220-802 CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Exam Set 2

A technician suspects that a recent virus they removed may have corrupted a necessary system

file. Which of the following utilities can the technician use to verify the integrity of these critical


Options are :

  • fixmbr
  • regsrv32
  • msconfig
  • sfc (Correct)

Answer : sfc

A technician needs to build a PC to act as a home virtual server. Which of the following would be

the BEST choice?

Options are :

  • QUAD Core CPU, 4GB DDR2 RAM, 1TB of hard drive space
  • Dual Core CPU, 8GB DDR RAM, 1TB of hard drive space
  • QUAD Core CPU, 6GB DDR3 RAM, 320GB of hard drive space (Correct)
  • Dual Core CPU, 6GB DDR3 RAM, 320GB of hard drive space

Answer : QUAD Core CPU, 6GB DDR3 RAM, 320GB of hard drive space

A technician is setting up automatic login to desktop for a non-domain Windows XP system. Which

of the following administrative tools would accomplish this?

Options are :

  • Task Manager
  • System Configuration
  • User Accounts (Correct)
  • Network and Sharing Center

Answer : User Accounts

In which of the following locations would a technician go to show file extensions?

Options are :

  • Folder Options (Correct)
  • Display
  • Security Center
  • System

Answer : Folder Options

Which of the following is true about a file when it is copied from an NTFS to a FAT32 partitions?

Options are :

  • All file permissions must be reassigned
  • All of the file permissions are lost (Correct)
  • The file owner is preserved
  • The file name becomes case insensitive

Answer : All of the file permissions are lost

An office of 25 computers is interested in employing a file server, network shares, and print server

functionality. Which of the following network setups would be BEST suited for this situation?

Options are :

  • Domain (Correct)
  • Token ring
  • Ad-hoc
  • Workgroup

Answer : Domain

Which of the following terms BEST describes the software or hardware used to manage virtual


Options are :

  • Supervisor
  • Hypervisor (Correct)
  • Cloud Server Manager
  • Virtual Disk Manager

Answer : Hypervisor

Which of the following command line tools will terminate a non-system process without restarting

the computer?

Options are :

  • Erase
  • Shutdown
  • Break
  • Kill (Correct)

Answer : Kill

Which of the following keys, when pressed immediately after the BIOS test, will display Windows

Boot Manager on a Windows 7 PC?

Options are :

  • f8
  • esc (Correct)
  • delete
  • f2

Answer : esc

Which of the following Windows 7 versions comes with the LARGEST number of multimedia


Options are :

  • Starter
  • Home Premium (Correct)
  • Enterprise
  • Professional

Answer : Home Premium

A userís computer keeps producing a ďlow virtual memoryĒ alert and the speed of the system

degrades afterwards.

Which of the following Control Panel locations can provide information to review and correct this


Options are :

  • System > Hardware
  • System > Remote
  • System > System Restore
  • System > Advanced (Correct)

Answer : System > Advanced

When moving files from a Microsoft gaming console, which of the following command line utilities

is recommended to transfer files?

Options are :

  • IMAP
  • XCOPY (Correct)

Answer : XCOPY

A user wants to change the functionality that occurs when the laptop lid is closed. Which of the

following Control Panel options is the MOST direct way to adjust this?

Options are :

  • Power Options (Correct)
  • Device Management
  • Personalization
  • Display

Answer : Power Options

Which of the following operating systems supports full usage of 8GB DDR3 RAM?

Options are :

  • Windows Vista Home Premium x86
  • Windows 7 Professional x86
  • Windows XP Professional
  • Windows 7 Home Premium x64 (Correct)

Answer : Windows 7 Home Premium x64

Which of the following file system types is used primarily for optical media?

Options are :

  • HPFS
  • NTFS
  • FAT32
  • CDFS (Correct)

Answer : CDFS

A virtual machine running locally would be BEST utilized in which of the following situations?

Options are :

  • Patch testing before rollout (Correct)
  • Gaming workstation configuration
  • Thick client configuration
  • On a PC with minimal RAM

Answer : Patch testing before rollout

Which of the following is the correct UNC path to use when mapping a network drive?

Options are :

  • \\share\password
  • \\server\share (Correct)
  • \\share\server
  • \\server\username

Answer : \\server\share

Windows XP Mode is available in which of the following Microsoft Windows environments?

Options are :

  • Windows 7 Business Edition (Correct)
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows XP Professional
  • Windows Vista Ultimate

Answer : Windows 7 Business Edition

A /all switch is MOST likely to be used with which of the following commands?

Options are :

  • IPCONFIG (Correct)
  • NET
  • PING


Which of the following System Tools would be the BEST one to perform a regular archiving of

information on a PC?

Options are :

  • BackSystem Restoreup (Correct)

Answer : BackSystem Restoreup

On a corporate network, which of the following features would be used to redirect network traffic

for filtering or monitoring?

Options are :

  • Local Security Policy
  • Proxy Settings (Correct)
  • Content Advisor
  • Network Drive Mapping

Answer : Proxy Settings

Which of the following can be used to remove a virus from a computer?

Options are :

  • Event Viewer
  • Anti-spyware software
  • Anti-malware software (Correct)
  • System Restore

Answer : Anti-malware software

A userís PC breaks and a technician needs to configure a new machine with a copy of their

computer image stored on a remote server. Which of the following technologies would help RIS

install this image?

Options are :

  • PXE (Correct)
  • DVD
  • CD
  • BRD
  • USB

Answer : PXE

Which of the following operating systems can be upgraded directly to Windows 7 Professional by a

default installation? (Select TWO).

A. Windows 7 Home Premium

B. Windows Vista Business

C. Windows XP Home

D. Windows XP Professional 64-bit

E. Windows XP Media Center

Options are :

  • C,D
  • A,B (Correct)
  • A,D
  • B,E

Answer : A,B

A technician recently replaced a userís monitor and now the user is reporting that the screen is

filled with static and appears distorted. Which of the following will resolve the issue?

Options are :

  • Raise the resolution
  • Increase refresh rate
  • Lower refresh rate (Correct)
  • Lower the resolution

Answer : Lower refresh rate

A user wants to configure their network to support VoIP. Which of the following would BEST

support a VoIP installation?

Options are :

  • Wake-on-LAN
  • VPN
  • POTS
  • QoS (Correct)

Answer : QoS

Which of the following are true regarding Windows 32-bit versus Windows 64-bit Operating

Systems? (Select TWO).

A. CPUs that can run Windows 32-bit can also run Windows 64-bit.

B. Device drivers for Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit are the same.

C. Not all CPUs are capable of running Windows 64-bit.

D. Windows 64-bit can address larger amounts of RAM.

E. Windows 64-bit is a more secure OS and less susceptible to viruses.

Options are :

  • None
  • A,B
  • B,C
  • A,C
  • C,D (Correct)

Answer : C,D

The folder "Documents" is shared. The user can create and delete documents when on the local

PC, but can only read documents when accessing them remotely. Which of the following should

be adjusted?

Options are :

  • Share Permissions (Correct)
  • NTFS Permissions
  • Firewall Settings
  • Read Only Attribute

Answer : Share Permissions

Which of the following data transfers will retain the current NTFS permissions of a file?

Options are :

  • Copying the file to a different location on a different volume
  • Copying the file to a different location on the same volume
  • Moving the file to a different location on the same volume (Correct)
  • Moving the file to a different location on a different volume

Answer : Moving the file to a different location on the same volume

A technician notices multiple disk errors in the Event Viewer. Which of the following tools would

BEST diagnose this issue?

Options are :

  • CHKDSK (Correct)

Answer : CHKDSK

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