CompTIA A+ 220 901

Choose the option that could not be correctly described as Non-volatile:
  • A) SSD
  • B) Tape drive
  • C) RAM
  • D) Flash memory
A customer is complaining that their laptop often restarts with no warning, most often when they are playing video games or have several programs running at once. What is most likely the issue?
  • A) Overheating
  • B) Insufficient power levels
  • C) Disk failure
  • D) BSOD
Your supervisor has given you a replacement inked ribbon to install into a printer. What type of printer is this replacement for?
  • A) Thermal
  • B) Laser
  • C) InkJet
  • D) Impact
Failure of a single disk in a RAID 1 array will not result in permanent data loss.
  • A) True
  • B) False
You are a Network Technician for a large IT Support Company. A client has called in saying that they switched their SOHO network to a fiber connection at the recommendation of their ISP. They have stated that they have not seen a gain in internet performance and that their ISP says it is an issue on the customer's network. What should you do next?
  • A) Help the customer determine the possible bottlenecks in their SOHO network
  • B) Contact the ISP for more information
  • C) Inform the customer that internet performance is an issue they must resolve with their ISP
  • D) Upgrade the customer's SOHO switch to support 1 Gbps or higher
You have been assigned to configure a new enterprise wireless router for your employer's network. Which of the following settings should be changed first?
  • A) Default SSID
  • B) Manufacturer password
  • C) MAC address filters
  • D) Configure encryption
Which of the following choices is used as a standard measurement when referring to printed media?
  • A) DPI
  • B) PPI
  • C) Aspect Ratio
  • D) Contrast Ratio
Which of the following connector types would not be used as an internal PC component?
  • A) Molex
  • B) BNC
  • C) SATA
  • D) PATA
You are a desktop technician for a small office. You suspect that a user has opened their desktop PC case and made unauthorized changes to the device's hardware. Which of the following can be configured to identify this in the future?
  • A) Host Intrusion Detection
  • B) Chassis Intrusion Detection
  • C) Host Intrusion Prevention
  • D) None of the above
While working for a IT Consulting firm, you have been tasked with setting up several SOHO wireless networks. Which of the following will ensure the security of confidential data?
  • A) Configuring the lowest broadcast power possible
  • B) Disabling SSID Broadcast
  • C) Enabling wireless encryption
  • D) Enable MAC filtering
Your employer is in the middle of a remodel and the IT Department is responsible for moving RJ-45 wall jacks to new locations. Which tool can be used verify connectivity of a RJ-45 port after it has been moved?
  • A) Voltage meter
  • B) Loopback plug
  • C) Cable crimper
  • D) Cable tester
Which option can commonly be found as an internal storage component in a mobile device like a tablet or smart phone?
  • A) EMMC
  • B) SDHC
  • C) ESata
  • D) Micro-SD
How many pins are present on a DDR3 SO-DIMM?
  • A) 200
  • B) 204
  • C) 214
  • D) 240
What is the term used to describe the binary value used in RAM and RAID storage to determine if data has been corrupted?
  • A) SHA bit
  • B) Parity bit
  • C) Digest bit
  • D) Archive bit
Which component can you install to link a computer to the network cable system?
  • A) USB port
  • B) Serial port
  • C) NIC
  • D) PCI
Which option is a feature of cabling that uses an RJ-11 connector?
  • A) 8 wires making 4 twisted pairs
  • B) Copper based cabling
  • C) Fiber-optic based cabling
  • D) Used with Coaxial cabling
You are on the procurement team in the IT department of a large corporation. Your responsibility is to fact-check any IT related purchase requests to ensure the request's requirements are met. While reviewing an order of 6500 new tablet devices you notice one of the requirements is for a multi-color screen. Based on the type of tablets to be purchased you think this order will not meet this requirement. The tablets most likely have which type of screen?
  • A) LCD
  • B) LED
  • C) E Ink
  • D) OLED
A common purpose of the CMOS battery is:
  • A) To power the RTC
  • B) Store the System32.ini configuration file
  • C) Stores the BIOS firmware
  • D) None of the above
A double layer DVD can store up to how many MB of data?
  • A) 8.5 MB
  • B) 4700 MB
  • C) 8500 MB
  • D) 4.7 MB
You are setting up a new workstation and decided to use a twisted-pair copper cable to connect the PC to your switch. Which connector would best suit your needs?
  • A) ST
  • B) RJ-45
  • C) RG-6
  • D) RJ-11
Which answer correctly describes a characteristic of the AM3 processor socket?
  • A) Intel design socket
  • B) Supports DDR3 memory
  • C) 951 pin count
  • D) Backwards compatible with ARM architecture
The DVI-D connector type is capable of transmitting both analog and digital signals?
  • A) True
  • B) False
Choose the option that is NOT hot swap-able:
  • A) USB
  • B) VGA
  • C) SATA
  • D) PATA
Similar to PATA, Serial ATA can be used to connect multiple disk drives using a single data cable.
  • A) True
  • B) False
Of the following connectors, which is the most common connector type used for a PCs power supply and other hardware components located inside the computer case?
  • A) RJ-45
  • B) BNC
  • C) Molex
  • D) USB
Which options is the MOST accurate when describing ECC memory?
  • A) Controls the processor and PCI cards
  • B) Uses a parity bit to detect errors and alerts the user
  • C) Often used in high traffic servers due to it's increased speed and clock rate
  • D) Can detect and correct errors
While working as an IT Support Technician your employer has purchased 200 used desktop computers from a bulk reseller. You have been asked to reset the bios settings, identify and diagnose POST issues and install Windows 10 professional. Which option will reset the BIOS to it's factory default settings?
  • A) Reset the CMOS battery
  • B) Use the reset option in Windows Device Manager (WDM)
  • C) Turn the PC's on and wait for any POST issues
  • D) Re-seat the jumper on the master disk drive
You are a desktop technician at a large company. A user has been complaining that their desktop has been making clicking noises and tasks like booting up and opening files has become very slow. What is most likely the cause of these issues?
  • A) Malfunctioning HDD
  • B) Solid State Drive failure
  • C) VGA mode is disabled
  • D) None of the above
The ability to add or remove a component without causing an interruption or powering off a system is known as what?
  • A) Cold plugging
  • B) Hot swapping
  • C) Uninterrupted System Component
  • D) Power 2
. You learn that files are accessed from storage technology that combines multiple disk drives into a single logical unit to increase logical volume size, improve performance, or reliability. This combination of individual disk drives to make a single logical unit is know as a:
  • A) Serial ATA (SATA)
  • B) Small Computer System Interface (SCSI)
  • C) Single Large Expensive Disk (SLED)
  • D) Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID)
You are an IT consultant working with a large retail company who recently implemented Apple Pay in all stores. The companies customer service department has been receiving calls asking why some iOS users are unable to use Apple Pay. What is most likely the issue?
  • A) Not all models have support for NFC
  • B) Their devices are in airplane mode
  • C) Users must be on the store's WiFi network
  • D) Users must have a usable 4G carrier signal
architecture where a single physical CPU contains more than one execution core on a single die or chip is known as:
  • A) Parallel processing
  • B) Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP)
  • C) Multicore
  • D) Hyperthreading (HTT)
What integrated circuit types best defines the core functionality and capabilities of a motherboard?
  • A) Chipset
  • B) Northbridge
  • C) I/O Controller Hub (ICH)
  • D) Southbridge
  • A) 18 inches
  • B) 2 meters
  • C) 4.5 meters
  • D) 5 meters
What is a drawback of using integrated graphics?
  • A) Hyper-threading is not possible
  • B) Slower performance
  • C) Integrated graphics generate more heat
  • D) Dedicated graphics may require additional power
and the northbridge?
  • A) Back-side bus (BSB)
  • B) Universal Serial Bus (USB)
  • C) I/O Controller Hub (ICH)
  • D) Front-side bus (FSB)
A 64-bit CPU can be used either with a 32-bit or 64-bit version of the Microsoft Windows operating system.
  • A) True
  • B) False
connector types does not provide support for digital signal transmission?
  • A) DVI-D
  • B) DVI-A
  • C) DVI-I
  • D) DVI-A/D
standard defines data cable connector consisting of:
  • A) 40 pins
  • B) 34 pins
  • C) 15 pins
  • D) 7 pins
What connector type is utilized by Thunderbolt 3?
  • A) USB Type-C
  • B) DVI-A
  • C) Mini DisplayPort (MDP)
  • D) USB Type-B
appears as two virtual CPUs to the operating system?
  • A) Stepping
  • B) Multicore
  • C) Hyper-threading
  • D) Multitasking
on a newly assembled computer system you should first:
  • A) Enabled in Windows Control Panel
  • B) Updated with the latest driver in Device Manager
  • C) Checked against the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)
  • D) Enabled in the advanced BIOS settings menu
What is the maximum length of a Lightning cable typically used for charging Apple smartphones?
  • A) 30 meters
  • B) 2 meters
  • C) 10 meters
  • D) 3 meters
What power source is required by the RTC on a motherboard?
  • A) CMOS battery
  • B) Power Supply
  • C) Universal Power Supply (UPS)
  • D) Surge Bar
technology used in Intel CPUs?
  • A) Parity checks
  • B) Malware protection
  • C) Biometric authentication
  • D) Data backup
The Thunderbolt 3 cable uses which standard connector type?
  • A) USB-E
  • B) USB-C
  • C) Lightning
  • D) Mini display port
If a system fails to auto-configure the newly added adapter card through PnP, finishing the configuration process requires manual installation of device drivers.
  • A) True
  • B) False
What is the main purpose of the BIOS when a computer is first powered on?
  • A) Initial hardware checks
  • B) Install the operating system
  • C) Attempt to connect to a network via DHCP
  • D) Initialize BIOS encryption
host controller can support up to how many devices at a given time?
  • A) 255 devices
  • B) 127 devices
  • C) 15 devices
  • D) 63 devices
What is the name of the reversible connector used by Apple mobile handheld devices?
  • A) Thunderbolt
  • B) Thunderbolt v3
  • C) Lightning
  • D) Micro-USB
What is the number of contact pins the MicroDIMM DDR2 SDRAM modules typically used by laptops use?
  • A) 200
  • B) 204
  • C) 214
  • D) 240
Multiple users have complained that they cannot access servers via RDP. You know that you should check to ensure that the following port is opened:
  • A) 23
  • B) 139
  • C) 548
  • D) 3389
You work in IT for a retailer that is looking to add new methods of payment to the POS devices. You are currently in a meeting meeting with multiple different teams from IT brainstorming different technologies that could be implemented to meet the requirement listed above. You remember hearing about a sleek new method of payment supported by mobile devices on the Android and iOS platforms. You suggest implementing:
  • A) Chip and Pin Payments
  • B) RFID Payments
  • C) NFC Payments
  • D) AFC Payments
A RAM module has gone out on your laptop and requires replacement. Without opening the laptop up or possessing any additional knowledge about your system, you know that you will most likely need to replace the module with a ______ type module.
  • A) DIMM
  • B) DDR3
  • C) DDR4
  • D) SO-DIMM
A user has hooked their Windows 7 laptop up to a projector in one of your office's conference rooms and you receive a call to assist them in projecting their content in the desired manner. The user would like to have their laptop display not feature any content, while still allowing the projector to display a presentation. You should direct the user to utilize the following setting:
  • A) PC Screen Only
  • B) Duplicate
  • C) Extend
  • D) Second Screen Only
Laptops use a form of PCI slot similar to desktop PC's. These smaller form-factor slots are called:
  • A) MicroPCI
  • B) MacroPCI
  • C) MiniPCI
  • D) ShortPCI
You work for a struggling IT company and suspect that it will soon be bankrupt. Your boss has recently taken out a large insurance policy on the data center. One morning, your boss sheepishly approaches you about re-cabling the entire data center and asks too many questions about fire-ratings. Which of the following cable types should be used to mitigate the damage of your boss' s suspected insurance fraud scheme?
  • A) Unsheathed cable.
  • B) Plenum-rated cable.
  • C) CMR-rated cable.
  • D) LSZH-rated cable.
You are experiencing issues on your network and cannot determine where packets are being lost and connectivity is breaking down. You should utilize:
  • C) PING
  • D) IPCONFIG /all
A user has lost the charging cable for their company issued Android smartphone. You are tasked with providing them with a replacement. The user has requested that they need not utilize an adapter to make the cable work with their device. While you would need to know the specific make and model of the device to supply the correct charging cable, you can immediately rule out one of the following cables:
  • A) USB Type B
  • B) USB Type C
  • C) Micro-USB
  • D) Mini-USB
You are installing a hard drive into a desktop PC. The best way to connect the hard drive on a modern client that will be used in an office setting for word processing and running an online email client would be via:
  • A) SATA
  • B) SAS
  • C) Fibre Channel
  • D) PATA
for DDR2-1066 RAM modules?
  • A) PC2-3200
  • B) PC2-4200
  • C) PC2-6400
  • D) PC2-8500
True or false: There are two data transfer modes to USB 1.1: Low-Speed and Full-Speed.
  • A) True
  • B) False
Your boss has requested that you make the PC clients in the public area of the building more resistant to being tampered with. You recall seeing a setting in the BIOS of the clients called chassis intrusion detection which notes if the PC's case has been opened and reports this in the next boot. You set to implementing this because you believe that chassis intrusion detection does not require additional hardware, which your PC's are not equipped with. Does it function?
  • A) Yes
  • B) No
You are building a new, high performance personal desktop PC and are deciding on a motherboard. Not considering overclock-ability, to maximize performance and future capacity to upgrade, you should choose a motherboard with the following supported RAM slots:
You work for a company that has created what is anticipated to be the best selling tablet ever created. It is expected that everyone on Earth will own one of the new tablets in the next five years. You are working on the network support division and are tasked with implementing internet connectivity on the device. To address demand you believe it would be best to implement support for: Choose the best answer.
  • A) IGMP
  • B) IPv4
  • C) ICMP
  • D) IPv6
For security reasons, you've created a script on a server that monitors if non-domain users have been added to the local administrators group. You've added logic to the script that sends an email out every time the script is run. Your script utilizes SMTP for its reporting. Select the port that you will need to ensure is open for your script to send emails.
  • A) 23
  • B) 25
  • C) 110
  • D) 143
When installing a new CPU or cleaning a computer case as part of regular maintenance, where is thermal compound applied?
  • A) Between the fan and the heat sink fins.
  • B) Between the CPU and the socket.
  • C) Between the CPU and heat sink.
  • D) Inside each heat sink mounting point on the motherboard.
The northbridge chipset of a motherboard handles communication between all of the following, except:
  • A) USB
  • B) Southbridge
  • C) PCIe Slots
  • D) CPU
You have been tasked with making Ethernet cables of custom length for a server room refresh. Your coworker sends you to get a tool from the cabinet to utilize while making the new cables. Choose the most necessary tool below:
  • A) Wire-Stripper and Crimper
  • B) Tone Generator
  • C) Cable Tester
  • D) Punchdown Tool
Users are having a hard time remembering the IP address for a commonly used network resource. The IP address is statically set and the connection is established over port 443. You know that you have a tool that can solve this issue on your Domain Controller. You log on and configure:
  • A) DHCP
  • B) A Global Group and Local Group for the users of this network resource.
  • C) DNS
  • D) A new entry in Active Directory Sites and Services
A user has reported that their desktop PC cannot connect to drive locations on the network. The user is utilizing a wired connection. DHCP is being utilized in your network. Choose the most correct first step in troubleshooting:
  • A) Reboot the switch that the user's client is connected to.
  • B) Verify physical connectivity between the PC, the data jack at their desk, the patch port in the distribution closet and the switch.
  • C) Reboot the nearest access point.
  • D) Determine if the user has received an IP address within the network's scope.
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