CompTIA A+ 220 902 Test Set 1

When using Internet Explorer, what is the tab where you can manage pop-ups?
  • A) Security
  • B) Programs
  • C) Privacy
  • D) General
Which of the following Windows options will use the least amount of power?
  • A) Standby
  • B) Sleep
  • C) Hibernation
  • D) Suspend
What is the Windows built-in software that monitors network traffic requests, and will determine whether to block or allow it depending on the settings?
  • A) Security Center
  • B) Windows Firewall
  • C) Action Center
  • D) IP Tables
Which of the command-line commands in Microsoft Windows launches the Device Manager tool?
command in Windows moves the command-line prompt one folder up in the directory tree?
  • A) \
  • B) /
  • C) +
  • D) ..
The Microsoft Windows command-line commands used for creating a directory or subdirectory include:
  • A) RMDIR
  • B) RD
  • C) MKDIR
  • D) CD
When a program installed in Windows stops responding or encounters an error, logs describing the error can be examined with the use of:
  • A) Event Viewer
  • B) Resource Monitor
  • C) System Information utility
  • D) System menu in Control Panel
All but one of the answers below are true of domain setups. The incorrect answer refers to a workgroup setup. Identify the incorrect answer.
  • A) All computers must be on the same network.
  • B) A user can use their account credentials on any computer.
  • C) Security and permissions are managed by an administrator.
  • D) There can be thousands of computers as members.
You receive an email from an outside party stating that clients on your network have been encrypted and the only way to decrypt them is to send Bitcoins to a man named "The Jackal". Your company has fallen victim to a/an:
  • A) Man-in-the-Middle attack.
  • B) Rootkit attack.
  • C) Phishing attack.
  • D) Ransomware attack.
You have identified that a user's PC has been infected with a virus. Your first step after identifying the issue should be:
  • A) Quarantine the system.
  • B) Disable system restore.
  • C) Re-image the PC.
  • D) Update virus definitions.
Utilized in the Windows Command Prompt, the "CD" command executes what process?
  • A) Loads media in the CD drive.
  • B) Call directory server for group policy updates.
  • C) Changes the current directory.
  • D) Changes the domain of the PC.
A user is reporting that their phone is not adjusting its screen correctly based on orientation when viewing web pages. What is the most likely cause?
  • A) Accelerometer failure.
  • B) Screen orientation lock is on.
  • C) Rotation is not supported by web browsers.
  • D) Complete and total absence of gravity.
The server room blew up! True or false: You should tell everyone on social media.
  • A) True
  • B) False
You have been placed in charge of client patch management for your organization. I am so, so sorry for you. As part of your new responsibility you have been charged with developing a new patching process. Assume that patching has been best effort in the past and that any existing processes will be discarded. Automatic Windows Update patching is enabled in your office. Choose the best first step to developing a patching process:
  • A) Identify hardware commonalities for all systems.
  • B) Disable automatic Windows Update.
  • C) Select a group of clients that will receive patches before the rest of the organization.
  • D) Begin a test round of patching.
You are assisting a user in trying to find a file in their C:\Users folder. You see that some of the folders appear differently than the others, appearing to be faded in, rather than full color. What do these icons refer to?
  • A) Hidden Folders.
  • B) Folders currently backing up.
  • C) Cached folders.
  • D) Deleted items still utilizing resources.
True or False: Administrators should have administrative rights granted to their user account.
  • A) True
  • B) False
You are working on a PC that will be deployed in the office. You've forgotten to ground yourself by utilizing an ESD strap, an ESD mat or by touching bare metal on the PC case. While installing a RAM module you feel a static shock and a pop in the case. What is the best course of action to proceed?
  • A) Swap the PC with the one on the new guy's desk.
  • B) Utilize a new RAM module.
  • C) Run a memory testing application to ensure that the module works.
  • D) Replace the motherboard and RAM module before deployment.
Your boss has requested that you image a large number of Windows PC's for a new office. The image is standard for all PC's. You know that _________ is the best choice for imaging many clients at once.
  • A) USB
  • B) DVD
  • C) PXE
  • D) Floppy Disk
A user has contacted you with a computer problem and cannot provide much information on what happened. The user seems like this may be their first time using a computer. Your first action in responding to the issue should be:
  • A) Check the Event Viewer.
  • B) Observe the user's actions while using the PC.
  • C) Restart the PC in safe mode and tell the user to report if the issue repeats.
  • D) Fall apart and cry.
Local users on a server or desktop computer, in a domain environment, should be:
  • A) Disabled whenever possible.
  • B) Granted additional rights.
  • C) Used exclusively.
  • D) Updated often.
True or false: Laptop batteries can be disposed of along with normal items thrown in the garbage.
  • A) True
  • B) False
A user has contacted you with a computer problem and cannot provide much information on what happened. The user seems like this may be their first time using a computer. Your first action in responding to the issue should be:
  • A) Check the Event Viewer.
  • B) Observe the user's actions while using the PC.
  • C) Restart the PC in safe mode and tell the user to report if the issue repeats.
  • D) Fall apart and cry.
A user is attempting to access a business resource through Internet Explorer and are unable to load the page correctly. The page is loading oddly with assets in places from previous versions. You have checked with other users of the resource and they are not experiencing an issue. You should:
  • A) Clear the browser cache.
  • B) Report it as a bug to the developer.
  • C) Clear browser cookies.
  • D) Update the browser.
True or false: Backups and snapshots can be used interchangeably to ensure data redundancy.
  • A) True
  • B) False
True or false: Brownouts are less dangerous to systems and hardware than blackouts.
  • A) True
  • B) False
In conjunction with a password, all of the below are examples of multifactor authentication except for which?
  • A) Fingerprint.
  • B) Hardware Token.
  • C) Shared secret.
  • D) Mobile Phone.
Commonly associated with a domain controller, the following server role allows for you to enter an easily remembered web address, rather than requiring an IP address.
  • A) DHCP
  • B) DNS
  • C) Proxy
  • D) UTM
A hypervisor is most commonly associated with which of the following technologies?
  • A) Load balancing
  • B) Routing
  • C) Hyper-threading
  • D) Virtualization
You are tasked with creating scripts that will run on a schedule, checking the status of various Windows system resources and services. Your boss has stated that they would prefer you to utilize a scripting language that is best suited for the task at hand and does not require you code basic resource and service-checking functionality for the task. You choose to utilize:
  • A) Bash
  • B) C#
  • C) PowerShell
  • D) VBScript
In terms of IT security, a mantrap is best described by one of the following statements.
  • A) A mantrap is a fall-away floor with large, sharpened spikes at the bottom of a pit to prevent unauthorized access to secure rooms by both humans and bears
  • B) A mantrap is a floor with a sticky material meant to trap would-be intruders by restricting the ability of movement, allowing for IT security staff to remove intruders at a later time and humanely dispose of or release them into the wild
  • C) A mantrap is a spring-loaded device that it sometimes baited with fine cheeses or savory snacks, meant to ensnare and sever the spinal cord of hungry Blackhat hackers
  • D) A mantrap is a set of doors separated by a hallway and access control devices that precludes individuals from accessing one door without access control requirements being met
True or false: The best tool for cleaning a dusty desktop PC case is a vacuum.
  • A) True
  • B) False
Which of the following statements is true regarding the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit version of the Windows OS?
  • A) 32-bit is the more modern of the two architectures
  • B) All processors can utilize 32-bit and 64-bit Windows interchangeably
  • C) 64-bit Windows can utilize more than 4 GB of RAM
  • D) There are no fundamental differences between 32-bit and 64-bit Windows
You are deploying a web server in a Windows environment and are tasked with ensuring that internal clients can access the resources hosted on the server via an internet browser. Firewall ports have been opened for 80, 443, 20, 21 and 23. Your server is running Windows Server 2012 R2 and it is configured with teamed NICs. Which service is most likely needed on this server?
  • A) NLB
  • B) VDI
  • C) IIS
  • D) NPS
You are copying several very large files to a remote server that experiences intermittent connectivity issues. Choose the tool that would be best used for this task.
  • A) Robocopy
  • B) Copy
  • C) Xcopy
  • D) CD
A client has received a DLL not found error and has reported the issue to you. The client has also informed you that they have downloaded the the missing DLL file from the internet and believes they have resolved the issue. What is the first action should you take to regarding this situation?
  • A) No action needed, the missing DLL has been restored
  • B) Re-image the PC to ensure no other DLL files are missing
  • C) Verify that the correct DLL was downloaded
  • D) Quarantine the computer
should be safeguarded from unauthorized access. Which of the following would be considered PII?
  • A) Favorite color
  • B) Medical diagnosis
  • C) Driver's license number
  • D) Height
During your daily technical support duties you accidentally view a user's password as they enter it. You inadvertently committed a _______ attack.
  • A) Man-in-the-middle
  • B) Tailgating
  • C) Shoulder surfing
  • D) Social engineering
You have been tasked with determining why a service fails to start in a server test environment. There are numerous services required for the application to function, but a single service is failing to start upon boot. This service also happens to be the last service that is supposed to start. A delayed start is not required, nor is a manual start and the service is enabled. You can manually start the service and it will function normally until the next system reboot. The service is run under "System". Knowing these things you open up the "Services" application and check:
  • A) Dependencies
  • B) Recovery options
  • C) Service restart timer
  • D) Start parameters
You have been tasked with deploying full device encryption on Windows 10 devices in your office. Choose the Microsoft provided utility to achieve this task.
  • A) Endpoint Encryption
  • B) BitLocker
  • C) CertainSafe
  • D) Sophos
A kernel panic is an error that can take place in Unix based systems that most closely resembles a similar fatal error in a Windows environment. Select the most similar fatal error.
  • A) Operating System Not Found
  • B) Blue Screen of Death
  • C) Red Screen of Death
  • D) Getting a piece of a popcorn kernel stuck between your teeth and failing to get it out by picking at your teeth and experiencing the ensuing panic attack
Which of the following best describes a statement that reflects the nature of a virtual machine?
  • A) Virtual machines can have resources added or removed from them at any time, without requiring a reboot
  • B) There is a limit of one virtual machine per host
  • C) A physical machine can be virtualized, but a virtual machine cannot be converted to physical
  • D) Virtual machines can only be created in Windows environments
A user has described an issue to you that requires your attention. While you think you grasp the concept of what they are asking for, the best course of action would be:
  • A) Slowly and silently extend your finger to their lips and make quiet shushing sounds. Experiencing computer issues can be frightening and this helps comfort the user.
  • B) Wrap the user in a heavy blanket. The weight and coverage of a large, warm blanket can help stave off shock.
  • C) Quickly leave the room and warm up some milk from the fridge. This classic comfort food will remind the user of home, taking their thoughts away from the chilling reality of needing technical support
  • D) Restate the issue in a manner that will lead to the user clarifying the issue.
There have been reports of a Windows server system running slowly and a member of the application support team has suggested adding more CPU and memory resources to the virtual machine. Before doing this you should check the _________ utility.
  • A) Performance monitor
  • B) Component services
  • C) Device manager
  • D) Windows memory diagnostics
When issues are reported, what is the best method or technology to track them?
  • A) E-mail
  • B) Ticketing system
  • C) Post-it notes
  • D) Phone calls
The Linux operating system has many command line base functions. For instance the command "sudo" is utilized to:
  • A) Select a directory
  • B) Run a program in the security context of another user
  • C) Supersede domain requirements
  • D) Search text via regular expression
True or false: It is best practice to allow system administrators to have administrator privileges associated with their normal user account.
  • A) True
  • B) False
The Microsoft utility commonly known as SFC is an abbreviation for the words _____________.
  • A) System Fault Criteria
  • B) System File Checker
  • C) Suggested File Closure
  • D) Southern Fried Chicken
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