CompTIA A+ Certification 220-901: Practice Tests

How should a newly-installed serial port be configured?

Options are :

  • Eight data bits, no parity, one stop bit (Correct)
  • Seven data bits, even parity, one stop bit
  • Seven data bits, no parity, one stop bit
  • Eight data bits, even parity, two stop bits

Answer : Eight data bits, no parity, one stop bit

Explanation Correct Answer:Serial ports should be configured with eight data bits, no parity, and one stop bit.Incorrect Answers:The other choices will result in an improperly-configured serial port.

Which of the following types of cable has a maximum speed of 10 Mbps?

Options are :

  • CAT5
  • CAT6
  • CAT3 (Correct)
  • CAT5e

Answer : CAT3

Explanation Correct Answer:CAT3 cables have a maximum speed of only 10 Mbps. Pretty slow.Incorrect Answers:All of the other cable types have higher transmission speeds.

What type of computer is most likely to use ECC RAM?

Options are :

  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Server (Correct)
  • Tablet

Answer : Server

Explanation Correct Answer:Servers have to operate with as few errors as possible, so ECC RAM is a necessity.Incorrect Answers:Tablets, desktop computers, and laptops rarely use ECC RAM because errors aren't as useful.

You are trying to connect your laptop to your new 52" LED TV using an HDMI connector. When you connect everything, you immediately noticed that you get video on the screen, but there is no sound. What is the MOST likely cause of this?

Options are :

  • You need to install a third-party application
  • You need to select HDMI audio on your laptop (Correct)
  • The speakers in your TV are not compatible
  • The HDMI cable you installed doesn't meet specification

Answer : You need to select HDMI audio on your laptop

Explanation Correct Answer:Go to the Sound applet in the Control Panel and ensure your sound card is using the HDMI to output sound. You probably just need to select or enable it.Incorrect Answers:Speakers are speakers. They don't care if it's a digital signal or an analog signal. As long as you have the right connectors, you'll be good to go.You don't need a third party application to take advantage of HDMI.All HDMI cables can send video and audio over the same cable.

What is the simplest way to change the brightness on a laptop's monitor?

Options are :

  • In the video display drivers
  • In the Device Manager of the operating system
  • Fn key (Correct)
  • In the BIOS

Answer : Fn key

Explanation Correct Answer:Almost every laptop has a function key for controlling brightness.Incorrect Answers:Neither Device Manager nor BIOS contain settings for screen brightness. You might be able to change brightness in the display drivers, but that's not very simple.

What tool is used to attach RJ-45 connectors to the ends of UTP cable?

Options are :

  • Loopback plug
  • Cable tester
  • Crimpers (Correct)
  • Punch down

Answer : Crimpers

Explanation Correct Answer:A crimper connects RJ-45 plugs to the end of a piece of UTP cable.Incorrect Answers:A loopback plug tests a NIC's physical connection.A punch down tool is used to attach UTP cable to a patch panel or punch down block.A cable tester tests cable. Not super surprising.

A customer wants to transfer data from the DVR to a DVD. What hardware will be required to enable the workstation to collect the data to archive to the DVD?

Options are :

  • Capture card (Correct)
  • USB 3.0 external storage
  • Optical drive
  • Thunderbolt

Answer : Capture card

Explanation Correct Answer:A capture card acts as a receiver for data that is input to a system. It enables you to record the video that is playing on your system from an external video source. They are commonly used to to collect the video signals in gaming or other common video devices such as a DVD or camcorder.Incorrect Answers:An optical drive can read and write data, but cannot collect the DVR data.A USB external storage drive can read and write data, but cannot collect the DVR data.Thunderbolt technology is a high speed connection for display devices, but it does not collect data.

In a SOHO wireless network, which of the following prevents unauthorized users from accessing confidential data?

Options are :

  • Set encryption (Correct)
  • Enable MAC filtering
  • Reduce broadcast power
  • Change SSID name

Answer : Set encryption

Explanation Correct Answer:Setting encryption on your Wi-Fi network keeps unwanted people out and keeps your private info private.Incorrect Answers:Reducing the broadcast power on your WAP will just make the range and speed of your network worse.Changing the SSID name won't necessarily keep anyone out of your network.Enabling MAC filtering will keep unwanted users off your network, but all the data you transmit will be in the clear unless you encrypt your network, so anyone with a network scanner could read your packets.

What form factor of memory is found in laptops?

Options are :

  • DIMM
  • SO-DIMM (Correct)

Answer : SO-DIMM

Explanation Correct Answer:SO-DIMMs are a small form-factor type of RAM stick, found primarily in laptops and small desktops.Incorrect Answers:While SDRAM is often found in laptops, it isn't a form factor.RAMBUS is an outdated technology and is not found in laptops.DIMMs are found in desktop PCs.

Which of the following display types relies on CCFL backlights to display an image on the screen?

Options are :

  • Plasma
  • LCD (Correct)
  • CRT
  • LED

Answer : LCD

Explanation Correct Answer:Cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs) are commonly used in LCD technology to help illuminate your screen. If the CCFLs were to go out, the image would be so faint as to render the screen unusable.Incorrect Answers:LED displayes use LEDs for their backlight! This makes them cheaper and thinner than ever before.Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs) don't use any backlights. Instead, they use an electron gun that fires at a phospher coated screen to illuminate the image.Plasma doesn't use backlights, either. In plasma displays, the plasma itself makes sure everything is illuminated.

A user working on a presentation needs to print several color copies of the same contract to go to various departments and customers. Which of the following printers will be the QUICKEST?

Options are :

  • Laser printing (Correct)
  • Thermal printing
  • Impact printing
  • 3D printing

Answer : Laser printing

Explanation Correct Answer:Laser printers produce a high quality and high speed output of both text and graphics. They are available in monochrome and color printing. Although other technologies can provide color printing, laser is the faster of the technologies.Incorrect Answers:3D printing supports color, but is not a quick printing process.Thermal also supports color, but it is slower than laser printing.Impact printing is generally monochrome, and much slower than laser.

Viserys just installed two new memory modules into his computer. His motherboard supports DDR3 RAM with a maximum bus speed of 1600 MHz. The memory modules he installed were mismatched; one operates at 1066 MHz and one at 1333 MHz. At what bus speed will the system function?

Options are :

  • 800 MHz
  • 1000 MHz
  • 1066 MHz (Correct)
  • 1600 MHz

Answer : 1066 MHz

Explanation Correct Answer:When mismatched RAM modules are installed, the system operates at the speed of the slower module; in this case, that's 1066 MHz.Incorrect Answers:The other answers are just there to trick you. Don't fall for them!

Jan says that when she walks away from her laptop for a long period of time, she has to reconnect to the wireless network when she gets back. Which of the following will most likely correct this issue?

Options are :

  • Install a higher-capacity battery
  • Disable screensaver
  • Replace the Wi-Fi card
  • Adjust advanced power settings (Correct)

Answer : Adjust advanced power settings

Explanation Correct Answer:In the advanced power settings, there should be a section to modify the power saving mode of your wireless adapter. Jan is most likely set to a power-saving mode that causes her Wi-Fi card to go to sleep after a period of time. Having this feature enabled will force her to reconnect every time she comes back to use her computer.Incorrect Answers:Disabling her screensaver will just keep the screen from being "saved." It doesn’t affect the Wi-Fi adapter.There's nothing that really says the Wi-Fi card could be on its way to the "big network in the sky," but based on the information we are given about Jan's problem, we should most likely assume that it's a power management issue.Installing a higher-capacity battery will make the laptop heavier and last longer on a single charge, but it won't change how her W-iFi adapter is behaving.

You are troubleshooting a laptop that was just recently diagnosed with trouble holding power. When you turn the laptop on to troubleshoot, you notice that even while connected to the AC power adapter, the laptop will still use battery power. What could be causing something like this to happen? (Choose two.)

Options are :

  • The internal power circuity on the motherboard is faulty (Correct)
  • The battery is incompatible with the laptop
  • You have selected a power scheme in your OS that disables charging
  • The LCD's power inverter is malfunctioning
  • The power adapter that plugs into the wall is malfunctioning (Correct)

Answer : The internal power circuity on the motherboard is faulty The power adapter that plugs into the wall is malfunctioning

Explanation Correct Answers:The internal power circuity and the power adapter are the two pieces to this mystery that need to be checked out. Either one could be at fault, or worse… both!Incorrect Answers:If the LCD's power inverter was malfunctionng, we would have a working laptop, we just wouldn't see anything on the laptop's screen.There is no power scheme in your OS that will disable battery charging.The battery being incompatible with system is unlikely. Laptops always come with a battery when purchased. Batteries are also very proprietary to the unit they are meant for.

A technician is connecting a PoE enabled phone and needs to run the drop from the switch that is 55 meters (180.4 feet) away. Which of the following cable types would be the MOST suitable for this purpose?

Options are :

  • Fiber
  • Coaxial
  • CAT3
  • CAT6 (Correct)

Answer : CAT6

Explanation Correct Answer:PoE phones use an ethernet connection to provide telephone service. CAT5e/6 is the normal cabling used for PoE.Incorrect Answers:Fiber optic cable is not used for PoE phones.Coaxial cable is not used for PoE phones.Although CAT 3 cable can support power over ethernet, it does not provide the the required bandwidth for PoE phones.

John's client needs to connect an external monitor to his laptop. Which connection types is the laptop most likely to have to accomplish this goal? (Select TWO).

Options are :

  • RCA
  • Serial
  • VGA (Correct)
  • PS/2
  • HDMI (Correct)

Answer : VGA HDMI

Explanation Correct answers:Most laptops have a VGA port. Many new ones also have an HDMI port. Incorrect answers:PS/2 ports enable you to connect a keyboard or pointing device (like a mouse) to a computer. Serial ports are ancient and were used to connect mice. RCA jacks are for audio, not video.

Of the available choices, which is the least secure form of encryption?

Options are :

  • WAP
  • AES
  • TKIP
  • WEP (Correct)

Answer : WEP

Explanation Correct Answer:WEP encryption is easily crackable, and is not at all recommended for a network unless there are no other options.Incorrect Answers:WAP stands for wireless access point, which is the device that sends out a wirelss signal.AES is the encryption algorithm used by WPA2.TKIP is the encryption algoritm used in WPA.

A technician is dispatched to a location that has multiple laser printers. One of the network printers is printing what appears to be a shadow image. The technician could solve this issue by:

Options are :

  • Replacing the fuser
  • Replacing the network cable
  • Running calibrate
  • Replacing the drum (Correct)

Answer : Replacing the drum

Explanation Correct Answer:A malfunctioning photosensitive drum can cause image ghosting, so replacing the drum might fix things.Incorrect Answers:A broken fuser causes smudged printouts.If the drum is broken, running calibrate won't fix things.Network errors don't cause ghosting.

Which of the following devices is most likely to come standard with a solid state hard drive?

Options are :

  • Laptop
  • Tablet (Correct)
  • Storage server
  • Desktop PC

Answer : Tablet

Explanation Correct Answer:Tablets frequently use SSDs since they use very little power, take up very little space, and are very resilient. Incorrect Answers:The other answers might have SSDs, but they rarely come standard with them.

If you bought an ATX case, which of the following motherboard form factors should you purchase?

Options are :

  • BTX
  • Micro ATX (Correct)
  • Ultra ATX
  • ITX

Answer : Micro ATX

Explanation Correct Answer:Micro ATX motherboards can fit inside ATX cases.Incorrect Answers:BTX and ITX are both non-ATX form factors that don't share a standout layout.Ultra ATX motherboards are even larger than standard ATX motherboards, and can't fit in standard ATX cases.

What connector would you find only on a coaxial cable?

Options are :

  • RJ-11
  • ST
  • F (Correct)
  • RJ-45

Answer : F

Explanation Correct Answer:The F connector is the one you use to connect your cable box or cable modem to the wall.Incorrect Answers:RJ-11 connectors are used on telephone cords.ST connectors are for fiber-optic cables.RJ-45 connectors are for Ethernet cables.

A technician is tasked with setting up a new employee in a company with webmail on a tablet, phone, and laptop. Which of the following items can be synced to all three devices via webmail? (Select THREE).

Options are :

  • Bookmarks
  • Calendar (Correct)
  • Programs
  • Documents (Correct)
  • Contacts (Correct)
  • Gaming high scores

Answer : Calendar Documents Contacts

Explanation Correct Answer:Documents, Calendar and Contacts can be synced through webmail. Although most data can be synced, there are limitations to items that can be synced by webmail.Incorrect Answers:Programs cannot be synced by webmail.Bookmarks can be synced with devices, not by webmail.

A client is having problems with the back cover to their cell phone. It always comes off, and is difficult to seat properly when putting it on the phone. Which of the following is MOST likely the problem?

Options are :

  • MicroSD card is not installed properly.
  • A bent charging port is preventing it from seating.
  • The battery is preventing it from seating.
  • The phone has a replacement non-OEM cover. (Correct)

Answer : The phone has a replacement non-OEM cover.

Explanation Correct Answer:A non-OEM replacement cover is the likely cause.Incorrect Answers:MicroSD cards are generally ports that are on a side of a device, and would not interfere with the cover.The battery are all interior on a device, so they would not cause issues with the seating of the back coverCharging ports are internal ports that would not interfere with the back cover.

A customer has requested a high-end gaming PC system. In designing the system, which of the following feature-sets of the power supply should be installed? (Select THREE).

Options are :

  • 450 watts of power
  • High number of connectors (Correct)
  • Mini molex connector
  • Mini-ITX form factor
  • 24-pin main connector (Correct)
  • Dual 12v rails (Correct)

Answer : High number of connectors 24-pin main connector Dual 12v rails

Explanation Correct Answer:When purchasing a power supply for a gaming system, more is better. The components used in gaming systems often are not the onboard components, so it requires more connections for devices. In addition, the componenents themselves draw more power. Multi-rail systems in today's power supplies help to ensure when the system power is heavily loaded, the power supply can balance the need.Incorrect Answers:Mini-ITX is a motherboard form factor.Mini molex connectors were mostly used for floppy disks.450 watts of power would be too low for a gaming system.

Where would a technician enable USB 1.1 support?

Options are :

  • HCL
  • BIOS (Correct)
  • MBR
  • AGP

Answer : BIOS

Explanation Correct Answer:You would enable this feature in BIOS.Incorrect Answers:The MBR contains information about how a hard drive is formatted.An HCL, or hardware compatibility list, is a list of hardware that works with a particular operating system.AGP was the standard expansion port for video cards before PCIe came out.

A customer reports that their wireless laptop cannot connect after removing it from its carrying case. The laptop boots and the user is able to login. Which of the following should be checked first?

Options are :

  • Laptop battery levels
  • External Wi-Fi switch (Correct)
  • Status in Device Manager
  • Available hard drive space

Answer : External Wi-Fi switch

Explanation Correct Answer:It's highly likely that the Wi-Fi switch got knocked into the wrong position during transport. Just flip the switch back into the correct position and you're good to go!Incorrect Answers:It's possible that the wireless card got disabled in Device Manager somehow, it's far more likely that the Wi-Fi switch got turned to the wrong position.Hard drive space doesn't affect wireless connectivity.A low battery would prevent the PC from turning on at all, not just from connecting to a wireless network.

A technician is replacing all of the access points in an office to increase the wireless speeds. The current location of the access points allows for wireless connectivity throughout the entire office. Which of the following 802.11 standards should be used?

Options are :

  • 802.11n
  • 802.11ac (Correct)
  • 802.11a
  • 802.11b
  • 802.11g

Answer : 802.11ac

Explanation Correct Answer:When replacing the access points to increase speed of the connection, it is best to use the latest generation of the standard. The standard offers backward compatibility to most previous standards.Incorrect Answers:All the standards are older standards, and do not have the latest technology. 802.11ac provides faster throughput.

What type of connector goes between a DSL modem and the wall?

Options are :

  • RJ-45
  • RJ-11 (Correct)
  • SC
  • LC

Answer : RJ-11

Explanation Correct Answer:DSL modems use RJ-11 connectors.Incorrect Answers:RJ-45 connectors go from the DSL modem to the router or computer.LC and SC connectors are used by fiber-optic cables.

To connect to a PC using RDP, what port should you open?

Options are :

  • 443
  • 21
  • 3389 (Correct)
  • 80

Answer : 3389

Explanation Correct Answer:Port 3389 needs to be open for Remote Desktop connections.Incorrect Answers:Port 21 is used for FTP, port 80 is for HTTP, and port 443 is for HTTPS.

While investigating a 4-year-old PC that is taking an unusually long time to boot, a technician discovers that the BIOS is rediscovering the hardware system at every boot. What should the technician do to resolve the problem?

Options are :

  • Reset the BIOS using the CMOS reset jumper
  • Change out the CMOS battery on the motherboard (Correct)
  • At the OS level, launch Device Manager and re-scan the hardware
  • Press "F9" while the computer is booting, but before the OS starts to load

Answer : Change out the CMOS battery on the motherboard

Explanation Correct Answer:The CMOS battery is most likely dead or dying, so replacing it should fix the problem. The technician will also have to make any non-default CMOS settings that the user had previously set up.Incorrect Answers:Since this is a pre-boot problem, nothing in Windows will fix it.Pressing the F9 key during boot will bring up system recovery options for some brands of PC. It's not really a standard shortcut, though.The BIOS is already resetting every time the PC boots, so manually resetting it won't do a blessed thing.

What type of device should be placed in a DMZ?

Options are :

  • Smartphone
  • Backup server
  • Wireless printer
  • Gaming server (Correct)

Answer : Gaming server

Explanation Correct Answer:When setting up a gaming server, it's important to make it as easy as possible for others to connect. Putting the server in a DMZ does this.Incorrect Answers:A backup server contains private information, so you want it as protected as possible.A smartphone also contains private information, so you don't want it Internet accessible. You don't want anyone from the Internet using your wireless printer! Don't put it in a DMZ.

Which of the following technology converts light into digital information?

Options are :

  • Digitizer
  • Webcam (Correct)
  • Inverter
  • Microphone

Answer : Webcam

Explanation Correct Answer:The webcam converts light into digital information.Incorrect Answers:Microphones convert waves to digital information. Digitizers convert analog information to digital information.An inverter converts electrical current.

What feature enables a SOHO router to pass out IP addresses to network clients?

Options are :

  • Port forwarding
  • SSID broadcast
  • DHCP (Correct)
  • MAC filtering

Answer : DHCP

Explanation Correct Answer:DHCP is in charge of passing out IP addresses automatically.Incorrect Answers:MAC filtering is a technique for blocking systems from joining a wireless network based on their IP addresses.SSID broadcast is the act of announcing a wireless network's name.Port forwarding makes it possible for Internet clients or services to make connections to a computer that is behind NAT.

Of the following connectors, which would you most likely find on a piece of twisted-pair wire?

Options are :

  • BNC
  • ST
  • SC
  • RJ-45 (Correct)

Answer : RJ-45

Explanation Correct Answer:RJ-45 connectors are the only choices that you might potentially find on a twisted-pair wire.Incorrect Answers:BNC connectors are found on coaxial cable.SC and ST connectors are found on fiber-optic wires.

Which of the following is the best tool for a technician to use to make sure that network wires are securely fastened in a wall jack?

Options are :

  • Crimper
  • Wire strippers
  • Small flat screwdriver
  • Punch down (Correct)

Answer : Punch down

Explanation Correct Answer:A punch down tool will securely fasten wires to a wall jack or a patch panel.Incorrect Answer:A crimper is used to attach RJ-45 plugs onto Ethernet cables. They don't attach wires to wall jacks directly.Neither a screwdriver nor wire strippers will do the job.

A technician is trying to reinstall Windows on a machine. He's already inserted the install disc in the optical drive, so what will he most likely have to configure next?

Options are :

  • BIOS password
  • Boot sequence (Correct)
  • Clock speeds
  • Flash BIOS for firmware upgrade

Answer : Boot sequence

Explanation Correct Answer:To ensure that the computer boots to the installation media, the technician should check that the optical drive is at the top of the boot sequence.Incorrect Answers:A BIOS password is not a requirement for installing an operating system.You don't need to upgrade your BIOS firmware to install Windows.Configuring clock speeds won't help.

Which of the following Wi-Fi standards operates at the shortest distance?

Options are :

  • 802.11b
  • 802.11g
  • 802.11n
  • 802.11a (Correct)

Answer : 802.11a

Explanation Correct Answer:802.11a works on the 5 GHz spectrum and, while it has fairly high bandwidth potential and uses an unused frequency, it also suffers from having to have almost line-of-sight communciations to be effective. Its distance limitation is 120 meters according to specficiation, but is most likely going to be even shorter than that because of walls and other interference.Incorrect Answers:802.11b/g both have a distance limitation of 140 meters, while 802.11n tops out at 250 meters.

Wearable technology devices used to track personal activity use what technology to determine user activity levels?

Options are :

  • Digitizer
  • Inverter
  • Gyroscope
  • Accelerometer (Correct)

Answer : Accelerometer

Explanation Correct Answer:An accelerometer is a device that detects its own acceleration and is used in mobile phones to determine the phone's orientation. Once the orientation is determined, the phone's software can react accordingly, such as by changing its display from portrait to landscape.Incorrect Answers:An inverter is an electronic device that changes current.A gyroscope is a disk that is free to spin on any orientation by itself.A digitizer is a device that is used to convert analog signals into digital signals.

A user states that their old notebook loses connectivity to the Internet several times a day at work and at home. The issue started after the wireless card was replaced. Which of the following items is most likely causing the issue?

Options are :

  • The motherboard drivers are not current
  • The wireless on/off switch is not in the on position
  • The keyboard is faulty and turns the wireless NIC on and off
  • The drivers for the NIC need to be updated (Correct)

Answer : The drivers for the NIC need to be updated

Explanation Correct Answer:It's possible that the drivers for the NIC aren't working properly, so updating them might help.Incorrect Answers:The motherboard drivers probably won't have any effect on Internet connectivity.If the wireless switch was set to off, then there wouldn't be any Internet connectivity at all.A faulty keyboard would most likely not cause this problem.

What tool could a technician use to test a NIC that is not receiving an IP address?

Options are :

  • ESD mat
  • Loopback plugs (Correct)
  • Toner probe
  • Cable tester

Answer : Loopback plugs

Explanation Correct Answer:A loopback plug is used to perform a loopback test, which checks a NIC's connectivity.Incorrect Answers:An ESD mat is used to prevent static discharge when working on electronics.A cable tester tests the status of networking cables.Toner probes are used to find the port on a switch or patch panel that a particular cable goes to.

What is the purpose of DHCP?

Options are :

  • Blocks MAC addresses with security violations
  • Translates IP addresses to domain names
  • Assigns IP addresses on a network (Correct)
  • Encrypts data on a network

Answer : Assigns IP addresses on a network

Explanation Correct Answer:DHCP automatically assigns IP addresses to computers on a network.Incorrect Answers:DHCP doesn't block MAC addresses, translate IP addresses, or encrypt network data.

Which of the following components would be most useful in building a silent gaming PC capable of overclocking?

Options are :

  • Low-RPM fans
  • Liquid cooling system (Correct)
  • Thermal paste
  • Passive cooling system

Answer : Liquid cooling system

Explanation Correct Answer:A liquid cooling system enables users to overclock their PCs to extreme speeds without adding any obnoxious fan noise.Incorrect Answers:Passive cooling systems are most often found in slimline PCs or lower-powered home theater PCs.Thermal paste is used in every cooling system. This choice isn't specific enough.Low-RPM fans are quieter than their quickly-spinning counterparts, but they're not as quiet or as effective as a liquid cooling system.

Tina's computer is connected to the small network in her new café. The PC has a printer attached via USB that she wants to share with the network. How can she accomplish this goal most efficiently?

Options are :

  • Install shared PCL drivers
  • Install a USB hub
  • Enable print sharing (Correct)
  • Install a print server

Answer : Enable print sharing

Explanation Correct answer:The simplest way to get the printer on the network is simply to share it by enabling print sharing. Incorrect answers:Installing older-style printer drivers wouldn't do anything. Installing a USB hub or a print server adds unnecessary costs. Her computer becomes a print server by enabling print sharing.

What would you need to upgrade an onboard NIC so that you can connect to a gigabit network?

Options are :

  • Flash the BIOS to unlock the Ethernet port
  • Convert the user to wireless
  • Install a 10/100/1000 NIC (Correct)
  • Update the drivers for the onboard port

Answer : Install a 10/100/1000 NIC

Explanation Correct Answer:To connect to a faster network, it's highly likely that you'll have to install a faster NIC.There's not much else you can do about it.Incorrect Answers:There is currently no wireless standard that can reach gigabit speeds.Updating drivers won't enable the NIC to connect to a faster network.Flashing the BIOS to unlock the Ethernet port is a nonsense answer.

What is the simplest way to prevent unauthorized users from joining a wireless network?

Options are :

  • Institute MAC filtering
  • Update the router firmware
  • Use wireless encryption (Correct)
  • Set up static IP addresses

Answer : Use wireless encryption

Explanation Correct Answer:Setting wireless encryption on a network will prevent anyone who doesn't know the network password from joining the network.Incorrect Answers:Updating router firmware is probably a good idea, but it won't keep unauthorized users off your network.MAC filtering is great for keeping people out of your network, but it's not exactly simple.Static IP addresses won't help you here.

A user calls the helpdesk and states that they are receiving an IP conflict error on their computer. The user is on a company network that uses DHCP. The technician verifies the PC is using DHCP to obtain TCP/IP settings. Which of the following commands should the helpdesk technician use to resolve this issue? (Select two.)

Options are :

  • IPCONFIG /RENEW (Correct)


Explanation Correct Answer:The IPCONFIG /RELEASE command releases a computer's IP address, and the IPCONFIG /RENEW command gets the computer a new one.Incorrect Answers:The IPCONFIG /REGISTERDNS command refreshes a computer's DHCP lease.The IPCONFIG /ALL command displays a comprehensive list of a computer's IP information.IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS deletes a computer's DNS cache.

What would you use to test all of your computer's hardware before you installed Windows 7?

Options are :

  • Another PC
  • POST card (Correct)
  • BIOS
  • MBR

Answer : POST card

Explanation Correct Answer:A POST card can be installed in your computer and it will ensure that all of your devices are working correctly on bootup.Incorrect Answers:Another PC won't really help in seeing if your new hardware truly works together. Sometimes having another computer around can be useful for diagnosing piece-by-piece, though.The Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) is a service or firmware that gives your computer the basic instructions to turn on.The Master Boot Record (MBR) is the special section of code located on your boot sector. It is loaded when loading your operating system, such as Windows 7.

A technician is changing out a toner cartridge in a high-volume printer. As they are removing the empty cyan cartridge, a large amount of blue powder falls out onto the rollers in the immediate area. Which of the following should the technician do next?

Options are :

  • Immediately leave the scene and sound an emergency to security
  • Use a toner vacuum to remove the spilled toner from the undesired surfaces (Correct)
  • Use compressed air to remove the spilled toner from the undesired surfaces
  • Use the maintenance kit to remove and replace the affected parts

Answer : Use a toner vacuum to remove the spilled toner from the undesired surfaces

Explanation Correct Answer:A toner vacuum will clean out the spilled toner in no time.Incorrect Answers:You don't need to leave the scene and sound an emergency. It's just spilled toner!Compressed air will just blow the toner around inside the printer. A vacuum will remove the toner.If the problem is simply spilled toner, you don't need to replace anything.

A technician is about to put a computer back into service that has not been turned on for many months. It was healthy when taken out of service and boots quickly without any problems. Which of the following actions would be a good place to begin computer maintenance? (Select two.)

Options are :

  • Run anti-virus updates (Correct)
  • Run Windows Update (Correct)
  • Defragment the hard drive
  • Configure the firewall to access the Internet
  • Run a full anti-virus scan

Answer : Run anti-virus updates Run Windows Update

Explanation Correct Answers:If you haven't used a computer in a while, make sure to run Windows and anti-virus updates to make sure your computer isn't vulnerable.Incorrect Answers:You probably didn't get any viruses while your computer was powered down.If the computer is running slowly, then you might want to defragment your hard drive. Otherwise you probably don't need to.You probably don't need to configure the firewall.

Arya wants to open an Internet café and is looking to purchase computers so that customers can browse the Internet. What type of computer would you recommend she buy?

Options are :

  • Gaming PC
  • Thick client
  • Media PC
  • Thin client (Correct)

Answer : Thin client

Explanation Correct Answer:Thin clients are great for browsing the Internet, word processing, and not much else. But they're cheap and great for public spaces.Incorrect Answers:A thick client is a regular desktop PC, which would also work, but it would be more expensive and wouldn't do an appreciably better job than a thin client.A gaming or meda PC would be much more powerful and expensive than necessary for this job.

Which of the following hardware would you use to test to see if your PSU was supplying electricity to the motherboard and all of its peripherals?

Options are :

  • Multimeter (Correct)
  • Anti-static strap
  • CMOS Health monitor
  • Device Manager

Answer : Multimeter

Explanation Correct Answer:The multimeter is the tool used to see the proper voltages coming from the PSU and into the motherboard. It should read 12v, 5v, and 3.3v.Incorrect Answers:The Device Manager will not let you know the status of your power supply.The anti-static wrist strap is one tools you would actually never want to use around troubleshooting a power supply issue. The last thing you want to do is ground yourself when working around electricity!The CMOS Health monitor is actually not a bad spot to look for the status of your power supply. It should give some interesting figures on it. However, we are looking for a hardware device that we can use to test the PSU, not software built-in to the computer.

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