CompTIA A+ 220 902 Test Set 2

You recently connected a new Windows 8 machine to your company's network with Active Directory, but it is not displaying the proper company logon screen, legal banner, or wall paper. What tool is best suited for correcting this problem.
  • A) Regedit
  • B) Msconfig
  • C) Gpupdate
  • D) Chkdsk
You are passed a trouble ticket about an issue involving a Windows 7 system that should allow remote connections. The previous tech said the RDP service is not set to start automatically. How do you fix this?
  • A) Run "DXDIAG" to enable remote connections through Direct Connect
  • B) Run "SERVICES.MSC" and change the Startup Type for each Remote Desktop service to "Auto"
  • C) Open port 3389 in Windows Firewall
  • D) Add the RDP gateway to the proper adapter under Network Connections in the Control Panel
An unknown device has been found on a SOHO wireless router. Which of the following is BEST to perform to keep this device off the network?
  • A) Disable DHCP
  • B) Change the channel
  • C) Enable MAC filtering
  • D) Disable SSID broadcast
An office of 25 computers is interested in employing a file server, network shares, and print server functionality. Which of the following network setups would be BEST suited for this situation?
  • A) Domain
  • B) Ad-hoc
  • C) Workgroup
  • D) Token ring
You have just installed several updates for a Windows 7 system, prior to reaching the login screen the system immediately reboots. How would you try to access the system via its installed OS?
  • A) Utilize a live-boot CD/USB
  • B) Boot into DEFRAG mode to clean up fragments of the outdated OS
  • C) Press F8 at startup and try booting into Safe Mode
  • D) Check to ensure that the boot priorities are set in the BIOS.
Stan, the new HR manager, wants everyone in his department to have access to create and delete accounts to streamline the process for getting new hires setup in the system. Why is this not a good idea?
  • A) HR employees are not usually on the Access Control List (ACL)
  • B) This could allow HR employees to by-pass privacy filters, though it isn't that big of a threat since they are HR
  • C) This could enable tailgating
  • D) This does not keep with the principle of least privilege
What tool can be used to check if anyone else is logged into a Windows-based computer?
  • A) Task Manager
  • B) Type "who" into the CLI/command prompt
  • C) MSINFO32
  • D) Local Users and Group
You are concerned about users installing unauthorized software and making unauthorized changes to their Windows 8 workstations. Which tool is best for limiting this type of behavior?
  • A) UAC
  • B) Sudo
  • C) Windows Defender
  • D) NTFS
Which option is a Windows power management mode that draws a small amount of power on resume by saving system state in RAM?
  • A) Sleep
  • B) Hibernation
  • C) Green
  • D) Power saver
An employee has contacted the IT Support call center where you work. They are complaining that they are unable to access any web pages other than the internal intranet site. Which option is the least likely to cause this issue?
  • A) DNS
  • B) Firewall
  • C) Wireless connectivity
  • D) Proxy server
Which subject can be found in an MSDS?
  • A) DRM & Licensing
  • B) Patching & OS Updates
  • C) Health & Hazard Information
  • D) Security best practices
You work for an IT Help Desk call center and a customer has contacted you complaining that their text and icons seem very big leaving little space for anything else on the screen. What setting can you instruct the user to change?
  • A) Display Settings > Resolution
  • B) Display Settings > Color depth
  • C) Folder Options > View options
  • D) System > Display Size
are not correct. What is an appropriate tool for editing this file?
  • A) Cat
  • B) Vi
  • C) Ifconfig
  • D) Notepad
What is the name of a GUI-based file and folder manager application in Mac OSX operating systems?
  • A) Explorer
  • B) Gnome
  • C) Nautilus
  • D) Finder
Which tool is best suited to run a script every Sunday at 3 am on a CentOS Linux operating system?
  • A) Cron
  • B) Service
  • C) Task scheduler
  • D) Daemon
What is the best method for ensuring the destruction of sensitive data on a HDD that is issued to employees on an as-needed basis?
  • A) Standard format
  • B) Overwrite
  • D) Disk recovery
Which Windows 7 tool will allow a system administrator to change the default install folder for applications?
  • A) REGSRV32
  • C) REGE
Which component should be properly recycled rather than thrown away?
  • A) RAM
  • B) Toner Cartridges
  • C) Surge Compressor
  • D) Thermal paste
A user calls and explains that they were visiting a website and received a pop-up on their computer alerting about a virus infection. The pop-up included a alarm sound and flashing colors. The alert prompted them to download an anti-virus tool to clean their computer. What should you recommend?
  • A) Download and scan the computer with the anti-virus tool
  • B) Carefully close the browser and do your own anti-malware scan
  • C) Boot to Safe Mode and remove the virus
  • D) Check the system recovery options
Employee workstations are configured to only boot from the internal disk. You are tasked with verifying that this security configuration cannot be changed. What option will help ensure the default boot device cannot be changed?
  • A) Utilize data encryption
  • B) Setup a BIOS/UEFI password
  • C) Disable admin accounts
  • D) Only allow software from trusted sources
You work in the IT Department for a medium sized company. A non-technical user consistently has their credentials compromised. You have investigated and found no evidence of viruses or other malicious software. What is the best option to prevent this from happening again?
  • A) Setup safe mode on his computer
  • B) Change his file permissions
  • C) Enforce a short password expiration
  • D) Provide relevant user training
You are ordering external HDDs for use in your office, they are likely to be used for storing sensitive information such as PII and intellectual property. What is a good way to ensure the confidentiality of these external HDDs?
  • A) BIOS/UEFI Password
  • B) Full disk encryption
  • C) Ensure NTFS is used
  • D) Ensure EXT3 is used
all in real time?
  • A) POP3
  • B) Tethering
  • C) Cloud synchronization
  • D) VPN
While working as a desktop administrator you frequently install the same image of Windows 7 on employee workstations and are careful to always select the same options. Which tool can help automate this process?
  • A) Clean install
  • B) Unattended install
  • C) MSCONFIG Startup
  • D) General Folder options
What should be done first prior to replacing an IDE hard disk drive in a workstation?
  • A) Power off the computer
  • B) Open the case
  • C) Check the BIOS settings
  • D) Change the jumpers on the old and new HDD
You are trying to identify which running application is causing a Ubuntu Linux server to run slowly. Which tool will identify running applications and their allocated resources?
  • A) Task manager
  • B) Services
  • D) System Monitor
partition style with a Windows operating system?
  • A) 4
  • B) 16
  • C) 64
  • D) 128
The ability to replace computer system components without causing interruption or needing to restart the system is known as:
  • A) Multitasking
  • B) Hardware acceleration
  • C) Cold plugging
  • D) Hot swapping
A framework providing access to a collection of tools that can be used by administrators and advanced users to manage networks, computers, services, and other system components in Windows is known as:
  • A) CMD
  • C) MMC
  • D) MSTSC
Choose the option that is a command-line command that can be used to copy one or more files from one location to another.
  • A) SFC
  • B) COPY
  • C) MOVE
  • D) PUSHD
A Microsoft Windows system utility designed to improve file access speed by consolidating data stored on a disk or drive is called
What is the file system would typically be designed to be used for optical media?
  • A) CDFS
  • B) FAT32
  • C) NTFS
  • D) ExFAT
An online Microsoft software distribution platform for games and apps is known as
  • A) Windows Store
  • B) Microsoft Store
  • C) App Store
  • D) Windows Marketplace
Which DISKPART.EXE command can be used for managing the size of a disk volume?
  • A) ADD
In Windows Disk Management utility on a local computer, a dynamic disk that has been moved from another computer and found by the local computer is labeled as what?
  • A) Offline
  • B) Foreign
  • C) Disconnected
  • D) Online
While using Windows Vista, what utility would you use to monitor and change security settings for internet explorer?
  • A) Action Center
  • B) Windows Update
  • C) Windows Security Center
  • D) Security and Maintenance
What is the name of a Microsoft Windows feature that allows for encrypting entire drives?
  • A) LoJack
  • B) Encrypting File System (EFS)
  • C) New Technology File System (NTFS)
  • D) BitLocker
A system utility available in the Windows operating system that allows to roll back system files and settings to an earlier point in time is known as:
  • A) Task Manager
  • B) Windows Easy Transfer
  • C) Computer Management
  • D) System Restore
The Security tab in Microsoft Internet Explorer allows the user to impose restrictions on web content allowed in the IE web browser.
  • A) True
  • B) False
What is the name of a system component designed for monitoring security and maintenance related items in Windows 7/8/8.1?
  • A) Action Center
  • B) Windows Update
  • C) Windows Security Center
  • D) Security and Maintenance
Which of the Windows Task Manager tabs in Windows 8 includes the information about the network resources usage under Networking tab in previous releases of the Microsoft OS?
  • A) Applications
  • B) Processes
  • C) Performance
  • D) Services
Which tab in the Windows System Configuration utility contains the Diagnostic startup option?
  • A) Tools
  • B) General
  • C) Services
  • D) Startup
  • A) True
  • B) False
What version of Microsoft Windows Vista does not have the Windows Aero as a default?
  • A) Windows Vista Home Basic
  • B) Windows Vista Home Premium
  • C) Windows Vista Business
  • D) Windows Vista Enterprise
When you run the CHKDSK utility with the /F switch, which of the following will occur?
  • A) Locates errors
  • B) Fixes errors on the disk
  • C) Displays cleanup messages
  • D) Displays the full path and name of every file on the disk
An operating system installation that saves all personal system settings, file locations, and applications from the older OS version is referred to as:
  • A) Upgrade
  • B) Forced Installation
  • C) Image deployment
  • D) Clean install
To troubleshoot applications running on a system by studying the usage of that application, you can use the Task Manager, and navigate to the Processes tab.
  • A) True
  • B) False
and Apple NetBoot are two examples of technologies that enable booting a computer system with the use of a network interface.
  • A) True
  • B) False
If you had a Windows system, what command prompt would you use to decompress update files?
What is the name of a Windows account that enables users to have temporary access to a computer without the capability to install software or hardware, or change settings called?
  • A) Guest account
  • B) Temporary account
  • C) Standard account
  • D) Managed user account
Where can you find a shortcut icon to the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool while using Microsoft Windows 7?
  • A) Hardware and Sound menu in Control Panel
  • B) Administrative Tools folder in Control Panel
  • C) Performance Information and Tools menu
  • D) System menu
The 4 GB maximum file size limit and 2 TB maximum partition size limit are the characteristic features of:
  • A) NTFS
  • B) FAT32
  • C) NFS
  • D) ExFAT
Where would you navigate to revert to a known working driver, after the updated driver has failed?
  • A) Device Manager
  • B) Windows Update menu
  • C) Programs and Features menu
  • D) Task Manager
What is the type of installation on a Windows system that will wipe all the contents of that partition?
  • A) Quick format
  • B) Clean installation
  • C) Remote network installation
  • D) Repair installation
You can use the Windows Task Scheduler to schedule updates while everyone is out of the office, or during the weekend. Where would you navigate to find the Windows Task Scheduler?
  • A) Ease of Access Center
  • B) Programs and Features menu in Windows Control Panel
  • C) Windows Command Prompt
  • D) Administrative Tools menu in Windows Control Panel
, OS/2, or windows systems?
  • A) Displays cleanup messages
  • B) Locates bad sectors and recovers readable information
  • C) Uses more system resource to perform a scan as fast as possible
  • D) Displays the full path and name of every file on the disk
When you use the COPY command, what switch would you use to verify that new files are written correctly?
  • A) /A
  • B) /V
  • C) /D
  • D) /Z
Which tab of the System Properties Windows applet provides access to the System Restore settings?
  • A) Advanced
  • B) Performance
  • C) System Protection
  • D) Environment Variables
Which Microsoft Windows version supports the use of the task bar on multiple monitors without the use of additional programs?
  • A) Windows XP
  • B) Windows Vista
  • C) Windows 7
  • D) Windows 8/8.1
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