Mock : CompTIA A+ Certification 220-902

A technician is trying to request a new IP address for a customer's computer through the command prompt. Which of the following commands should the technician use?

Options are :

  • ipconfig /release
  • ipconfig /flushdns
  • ipconfig /all
  • ipconfig /renew

Answer : ipconfig /renew

Explanation Correct Answer:ipconfig /renew will grant a computer a new IP address.Incorrect Answers:ipconfig /flushdns deletes a computer's DNS cache.ipconfig /all displays additional IP configuration information.ipconfig /release gets rid of a computer's currently assigned IP address, but it doesn't get a new one.

How would you define an accelerometer?

Options are :

  • Gives the device a longer battery life
  • Increases the speed of the CPU
  • It measures the velocity of the device
  • It tilts the screen when I rotate my iPad

Answer : It measures the velocity of the device

Explanation Correct Answer:The definition of an accelerometer is a device that measures proper acceleration (speed, velocity). These devices are built-in to many of our mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets. We also see accelerometers in cars to monitor when a crash has occurred so that 911 can be called. We also see accelerometers in your Nintendo Wii controllers so you can play games!Incorrect Answers:An accelerometer will not give your device longer batter life or increase the speed of your CPU.It also does not tilt the screen on your iPad. The accelerometer measures and detects the tilt in your screen, iOS then performs a function to tilt the screen for you. Yes, it's a mean answer, but I'm looking for a definition of an accelerometer, not the effect of one.

CompTIA JK0-801 A+ Certification Certified Practice Exam Set 1

Which of the following is the LAST step when troubleshooting an issue?

Options are :

  • Establish a theory of probable cause.
  • Document findings, actions, and outcomes.
  • Identify the problem.
  • Verify system works.

Answer : Document findings, actions, and outcomes.

Explanation Correct Answer:Document, document, document! The last thing you should ever do when working on a user's equipment is to leave a paper trail.Incorrect Answers:Identify the problems is first. Establish a theory is second. Verfiy system functionality is fifth.

Which of the following resources is most important for accessing remote virtual environments on a client machine?

Options are :

  • CPU speed
  • High-speed memory
  • Network speed
  • Drive space

Answer : Network speed

Explanation Correct Answer:Network speed is critical for accessing anything remotely. The faster the network, the faster the access.Incorrect Answers:The other answers would be great for locally hosted virtual environments, but not for remotely hosted ones.

A user will be installing a switch in a public location and will allow the six users in the office to connect to it with CAT6 Ethernet. Which of the following actions would best ensure that there is no unauthorized access to the switch?

Options are :

  • Disable PoE
  • Assign static IP addresses
  • Disable unused ports
  • Disable new VLANs

Answer : Disable unused ports

Explanation Correct Answer:Disabling the unused ports on the switch will prevent anyone from plugging a computer into an unused port without authorization.Incorrect Answers:Static IP addresses won't prevent unauthorized users from plugging into the network.Disabling new VLANs won't prevent someone from walking up and plugging into an unused port.Power over Ethernet has nothing to do with security.

CompTIA JK0-801 A+ Certification Certified Practice Exam Set 4

Which of the following features helps to prevent shoulder surfing?

Options are :

  • Auto adjust
  • Privacy screen
  • Degaussing
  • Native resolution

Answer : Privacy screen

Explanation Correct Answer:A privacy screen drastically reduces the viewing angle of a screen so that only the person sitting right in front of it can see what's being displayed.Incorrect Answers:The native resolution of an LCD monitor is simply the maximum resolution that the screen can display.Auto adjust is a setting in some monitors that automatically adjusts the screen postion, colors, and contrast. It won't help against shoulder surfing.Degaussing uses magnets to reset a CRT monitor's screen.

The technician on call has just finished working on a PC by creating a plan of action and implementing a solution. What is his next step according to the troubleshooting theory?

Options are :

  • Formulate a theory.
  • Document the actions.
  • Identify the problem.
  • Verify the system works.

Answer : Verify the system works.

Explanation Correct Answer:Right after you implement a solution, verify that your solution worked by checking that the system functions properly.Incorrect Answers:You have just implemented a solution, so you already identified the problem and formulated your theories. You'll want to document everything right after you've verified that the system works.

Which of the following is considered a method of physical security?

Options are :

  • Firewall
  • Strong passwords
  • NTFS
  • Cipher locked doors

Answer : Cipher locked doors

Explanation Correct Answer:Locked doors protected by a cipher (or passcode) prevent unauthorized access to a restricted area.Incorrect Answers:None of the other options are phyiscal at all.

CompTIA Security+ SY0 401 Test Set 2

Phishing is:

Options are :

  • An infection that causes a Web browser to go to a different site that the one intended from a search result page
  • A technique used to obtain financial information from a user by sending e-mails which mimic a bank
  • A technique used to obtain financial information from a user by compiling information from social networks and their friends
  • An infection that causes a computer to behave erratically by playing music and launching browser windows

Answer : A technique used to obtain financial information from a user by sending e-mails which mimic a bank

Explanation Correct Answer:A phishing attack uses e-mail that purports to be from a legitimate source to steal information from a victim.Incorrect Answers:None of the other answers are phishing attacks.

You are working on your very first Windows 7 computer. You click the Start button and you notice there is no "run" command. Why can't you see the "run" command?

Options are :

  • The user you are logged in as doesn't have the priviledges
  • The run command is not displayed by default in Windows 7
  • The run command is no longer featured in Windows 7
  • The computer is infected with malware

Answer : The run command is not displayed by default in Windows 7

Explanation Correct Answer:The run command is not displayed by default in Windows Vista and in Windows 7. You simply start typing and your program or file will be found and ready for you to run.Incorrect Answers:Have the appropriate permissions or privledges has nothing to do with the run command being visible.While malware infecting your computer can cause the run command to not work correctly at times, it won't make it disappear.It is still very much a feature in Windows 7, if you miss it badly enough, you have the option of re-enabling it.

A company is upgrading several hard drives to SSDs. The technician is to securely repurpose the old hard drives for use for other company systems. Which of the following procedures will prepare the hard drive for later use and ensure the data on the drive is not easily accessible?

Options are :

  • Drive wipe
  • chkdsk
  • Quick format
  • Degauss

Answer : Drive wipe

Explanation Correct Answer:Drive wipe is the correct answer. Without wiping the drives, access to much of the data is easily recovered with free utilities found on the internet.Incorrect Answers:Chkdsk only checks for bad sectors on the drive, and repairs upon request. Degauss will destroy the drives completely, and they cannot be used again.Quick format will remove the data, however, it leaves the data open to recover with tools available freely.

220-902 CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Exam Set 5

A technician is trying to troubleshoot an issue on a Windows 7 computer remotely, but is unable to PING the computer. The technician verified that the computer is turned on, has network connectivity, and can get to the Internet. Which of the following is most likely the issue?

Options are :

  • Windows firewall is enabled
  • Local security policy settings are incorrect
  • Wake-on-LAN is disabled
  • The technician does not have permissions

Answer : Windows firewall is enabled

Explanation Correct Answer:Windows Firewall blocks PINGs by default.Incorrect Answers:PING doesn't require any permissions.Local security policies don't have anything to do with PINGs.Wake-on-LAN doesn't have anything to do with PING, either.

When replacing a power supply, what should you do first?

Options are :

  • Read MSDS documentation
  • Review local regulations for disposal procedures
  • Check for environmental concerns
  • Remove watch and all jewelry

Answer : Remove watch and all jewelry

Explanation Correct Answer:Remove all metal from your person when working with electricity. This means jewelry and watches should be set aside until the job is done.Incorrect Answers:Environmental concerns are good to know about, but they're secondary to personal safety.You'll want to check into disposal procedures when the new power supply is installed and working, but that's not your first order of business.The MSDS will tell you lots about safety procedures, but removing your watch and jewelry is just common sense.

Browser redirection is caused by which of the following types of viruses?

Options are :

  • Worm
  • Hijack
  • Trojan
  • Keylogger

Answer : Hijack

Explanation Correct Answer:A browser hijack causes a browser to go to sites that it didn't intend.Incorrect Answers:A trojan is a type of malware that pretends to be a legitimate piece of software.A worm is a piece of malware that replicates through a network.A keylogger keeps track of the keys that a user presses in an attempt to steal sensitive information.

CompTIA N10-004 Network+ Certification Practice Test Set 7

A user wants to prevent access to specific Web sites to prevent his children from accidently accessing them. Which of the following can be implemented?

Options are :

  • A switch
  • Anti-spyware software
  • A firewall
  • Anti-virus software

Answer : A firewall

Explanation Correct Answer:Some firewalls can be used to block access to specific Web sites. Windows Firewall doesn't have this capability, so the user would need a third-party firewall.Incorrect Answers:A switch won't help.Anti-virus or -spyware software won't block access to specific Web sites.

Which of the following file systems offers the most security for a Windows 7 computer?

Options are :

  • FAT
  • exFAT
  • FAT32
  • NTFS

Answer : NTFS

Explanation Correct:NTFS is the most secure file system available for Windows.Incorrect:No FAT-based file system offers any security.

When configuring user accounts, which of the following should a technician perform?

Options are :

  • Assign the maximum required access to the users
  • Assign the minimum required access to the users
  • Make all users local administrators
  • Make all users standard users

Answer : Assign the minimum required access to the users

Explanation Correct Answer:The principle of least privilege states that you shouldn't give users any more access to resources than they absolutely need.Incorrect Answers:Making all users local administrators is a surefire recipe for disaster, vastly increasing the potential for malware infection and system corruption.Making all users standard users is a fine idea in theory, but some users will need either more or less access than a standard account will provide.You don't want to assign maximum access to anyone. You want to assign minimum access.

CompTIA Cloud Essentials Cert Exam Prep CL0-002 Set 2

A technician is on-site fixing a keyboard problem. Apparently, the user can't use Microsoft Word to type any documents. After a few questions with the user, the tech finds out that the user spilled soda on the keyboard. According to the troubleshooting theory, what should the technician do next?

Options are :

  • Replace the keyboard with a new keyboard.
  • Document the repair.
  • Ask the user open-ended questions.
  • Verify the system functionality.

Answer : Replace the keyboard with a new keyboard.

Explanation Correct Answer:Time to swap out the keyboard!Incorrect Answers:Looks like you've already done an excellent job asking open-ended questions. You found out about the soda spill. After you install that new keyboard, you'll want to check to make sure that it fixed the problem by verifying functionality. Then document the whole experience.

An incident response technician responds to a request for investigation about illegally obtained movies. The technician finds that a user has been violating company policy and illegally downloading movies. Which of the following would be the next BEST step for this technician to perform?

Options are :

  • Reprimand the user, and remove violating materials.
  • Document the incident, purge all policy violating materials.
  • Delete all unauthorized materials.
  • Isolate the workstation in a limited access facility.

Answer : Document the incident, purge all policy violating materials.

Explanation Correct Answer:Document the incident and purge all materials is correct. Once complete, the violating materials should be purged, so they cannot be used by any other persons.Incorrect Answers:Isolate the workstation in a limited access facility is incorrect. The investigation does not require these measures.Deleteing the materials is correct, but it is not the BEST answer available. Reprimand the user, and remove violating materials is incorrect. It is not the techician's responsibility to take disciplinary action on an employee.

A user has downloaded some malware to a workstation. What Control Panel utility should the technician use to try to identify and remove the malware?

Options are :

  • System > Performance
  • Internet Options > Privacy
  • Folder Options > View hidden files
  • Display Settings > Refresh rate

Answer : Folder Options > View hidden files

Explanation Correct Answer:View hidden files will allow you to see the system and hidden files. A common technique in hiding malware is to place them in system folders and use a hidden or system attribute. By using this attribute, they become invisible to Windows Explorer in normal condition, as Windows defaults to not show hidden or system files.Incorrect Answers:System > Performance utility will allow you to view information about the performance of your computer.Display Settings > Refresh rate utlity will allow you to adjust the refresh rate of your monitor.Internet Options > Privacy allows you to select a setting for your Internet Explorer security, turn on pop up blockers and disable toolbars.

CompTIA CA1-001 Advanced Security Practitioner Practice Exam Set 7

A virtual machine running locally would be best utilized in which of the following situation?

Options are :

  • Patch testing before rollout
  • On a PC with minimal RAM
  • Gaming workstation configuration
  • Thick client configuration

Answer : Patch testing before rollout

Explanation Correct Answer:Virtual machines can be used to test OS or software patches before rolling them out company-wide. That way, if the patches introduce any problems, there's no harm done.Incorrect Answers:You need as much RAM as you can get in a virtualization workstation.Virtual machines aren't used to configure other computers.

Which power management mode uses the least battery life because all active data is copied from RAM to HDD (or SSD) and the computer is powered down?

Options are :

  • Full off
  • Standby
  • Hibernate
  • Drive cache

Answer : Hibernate

Explanation Correct: Hibernate will take all the contents of RAM and place it in a file on the hard drive. To be exact, if you have Windows, hiberfil.sys is the name of the file it saves RAM data to. Incorrect: Drive cache is high-speed RAM on the hard drive that increases the speed of data access. Standby will stop the CPU and all the peripherals, but RAM will still be on, holding data. Full off just turns the computer off. You won't have anything being saved!

A user reports that people are receiving e-mails from his account that the user never sent. Which of the following security measures would best resolve the problem?

Options are :

  • Upgrade the e-mail client to a newer version
  • Change the account password
  • Check the boot.ini on the PC for malicious entries
  • Install a more expensive spam filter

Answer : Change the account password

Explanation Correct Answer:Changing the account password will reject the access of the person or software who is sending those e-mails.Incorrect Answers:Malicious entries don't hang out in the boot.ini file.Upgrading the e-mail client won't help.The user is sending unwanted e-mails, not receiving them, so a spam filter won't help.

SY0-401 CompTIA Security+ Certification Practice Exam Set 4

A user is experiencing slow performance with her computer. A technician suspects the computer has a virus and runs anti-virus software. A virus is found and removed, but the performance issue is not resolved. Which of the following should the technician perform next?

Options are :

  • Re-establish a new theory or escalate
  • Document findings, actions, and outcomes
  • Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem
  • Implement preventative measures

Answer : Re-establish a new theory or escalate

Explanation Correct Answer:If your previous theory proves incorrect, it's time to either come up with a new theory or escalate the problem to someone else who can help.Incorrect Answers:None of the other options are appropriate steps to take when your theory is proved incorrect.

Which versions of Windows support BitLocker? (Select two.)

Options are :

  • Windows Vista Home Premium
  • Windows Vista Enterprise
  • Windows 2000 Professional
  • Windows Vista Ultimate
  • Windows Vista Home Basic

Answer : Windows Vista Enterprise Windows Vista Ultimate

Explanation Correct Answers:Both Windows Vista Ultimate and Enterprise support the use of the Microsoft-owned, volume-level encryption technique known as BitLocker.Incorrect Answers:Of the answers listed, no other OS supports BitLocker. However, BitLocker is supported on Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise.

A technician needs to create a new folder from the command line on the root of the C drive. Which of the following is the correct command to use?

Options are :

  • RD
  • CD
  • MD

Answer : MD

Explanation Correct Answer:The MD (or make directory) command creates a folder within whatever folder is focused on.Incorrect Answers:The CD (or change directory) command is used to focus the command line on a different folder.The PUSHD command stores the command line's focused folder in memory so that it can be recalled by the POPD command.The RD command removes or deletes a folder.

NEW! CompTIA A+ 2019 Cert. Core 2 (220-1002) Practice Tests Set 12

Which of the following can be achieved with Group Policy to help with workstation security measures?

Options are :

  • BitLocker password
  • BIOS password
  • Wake on LAN
  • Password complexity requirements

Answer : Password complexity requirements

Explanation Correct Answer:Using Group Policy, you can force users to create passwords that meet a certain level of complexity. Now if only you can keep them from writing their passwords on sticky notes, you'll be secure!Incorrect Answers:Group Policy doesn't control the BitLocker or BIOS passwords.Wake on LAN is a technology to wake computers from sleep over a network.

Judy launches a new app she just recently downloaded on her Android tablet. When she turns the tablet to landscape, her new app doesn't automatically adjust. What could be causing this issue?

Options are :

  • Auto-adjust is disabled by default on Android tablets.
  • Judy forgot to enable landscape mode in the app.
  • The app that she downloaded was not designed to react to the gyroscope.
  • The tablet is conserving power and disabled landscape.

Answer : The app that she downloaded was not designed to react to the gyroscope.

Explanation Correct Answer:Whatever app Judy downloaded, it wasn't developed to react to the gyroscope. Many games have a difficult time displaying in portrait mode.Incorrect Answers:Auto-adjust is enabled by default on Android- and iOS-based tablets.Tablets don't conserve power by disabling the rotation capabilities.She didn't forget to enable landscape mode, because the app no doubt doesn't have the ability to.

Kiri moves a dynamic hard disk from a customer's broken computer to a working computer. The disk type displayed in Disk Management will be which of the following?

Options are :

  • Foreign
  • Healthy
  • Unallocated
  • Active

Answer : Foreign

Explanation Correct Answer:It's a foreign volume and needs to be imported.Incorrect Answers:Unallocated just means that the drive has not been partitioned and formatted yet.Healthy is exactly like it sounds. It's pefectly fine and most likely being used or is ready to be used.Active is the bootable partition or volume.

JK0-802 CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Set 2

What Apple utlity would a technician use to install Windows OS on a MAC OS computer?

Options are :

  • Terminal
  • Boot Disk
  • Disk Utility
  • Boot Camp

Answer : Boot Camp

Explanation Correct Answer:Boot Camp Assistant is a multi boot utility that is included with OS X that allows users to install Windows on Intel- based Mac computers.Incorrect Answers:Terminal is incorrect, it is the text based OS X emulating app for Unix commands.Boot Disk is incorrect.Disk Utlity is incorrect. It verifies a startup disk volume.

A frustrated user calls in for tech support. She installed three new programs, but now Windows 7 won't load. What can she do to determine which program is at fault? She doesn't want to uninstall all three programs. Select the best answer.

Options are :

  • Boot the computer into Safe Mode. Go to the Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Event Viewer.
  • She needs to uninstall the three programs and reinstall them one at a time, testing Windows startup.
  • Boot the computer into Safe Mode with Command Prompt. At the prompt type CHKDSK /PROGRAMS to run a scan on installed applications.
  • Boot the computer into Safe Mode with Networking and do an Internet searches for the three programs to see if other people have had problems.

Answer : Boot the computer into Safe Mode. Go to the Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Event Viewer.

Explanation Correct:Event Viewer will quickly tell her which program(s) made Windows fail to load. Incorrect:CHKDSK will check a hard drive, but has no capability to scan programs. The Internet search is a good idea, but not the first or fastest way to determine the buggy program. Uninstalling and reinstalling one by one will certainly work, but also requires the most work out of the options.

After being infected with a virus, a user's computer does not recognize the user as having local administrator rights to the computer. After troubleshooting the issue, a technician determines the computer's OS needs to be rebuilt and data needs to be restored from the user's backup. Which of the following tools would best reset the computer to how it worked when first purchased?

Options are :

  • Factory restore disc
  • Recovery Console
  • System Restore
  • Anti-malware software

Answer : Factory restore disc

Explanation Correct Answer:A factory restore disc will revert a computer's OS back to the pristine condition in which it left the factory. It's up to you to remove all the bloatware all over again.Incorrect Answers:The Recovery Console will help you troubleshoot a computer that is having trouble booting, but it won't reset the computer back to its original condition.Anti-malware software will help remove malware, but it won't restore your OS.Performing a System Restore takes your PC back to a previously established snapshot, but only in terms of installed programs and drivers. It won't completely restore your computer.

CompTIA MB0-001 Mobility+ Certification Practice Exam Set 9

A user's computer is running slower than normal. Which of the following utilities would BEST diagnose the bottleneck in performance?

Options are :

  • Task Manager
  • Regedit
  • Device Manager
  • Reliability Monitor

Answer : Task Manager

Explanation Correct Answer:Task Manager is a versatile tool that can be used to monitor system performance in real time. If there is an application or service hogging system resources, Task Manager is the first place to start looking.Incorrect Answers:The Reliability Monitor was introduced in Windows 7 and is a utility used to see how reliable your operating system has been. It will show you a history of your system's overall stability based on specific hardware and software problems that have impacted your system.The Device Manager is used to troubleshoot any hardware problems on your computer. Technicians use it mostly for driver related issues.Regedit is the all-powerful tool used to manipulate and change values in your system's registry.

Cheryl has purchased and installed a contact management program on her non-networked laptop. She keeps getting an "Unable to connect to contact database - 3256" error message. What should she do next?

Options are :

  • Check for vendor documentation.
  • Reboot the PC.
  • Uninstall/reinstall the program.
  • Call the company help desk.

Answer : Check for vendor documentation.

Explanation Correct Answer:Bizarre, meaningless errors like this one are common in this business. Check the vendor documentation to see if there's a good answer to this problem.Incorrect Answers:Uninstalling/reinstalling the program or rebooting the PC might make the error go away, but it doesn't really solve the problem.Calling the help desk is time-consuming and should be considered a last resort.

A technician is called onsite to solve a network connection error. Upon arrival, the technician observes a message on the screen stating there is no boot drive found. Which of the following steps should the technician take next?

Options are :

  • Restart the system to verify the proper boot sequence
  • Inform the customer the hard drive has crashed and replace the drive
  • Repair the boot sector using recovery console
  • Restart the system, booting from a system recovery disc

Answer : Restart the system to verify the proper boot sequence

Explanation Correct Answer:The first thing to do after a boot error is to make sure the boot sequence is correct.Incorrect Answers:You can use the recovery console to repair the boot sector on a drive, but if the drive isn't showing up at all, the recovery console won't help much.A system recovery disc won't help a boot device show up.Don't just replace the drive straight away. There may still be hope!

CompTIA JK0-022 E2C Security Data & Host Security Exam Set 3

A user gets a warning from his ISP about illegally downloading copyrighted movies. The user insists that he did not download any movies and calls a technician to implement stronger small office home office (SOHO) security. Which of the following will allow only known workstations to connect to the SOHO router?

Options are :

  • WPA password
  • Static IPs
  • WEP password
  • MAC filtering

Answer : MAC filtering

Explanation Correct Answer:MAC filtering enables you to create a white list of PCs that are allowed on to a network.Incorrect Answers:WPA and WEP passwords are used to encrypt networks, but they can both potentially be cracked.Static IPs don't do aything for network security.

Which of the following common security threats could be occurring when a user calls and requests his co-worker's password?

Options are :

  • Phishing
  • Social engineering
  • Spyware
  • Shoulder surfing

Answer : Social engineering

Explanation Correct Answer:Social engineering attacks focus on users rather than hardware or software.Incorrect Answers:Shoulder surfing is the act of looking over a user's shoulder to try and obtain sensitive information.Spyware is a type of malware that keeps track of a user's browsing history.Phishing is the act of using official-looking e-mails to try and trick users into giving out sensitive information.

Which of the following explains why a tablets boot more quickly than most laptops?

Options are :

  • A SSD drive loads data much faster than a SATA drive.
  • A tablet requires less power to operate than a laptop.
  • A tablet has a smaller circuit board than a laptop.
  • A SATA drive loads data much faster than an IDE drive.

Answer : A SSD drive loads data much faster than a SATA drive.

Explanation Correct Answer:A SSD drive loads data much faster than a SATA drive.- Since tablets use SSDs for mass storage instead of platter-based hard drives, they load the OS much more quickly.Incorrect Answers:The other answers are made up.

JK0-017 CompTIA E2C Project+ Certification Practice Exam Set 9

Which of the following Control Panel applets gives users a simple method to stream pictures, music, and videos to other Windows 7 PCs?

Options are :

  • Ease of Access Center
  • Sync Center
  • HomeGroup
  • AutoPlay

Answer : HomeGroup

Explanation Correct Answer:A HomeGroup is pretty much the simplest possible way to share media on a small network.Incorrect Answers:The Ease of Access Center provides OS functions to help users with disabilities operate a computer.AutoPlay is the feature that automatically plays an optical disc when you insert one.Sync Center enables Windows users to synchronize files across multiple devices.

Which of the following security threats does not use software to extract sensitive information or credentials?

Options are :

  • Shoulder surfing
  • Grayware
  • Man-in-the-middle exploits
  • Malware

Answer : Shoulder surfing

Explanation Correct Answer:Shoulder surfing is a social engineering attack that doesn't use software. An attacker just look's over a victim's shoulder to gain sensitive information.Incorrect Answers:All the other choices either are types of software or use software to execute attacks.

Which of the following Control Panel utilities would be best to use to uninstall a Windows 7 application?

Options are :

  • Folder Options
  • Administrative Tools
  • Programs and Features
  • Add/Remove Programs

Answer : Programs and Features

Explanation Correct Answer:The Programs and Features applet is used to uninstall applications in Windows 7 and Vista.Incorrect Answers:The Folder Options window is used to change the way Windows displays folders.Add/Remove Programs controlls uninstalling applications in Windows XP.Administrative Tools is a collection of utilities for maintaining and configuring Windows.

Test : CompTIA CySA+ (CS0-001)

Which of the following are examples of physical security? (Select two.)

Options are :

  • Anti-virus
  • Firewalls
  • Locked doors
  • Badges
  • Encryption

Answer : Locked doors Badges

Explanation Correct Answers:Security badges and locked doors help prevent unauthorized people from accessing a secure area.Incorrect Answers:Anti-virus software is used to clear viruses off of a computer, but does nothing to physically secure an area.Encryption makes data unreadable to unauthorised people.Firewalls control which packets can have access to a computer or a network node.

When booting to Windows, a user receives several messages referring to a .dll file that cannot be found. Which of the following would be the BEST course of action for the technician?

Options are :

  • Run defrag utility to correct any file damage.
  • Research the file to identify the application which uses the .dll.
  • Run Windows Update utility to replace the DLL file.
  • Copy the .dll file from another PC.

Answer : Research the file to identify the application which uses the .dll.

Explanation Correct Answer:Dynamic link library files allow applications to share code to perform functions. The files are often used by malware to alter your system and allow intruders to gain remote access to your system. Always verify the program for which a .dll file is used.Incorrect Answers:Do not copy a .dll file to your system until you know that it is not malware.The Windows Update will only provide update to Windows components. It does not review all .dll files.Defrag is a hard drive utility process to reduce fragmentation.

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