CompTIA A+ 220 901

1) You are a Server Administrator at a small company. Company policy dictates that all remote connections must be encrypted and accessed using some form of authentication. Which of the following will allow a user to upload a large file from home, while adhering to company policy?
  • A) SSH
  • B) SMTP
  • C) SFTP
  • D) FTP
You are trying to use RDP to control a Windows computer from your office to an accountant's computer in the corporate office building. What port should be opened in the firewalls between the two locations?
  • A) 21
  • B) 22
  • C) 3389
  • D) 143
You are a Desktop Technician in a company's IT Department. You need to find the hardware specifications of a desktop, however the device does not have an operating system installed. Which of the following options will display this information?
  • A) MBR
  • B) BIOS
  • C) TPM
  • D) None of the above
ECC type memory would be most commonly found in which type of device?
  • A) Tablet
  • B) Desktop
  • C) Gaming laptop
  • D) Server
Which of the following wireless communication standards requires line of sight in order to operate?
  • A) Bluetooth
  • B) IR
  • C) RF
  • D) WiFi
A supervisor has asked you to update the BIOS on a customer's laptop. Where is the best place to find the correct BIOS firmware?
  • A) Third party website
  • B) BIOS developer website
  • C) Microsoft
  • D) Manufacturer's website
A customer is explaining their PC's symptoms, but you already know what the issue is. Which is the most appropriate action?
  • A) Continue listening to the customer's explanation, when they are done refer them to a website to find a solution
  • B) Ask the customer to repeat the problem and all the symptoms several times, for clarity.
  • C) Finish listening to their explanation and then explain the solutions
  • D) Politely interrupt them and tell them your solutions.
Why would you use plenum rated cables when installing new cabling in a data-center?
  • A) Efficiently reduces EMI and cross talk in STP cabling
  • B) Allows cabling to be easily bent without snapping
  • C) Reduction in hazardous fumes in the event of a fire
  • D) Ensures an intruder cannot wire tap your cabling
Which of the following properly describes the basic operating of a layer 2 network switch?
  • A) Transmits packets it receives to specific connections, based on MAC address.
  • B) Enables packets to be sent from one network to another
  • C) Determines if a packet is safe for a network
  • D) Broadcasts packets it receives to all connections
Which of the following properly describes the purpose of a KVM?
  • A) Allows for touch screen interaction
  • B) Allows for one set of peripherals to control multiple computers
  • C) Allows for one computer to be viewed on many monitors at once
  • D) Enhanced graphics for video games
Which of the following will be the first to receive heat leaving a processor?
  • A) Case Fan
  • B) CPU Fan
  • C) Heat Sink
  • D) Thermal paste
What CAT version is RATED to provide a transmission speed of 1000 Mbps?
  • A) CAT3
  • B) CAT5e
  • C) CAT6a
  • D) None of the above
Of the following choices, which is an industry standard protocol used by computer networks to assign IP Addresses to network nodes and devices?
  • A) DNS
  • B) ARP
  • C) RARP
  • D) DHCP
Which of the following is the default TCP/IP port for the standard HTTP protocol?
  • A) TCP 80
  • B) TCP 22
  • C) TCP 23
  • D) TCP 443
Which of the following is a industry standard that provides similar functionality to BIOS?
  • A) UEFI
  • B) POST
  • C) Grub
  • D) MBR
You need to configure a SOHO network to provide IP Addresses to devices on the network. Which feature should be enabled?
  • A) DNS
  • B) MAC Filtering
  • D) DHCP
You are an IT Support Technician for a large office building. A user is complaining their laptop often does not charge or stops charging if they move it. What is most likely the issue?
  • A) CMOS Battery
  • B) Laptop's DC jack
  • C) The wall outlet nearest to the client's desk
  • D) Laptop's AC jack
Which of the following network standards can operate at two different channel widths on the same spectrum simultaneously?
  • A) 802.11g
  • B) 802.11n
  • C) 802.11b
  • D) 802.11a
Which of the following network topologies provides the most redundancy to protect against network outages?
  • A) Mesh
  • B) Ring
  • C) Bus
  • D) Star
Which of the following options would typically be associated with encryption?
  • A) Memory
  • B) CPU
  • C) TPM
  • D) UEFI
Select the option that could properly be used to describe the characteristics of a VGA cable?
  • A) VGA supports both audio and video
  • B) VGA uses analog signals
  • C) VGA uses the standard db-9 connector
  • D) VGA uses digital signals
While troubleshooting a hardware issue on a laptop with a removable battery you have come to the conclusion that there is a physical issue with one of the laptop's components. The laptop is not plugged into an external power source, what is the next step before opening the laptop's case?
  • A) Pop the keyboard off
  • B) Unhinge the LCD Screen
  • C) Unplug the laptop from the power souce
  • D) Remove battery
Your motherboard has 4 memory slots - 2 blue and 2 black. How should you arrange your memory?
  • A) Slower memory in blue, faster in black.
  • B) NVRAM in blue, RAM in black
  • C) Put equal size/speed of RAM in the slots, so that each slot matches its paired slot color.
  • D) Primary ram in blue, backup ram in black.
You have recently started as a network technician for a small finance company. The company has been experiencing network outages and very slow transmission speeds. The network has 6 hubs and 1 router, what is most likely causing the poor network performance?
  • A) Cross talk
  • B) Hubs can only broadcast packets
  • C) Hubs conduct deep packet inspections by default
  • D) None of the above
You are a network technician for a small consulting company. A client has asked you to evaluate options for several SOHO networks to allow employees to work from home. Often the employees modem is in a different area of the house than their home office. The company has a very strict policy that disallows wireless networks. Which of the following is the most cost effective option?
  • A) PoE
  • B) Power-line communication
  • C) Wiring each home with ethernet drops
  • D) 802.11i
Which type of motherboard expansion slot has various speeds such as x16 and x32?
  • A) CNR
  • B) PCI
  • C) PCIe
  • D) AGP
A large company has a nation-wide network, consisting of several smaller networks linked through a VPN and the internet. Which term would best apply to this network?
  • A) WLAN
  • B) LAN
  • C) MAN
  • D) WAN
Which of the following devices or systems is critical in the event of a power outage?
  • A) UPS
  • B) Power strip
  • C) Line conditioner
  • D) Surge Distributor
You are a IT Analyst for a large chain of stores. Your department has been asked to evaluate accepting payments through wireless transmission from mobile devices. Which standard technology are they referring to?
  • A) Bluetooth
  • B) IR
  • C) WiFi
  • D) NFC
You are planning the installation of several wireless access points in a large warehouse. The access points are typically located on the ceiling far away from power sources. Which technology could be used to power the device?
  • A) Power-line communication
  • B) Ethernet Repeater
  • C) PoE
  • D) Loopback plug
What type of device most commonly uses a static IP address?
  • A) User workstations
  • B) Any device that supports using CIDR addressing
  • C) Thin clients
  • D) Servers
You are a Desktop and Laptop Technician for a small computer repair shop. A customer on a limited budget has asked you to upgrade their laptop in order to increase performance. Which of the following components can be easily replaced or upgraded?
  • A) Video Card
  • B) Processor
  • C) Motherboard
  • D) RAM
Which TCP port number is used by Post Office Protocol 3?
  • A) 110
  • B) 143
  • C) 125
  • D) 25
How many pins are present in SATA data and power cables?
  • A) 15 for power and 7 for data
  • B) 8 for data and 12 for power
  • C) 40 for data and 4 for power
  • D) 15 for both power and data
Your supervisor has asked you to bring her a DE-15 connector. Which of the following is she referring to?
  • A) S-Video
  • B) DVI-A
  • C) DVI-D
  • D) VGA
Which protocol uses the well known TCP port 443?
  • A) Telnet
  • B) HTTPS
  • C) SLP
  • D) SSH
Which of the following options can be used as a storage device to boot an operating system?
  • A) FDISK
  • B) DDR2
  • C) USB Drive
  • D) HDMI
Your supervisor has asked you to record the IP version 6 addresses of several SUSE Linux systems into a spreadsheet. Which command can you use to obtain this information?
  • A) Ipconfig
  • B) Echo || ip -6
  • C) Ifconfig
  • D) Netstat
You are an IT Support Specialist for a medium sized company. An executive is traveling overseas and does not want his company phone to cause any data or service related fees. Which of the following solutions will ensure this does not occur?
  • A) Toggle the phone's GPS off
  • B) Disable mobile data
  • C) Disable the WiFi antenna
  • D) Place the phone in ad-hoc mode
You are a network technician for a consulting company. A small company with several wireless access points has been experiencing intermittent outages for employees near the break room. What is most likely the cause?
  • A) Line of Sight
  • B) Cross talk
  • C) Infrared radiation
  • D) Microwave causing interference
You are a server support technician for a data warehouse company. Recently a Windows based server has had several unexpected shut downs. Where should you look first for more information?
  • A) Event Viewer
  • B) Task Manager
  • D) Boot Recorder
You are configuring a static IP address on a Windows system and realize the netmask is written as "/25," what is the proper way to input this into the network configuration for this system?
  • A) /25
  • B)
  • C)
  • D)
You sit down at an unfamiliar server with a black prompt, you decide to identify the server by checking its IP address. You type ipconfig and it responds "bash: ipconfig: command not found...," what command will likely give you the information you're looking for?
  • A) Netstat
  • B) Ifconfig
  • C) Nslookup
  • D) Tracert
You need to make a backup of a small database storing customer information for historical records. The database is about 5.5 GB in size. Of the options, which is the best storage media for this task?
  • A) CD-R
  • B) CD-RW
  • C) DVD-R
  • D) DVD-R DL
What type of network cabling has 2 pairs and traditionally only utilizes 1 of the pairs?
  • A) RJ-11
  • B) RJ-45
  • C) Coax
  • D) 4-pin 12V
You are having issues connecting/consoling to a Linux server hosting a database of customer information from your home machine, you think the problems are being caused by a blocked port on your firewall. Which port on your firewall is likely to cause this sort of an issue if blocked?
  • A) Port 22
  • B) Port 23
  • C) Port 80
  • D) Port 3389
A user working in a warehouse calls and tells you that his computer keeps freezing or rebooting at random, it makes an annoying high-pitch squeak/squeal when running. What is likely to be the issue?
  • A) Overheating/fan issues
  • B) Battery not charging
  • C) Sticking keys
  • D) Bad driver software
Your company is planning on issuing all management employees an iPhone 6S and an iPad pro. All of the work stations in the office have USB ports; what type of cable is needed to connect these new devices to their work station?
  • A) USB to Lightning cable
  • B) USB to USB C cable
  • C) USB to USB mini cable
  • D) USB to MicroUSB cable
The clock on your computer keeps falling out of sync, you have to set it each time you restart the computer or power it on. The offset is never consistent. What should you do to correct this issue?
  • A) Check the timezone settings
  • B) Replace the fan, the system is overheating
  • C) Replace the CMOS battery
  • D) Ensure that port 321 is not blocked
You have been tasked by the Network Team to assign a server a new static IP address. You are receiving an error when attempting to apply the IP with a subnet mask of What is the issue causing the error?
  • A) The DHCP server isn't assigning an IP address, so it has generated an APIPA address
  • B) The IP address is invalid
  • C) 172 is a class bravo IP but the subnet is class alpha
  • D) There is not enough information provided to determine the problem
You are called to look at a co-workers computer. It is not powering on, no fans start, there is no sound, and no lights turn on when the power button is pushed. What should you do first?
  • A) Check the power cable
  • B) Replace the power supply
  • C) Replace the CMOS battery
  • D) Check the boot sequence in the BIOS/UEFI
port in your office, recently it stopped working. There is no connectivity provided when you plugin to it. The cable and your NIC are known-good, you need to make sure the cable on the back-end of the port is connected but the wiring closet is a disaster. Which tool will assist with this?
  • A) Tone generator/probe
  • B) Loopback plug
  • C) PING
  • D) Cable tester
You're setting up a SOHO and want to setup a dedicated backup server with 2 HDDs. You will be backing up valuable files like family pictures and tax forms, so you value redundancy and reliability over speed. What is the best configuration for this server?
  • A) Dualcore Processing
  • B) Raid 0
  • C) Raid 1
  • D) Raid 5
You are in charge of purchasing new computers for the office, they need to "boot fast and store large video files for editing, don't blow your budget either." The systems only have room for one type of storage device and one type of optical device. What is the best drive to meet these requirements?
  • A) SSD
  • B) HDD
  • C) Hybrid Drive
  • D) Tape Drive
A user complains that he can no longer see any wireless networks, connect to his bluetooth headset, or make phone calls on his Android phone. Which of the following options would best address these issues?
  • A) Dial *228
  • B) Disable Airplane Mode
  • C) Ensure the phone is not overheating
  • D) Try using the phone outdoors
while utilizing the same hardware that is currently in place. You need to make sure this is possible, what feature must your CPU support?
  • A) Virtualization
  • B) Hyperthreading
  • C) Multiple cores
  • D) Dual voltage options
Your boss wants you to come up with a solution for allowing people to easily move their laptops between work and home without having to move and reconnect their mouse, keyboard, network, monitor, etc. What technology will enable this?
  • A) Cable lock
  • B) Docking Station
  • C) Wireless
  • D) USB Hub
An old Linux server is having USB driver problems and your co-worker needs to bring a different type of keyboard or an adapter. What type of keyboard/adapter is likely needed?
  • A) Lightning
  • B) Firewire
  • C) PS/2
  • D) Bluetooth
The cursor on your laptop keeps drifting in the same direction, you disconnect your mouse and this continues to happen regardless of you using the touchpad. What actions can you take to remedy this?
  • A) Replace your mouse, it has caused driver issues with the touchpad
  • B) Disable the touchpad, see if the problem persists
  • C) Ensure none of the arrow keys are stuck
  • D) Ensure that Scroll Lock is on
There is a printer shared via Windows File and Printer sharing on your SOHO network. When your husband attempts to print he receives an "Access Denied" error. Where should you look to correct this issue?
  • A) The Security tab under Printing Preference on your husband's computer
  • B) The Security tab under Printing Preference on the host computer
  • C) The Security tab under Printer Properties on your husband's computer
  • D) The Security tab under Printer Properties on the host computer
Your supervisor decides he wants to transition the office from a fiber connection to a satellite connection. The office relies on the connection for VoIP, email and cloud storage. You find that the prices for satellite connections are cheaper. Why would you advise against this change?
  • A) You don't, saving money and no performance change is a great idea
  • B) The latency from the satellite connection would adversely impact VoIP
  • C) This would likely require re-wiring the whole network, outweighing any cost savings
  • D) Encryption is not available over satellite connections this could be a compliance/security issue
Choose the option that best describes the term boot sequence:
  • A) The order of memory as it is given to the Master Boot Record (MBR)
  • B) Average number of instructions executed for each clock cycle
  • C) Information in the first sector of any hard disk or diskette
  • D) The order in which eligible boot devices are checked for an operating system
A user reports that their printouts contain a shadow of the previous image. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause?
  • A) Separation pads
  • B) Fuser assembly
  • C) Corona wire
  • D) Pickup assembly
Data may be recovered after a drive failure in a RAID 0 configuration.
  • A) True
  • B) False
Which of the following provides constant power to a motherboard, allowing it to retain configuration data for the BIOS?
  • A) Southbridge
  • B) AC Power Supply
  • C) CMOS Battery
  • D) UPS
Which of the following allows devices to operate without requiring a separate power source?
  • A) WPA
  • B) PoE
  • C) QoS
  • D) VPN
Which of the following allows network prioritization based on packet contents?
  • A) VLAN
  • B) SSID
  • C) QoS
  • D) Firewall
A customer is not able to connect to any websites. Which of the following commands should a technician run FIRST to identify the issue?
laptop and has asked you to extract the data for use on a new computer. Assuming the hard drive is fully functioning, which of the following methods would most easily allow this?
  • A) Copy and burn the data to DVDs
  • B) Place the old hard drive in a USB hard drive enclosure
  • C) Email the required files to the user
  • D) Use FTP to place the data in the cloud
Which of the following ports belongs to a standard protocol used to query data from an Active Directory server?
  • A) 389
  • B) 443
  • C) 143
  • D) 23
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