220-801 CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Exam Set 11

A technician is making RJ-45 patch cables. Which of the following tools will the technician use to

terminate the cable ends?

Options are :

  • Crimper (Correct)
  • Punchdown tool
  • Loopback plug
  • Multimeter

Answer : Crimper

A network consisting of numerous geographically dispersed networks that cover a large physical

distance is referred to as a:

Options are :

  • WLAN.
  • LAN.
  • MAN.
  • WAN. (Correct)

Answer : WAN.

Which of the following 802.11 standards has the MAXIMUM throughput of 11 Mbps?

Options are :

  • B (Correct)
  • G
  • A
  • N

Answer : B

Which of the following ports are commonly used to send/receive email? (Select TWO).

A. 25

B. 53

C. 80

D. 110

Options are :

  • B,C
  • D,A (Correct)
  • A,B
  • C,D

Answer : D,A

A user, Anne, is moving to a new cubicle and needs to have her analog desk phone switched to a

new location. Which of the following tools are required for a technician to make this switch in the

network closet?

Options are :

  • Crimper
  • Punchdown (Correct)
  • Multimeter
  • Cable tester

Answer : Punchdown

A technician needs to make several patch cables. Which of the following tools would the

technician use to attach the RJ-45 ends to the cables?

Options are :

  • rimpers (Correct)
  • Loopback plug
  • Cable tester
  • Punch down

Answer : rimpers

Which of the following network devices would BEST be used to replace a hub?

Options are :

  • Bridge
  • Firewall
  • Modem
  • Switch (Correct)

Answer : Switch

Which of the following cable types has a MAXIMUM transmission rate of 100 Mb?

Options are :

  • CAT5 (Correct)
  • CAT3
  • CAT5e
  • CAT6

Answer : CAT5

Which of the following should a technician check FIRST before upgrading the RAM in a laptop?

Options are :

  • The BIOS manufacturer
  • The speed of the FSB
  • The operating system version
  • The motherboard specifications (Correct)

Answer : The motherboard specifications

Which of the following describes the function of a hub in a network?

Options are :

  • Broadcasts packets it receives to all connections (Correct)
  • Broadcasts packets it receives to specific connections
  • Determines whether a packet belongs on an internal or external network
  • Converts a packet for transmission from one network to another network

Answer : Broadcasts packets it receives to all connections

A customer would like to upgrade their onboard fast Ethernet connection to connect to their new

gigabit network at the gigabit speed. Which of the following will enable them to do so?

Options are :

  • Update the drivers for the onboard port.
  • Flash the BIOS to unlock the Ethernet port.
  • Install a 10/100/1000 NIC. (Correct)
  • Convert the user to wireless.

Answer : Install a 10/100/1000 NIC.

Which of the following would BEST segment a LAN while providing additional network ports?

Options are :

  • Hub
  • Switch (Correct)
  • Access point
  • Modem

Answer : Switch

Which of the following encryption methods is considered easily broken and should be avoided

when configuring wireless security?

Options are :

  • WEP (Correct)
  • AES
  • WPA
  • TKIP

Answer : WEP

Which of the following features is used for security in laptops and can be used by BitLocker in

Windows 7 to encrypt the hard drive?

Options are :

  • CMOS
  • Virtualization extensions
  • TPM (Correct)
  • BIOS password

Answer : TPM

Which of the following is MOST likely to have a physical switch on a laptop that allows it to be

turned off without going into the BIOS?

Options are :

  • Webcam
  • Overclocking
  • Wireless (Correct)
  • External display

Answer : Wireless

Which of the following are characteristics of transferring data using fiber as the medium? (Select


A. Fiber can transmit data the farthest distance without requiring a repeater

B. Fiber is the least susceptible to EMI

C. Fiber is the most susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity, which can cause varying

transmission speeds

D. Fiber can transmit power as well as data, which will lead to cost savings

Options are :

  • C,D
  • A,B (Correct)
  • D,A
  • B,C

Answer : A,B

Which of the following network devices provides LAN segmentation and allows for full duplex


Options are :

  • Repeater
  • Modem
  • Switch (Correct)
  • Hub

Answer : Switch

Which of the following encryption types is the LEAST secure?

Options are :

  • TKIP
  • WEP (Correct)
  • AES
  • WPA

Answer : WEP

A technician needs to configure a wireless small office home office (SOHO) network to provide IP

addresses to devices on the network. Which of the following features should be enabled?

Options are :

  • SSID broadcast
  • Port forwarding
  • DHCP (Correct)
  • MAC filtering

Answer : DHCP

Which of the following communication standards requires line-of-site with no obstacles in order to

operate properly?

Options are :

  • RF
  • WiFi
  • IR (Correct)
  • Bluetooth

Answer : IR

Which of the following wireless networking standards operates at the SHORTEST distance?

Options are :

  • 802.11g
  • 802.11b
  • 802.11n
  • 802.11a (Correct)

Answer : 802.11a

Which of the following should a technician configure to limit access to a small office home office

(SOHO) wireless network by the computerís NIC hardware identification?

Options are :

  • DHCP
  • MAC filtering (Correct)
  • SSID broadcast
  • Encryption

Answer : MAC filtering

Which of the following connection types uses an analog signal as a carrier to send and receive


Options are :

  • Cellular
  • WiMAX
  • Satellite
  • Dial-up (Correct)

Answer : Dial-up

Which of the following connectors is used to connect a DSL modem to a wall outlet?

Options are :

  • SC
  • RJ-45
  • LC
  • RJ-11 (Correct)

Answer : RJ-11

Which of the following topologies would cause the network to be segmented if any one machine

went offline?

Options are :

  • Hybrid
  • Star
  • Bus (Correct)
  • Mesh

Answer : Bus

Joe, a user, reports that his laptop display is very faint and hard to read. Which of the following is

the MOST likely cause?

Options are :

  • The inverter is bad.
  • The backlight has failed. (Correct)
  • The display screen has been damaged.
  • The video card is failing.

Answer : The backlight has failed.

Which of the following networking standards can operate at two different channel widths on the

same spectrum simultaneously?

Options are :

  • 802.11N (Correct)
  • 802.11A
  • 802.11G
  • 802.11B

Answer : 802.11N

Which of the following needs to be configured on a wireless router to allow specific client

machines to connect?

Options are :

  • Port forwarding
  • WPS
  • DMZ
  • MAC filtering (Correct)

Answer : MAC filtering

Which of the following is the FIRST option a technician should consider when deciding to

purchase a docking station or port replicator?

Options are :

  • Compatibility of the device it connects to (Correct)
  • Whether there are enough ports
  • Difficulty or ease of use for the end user
  • OS compatibility

Answer : Compatibility of the device it connects to

An administrator wants to prevent people outside of the building from accessing a new wireless

router. Which of the following is the LEAST labor intensive method to use while setting up new


Options are :

  • Use wireless encryption
  • Institute MAC filtering
  • Explanation: Reference. http://www.speedguide.net/faq_in_q.php?qid=81
  • Turn SSID broadcast off (Correct)
  • Setup static IP addresses

Answer : Turn SSID broadcast off

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