network cards
  • Run the CHKDSK /R command
  • Disable System Restore

Answer : Disable System Restore

Explanation Correct Answer:System Restore points can become infected by certain malware, so it's always a good idea to disable System Restore on an infected machine.Incorrect Answers:Updates to Windows frequently fix security holes, but they don't remove existing malware.The CHKDSK /R command will scan and repair your file system, but won't help with viruses.If you disable your network cards, your anti-malware tools won't be able to download new malware definitions.

Many mobile devices are Bluetooth-enabled. In order to use a Bluetooth device, it must be ______ to the mobile device.

Options are :

  • Linked
  • Tethered
  • Hooked
  • Paired

Answer : Paired

Explanation Correct Answer:Bluetooth devices must be "paired" together to work correctly.Icorrect Answers:Although they sound like the same idea, the correct term is "paired".

A technician needs to change the minimum password length to 8 characters to make it more secure. Which of the following system settings should the technician configure?

Options are :

  • System Configuration
  • Windows Firewall
  • Local Security Policy
  • Windows Security Center

Answer : Local Security Policy

Explanation Correct Answer:In Local Security Policy, you can enable minimum password lengths to enforce stronger passwords.Incorrect Answers:Windows Firewall is a software firewall included in Windows. It prevents unwanted networking connections to a computer.Windows Security Center gives users a place to monitor anti-malware software, Windows Firewall, and Windows Update.System Configuration, more popularly known as MSCONFIG, enables you to select which programs and services start up with Windows.

SY0-401 CompTIA Security+ Certification Practice Exam Set 9

A user receives an email containing a co-workers birth date and social security number. The email was not requested and it had not been encrypted when sent. What policy does the information in the email violate?

Options are :

  • EULA
  • IRP
  • PII
  • DRM

Answer : PII

Explanation Correct Answer:Personally identifiable information (PII) is correct. PII refers to any data that can lead back to a specific individual.Incorrect Answers:Digital rights management (DRM) refers to technology used to restrict copyright or proprietary hardware.End User License Agreement (EULA) is a contract between a user and software publisher.Incident response plan (IRP) provides instructions that are followed when there is a potential data or security breach.

Which of the following should a technician do first to secure a mobile device?

Options are :

  • Download updates
  • Install antivirus
  • Assign a passcode
  • Disable GPS

Answer : Assign a passcode

Explanation Correct Answer:You should always assign a passcode to your mobile device in order to keep others away from your personal data.Incorrect Answers:Updates might help, but you should set a passcode first.Disabling your GPS doesn't really help with security.Antivirus apps might help you rid your phone of malware, but they don't help you secure your phone, per se.

The practice of following an authorized person through an entrance into a restricted area without using a badge is called:

Options are :

  • Spamming
  • Shredding
  • Phishing
  • Tailgating

Answer : Tailgating

Explanation Correct Answer:Tailgating, in addition to being a great way to experience comraderie and eat good food before a sporting event, is also a social engineering attack where an attacker follows his victim through a door into a restricted area.Incorrect Answers:Spamming is the sending out of massive amounts of unsolicited e-mail.Shredding is what you should do to sensitive documents before throwing them in the trash.Phishing is using e-mails that look as though they're from a trusted source in order to obtain sensitive information.

CompTIA JK0-801 A+ Networking & PC Hardware Practice Exam Set 11

A technician needs to decrease the time it takes to install an operating system on 100 computers. Which of the following installations would the technician use to reduce hands-on time spent on each computer?

Options are :

  • Unattended installation
  • USB installation
  • Upgrade installation
  • Clean installation

Answer : Unattended installation

Explanation Correct Answer:An unattended installation can be performed remotely or by simply inserting a special installation disc, which of course makes large-scale installations go much faster.Incorrect Answers:An upgrade installation is when you install a newer OS on top of an older one.A USB installation is the same as a normal install, but using a USB drive instead of an optical disc.A clean installation is just a run-of-the-mill installation.

Which of the following commands would a technician use to move one directory above or below the one the technician is currently in?

Options are :

  • MD
  • DIR
  • CD
  • RD

Answer : CD

Explanation Correct Answer:The CD command enables you to change directories in a command-line environment.Incorrect Answers:The DIR command displays a directory's contents.The RD command deletes a directory.The MD command creates a directory.

A user has not received any new e-mails on his smartphone in the last two days. The user is able to access the Internet without any problems. Which of the following should the user do first?

Options are :

  • Reconfigure the smartphone's e-mail account
  • Update the operating system
  • Resynchronize the smart phone
  • Restart the smartphone

Answer : Restart the smartphone

Explanation Correct Answer:"Have you tried turning it off and on again?" Sometimes restarting a device can solve unexpected problems.Incorrect Answers:If the problem persists after a restart, you might try to reset the e-mail settings.Syncing the phone probably won't solve the problem.An OS update would be the last resort, especially since phone OS updates are pretty rare, so your phone probably doesn't have one available.

CompTIA N10-004 Network+ Certification Practice Test Set 2

Which of the following BEST represents a security vulnerability of mobile devices? (Select TWO.)

Options are :

  • Theft
  • Phishing
  • Viruses
  • Unauthorized downloads
  • Improper file permissions

Answer : Theft Viruses

Explanation Correct Answers:Viruses and theft - Mobile devices these days are incresingly targeted by viruses, and phone theft is a constant threat.Incorrect Answers:Phishing is the act of using e-mail to pretend to be a trusted authority in order to obtain sensitive information.Unauthorized downloads and improper file permissions are just made-up answers.

What does Disk Cleanup do?

Options are :

  • Erases and re-formats a disk
  • Automatically cleans the surface of the hard disk(s)
  • Helps you identify and clean up unnecessary files on a hard drive.
  • Optimizes files that have been fragmented across the hard drive

Answer : Helps you identify and clean up unnecessary files on a hard drive.

Explanation Correct Answer:Disk Cleanup helps you clean up unused and temporary files.Incorrect Answers:Disk Defragmenter optimizes files that have been fragmented across the hard drive.Windows Explorer can be used to erase and re-format a disk.The other answer is made up.

A technician wants to configure the computer to send an alert when the CPU usage is above 95% for arbitrary length of time

Options are :

  • Perfomance Monitor
  • Task Manager
  • REGSRV32

Answer : Perfomance Monitor

Explanation Correct Answer:The Performance Monitor's role on your computer is to monitor and log the system performance. You can even configure it to send alerts when an object being monitoring exceeds a given threshold.Incorrect Answers:Task Manager is great for checking out what exactly is making the computer use over 95% CPU usage in a given moment. But it's only good for that moment. It doesn't have any reporting or logging features.REGSRV32 is used to register DLL files with your system.TLIST is a Windows XP command-line tool used to view the list of running processes. (TASKLIST replaced TLIST in Windows Vista/7).

LX0-104 CompTIA Linux + Powered by LPI Practice Exam Set 3

A tech needs to adjust the UAC in Windows 7. Where can he access the settings?

Options are :

  • Control Panel | Windows Firewall
  • Control Panel | Device Manager
  • Control Panel | User Accounts
  • Administrative Tools | Computer Management

Answer : Control Panel | User Accounts

Explanation Correct:You can change the User Account Congrol (UAC) settings in Windows 7 in the User Accounts applet in the Control Panel. Note that the CompTIA A+ exams might not use the full path to these tools. You need to know that User Accounts is in the Control Panel. Incorrect:Computer Management enables you to make changes to user accounts, devices, hard drives, and more, but it's not the place for adjusting UAC settings. Device Manager enables you to change drivers and enable or disable devices, not UAC.The Windows Firewall controls programs accessing your computer over a network.

Virtual machines provide the ability to do which of the following?

Options are :

  • Extend 32-bit machines to 64-bits.
  • Allow higher internet speeds.
  • Use less system memory.
  • Share hardware resources.

Answer : Share hardware resources.

Explanation Correct Answer:Share hardware resources is correct. A virtual machine is a software emulation of a computer system that runs on a real computer. It allows you to easily switch between different operating system configurations, but utilize the same computer hardware.Incorrect Answers:Extends 32-bit to 64-bit machines is incorrect.Allows higher internet speeds is incorrect. It only allows multiple systems to share one internet connection.Use less system memory is incorrect. Virtual machines require more system memory.

I have a bunch of files on my PC and I want to delete them. And when I say delete them, I don't even want them going to the Recycle Bin. How can I do that in Windows?

Options are :

  • Hold [Ctrl], then press [Delete].
  • Hold [Caps Lock], then press [Backspace].
  • Press the [Backspace] key.
  • Hold [Shift], then press [Delete].

Answer : Hold [Shift], then press [Delete].

Explanation Correct Answer:Hold [Shift] down, then press [Delete] on any file you want. It won't go to the Recycle Bin. It's buh-bye gone!Incorrect Answers:Holding [Ctrl] won't do anything. Any answer involving the [Backspace] key won't have an effect, either.

FC0-U51 CompTIA IT Fundamentals Certification Exam Set 7

Which of the following is an example of an open-ended question?

Options are :

  • What's your employee ID?
  • Is this correct?
  • How may I help you?
  • What symptoms appeared and when?

Answer : How may I help you?

Explanation Correct:How may I help you? This is a VERY open-ended question. Open-ended questions are not looking for a particular response and solicit a broad answer. Closed-ended questions look for a specific response. Incorrect:What symptoms appeared and when? This question is closed-ended as it is looking for specific symptoms.What's your employee ID? The only real answer is either the employee ID or "I don't know". Very specific and therefore closed-ended.Is this correct? Yes/No questions are always close-ended.

While trying to access a secure Web page, Karen gets an error telling her the domain names for the site and the certificate are mismatched. The site is a small "Mom and Pop" Web site, but she's about to order $1500.00 worth of merchandise. What should she do?

Options are :

  • Try using TCP port 8080 to confirm the HTTPS is intact.
  • Do not accept the certificate, but do the transaction anyway.
  • Stop and call the store.
  • Go ahead and make the transaction.

Answer : Stop and call the store.

Explanation Correct Answer:While you can risk ignoring problems with some certificates, any time money or personal information is involved, one should take the safe route. In this case, Karen needs to stop and call the company. Incorrect Answers:The 'port 8080' choice is meaningless.The other choices are just bad ideas.

Cletus receives a computer that has a Trojan horse virus. Which of the following should you do first?

Options are :

  • Rollback to the System Restore Point.
  • Run the System Recovery utility.
  • Establish how the virus was aquired.
  • Identify the malware.

Answer : Identify the malware.

Explanation Correct Answer:Identify the type of malware that poor Cletus aquired. We know it's a Trojan, but exactly what kind of Trojan did he get?Incorrect Answers:After he finds out what kind of Trojan it is, he'll most likely be pointed in the direction of how the PC aquired the malware. Run the System Recovery utility or System Restore after you've found out all the above information.

CompTIA LX0-102 Linux Part 2 Certification Practice Exam Set 1

A technician receives an error every time a workstation boots up. The technician needs to find out what process is responsible for the error. Which of the following utilities would be used first?

Options are :

  • Event Viewer
  • System Control Panel
  • Task Manager

Answer : Event Viewer

Explanation Correct Answer:The Windows Event Viewer provides a method for browsing Windows event logs. It keeps track of everything that happens on a system.Incorrect Answers:The Control Panel is a collection of tools to configure many various parts of the Windows operating system.The Task Manager enables you to control the processes and services running in the background.MSCONFIG enables you to select which processes and services start with Windows.

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