CompTIA A+ Certification 220-901: Mock Practice Tests

Which of the following tools and test equipment is routinely magnetized and should be used with caution around magnetic media?

Options are :

  • Pliers
  • Screwdrivers (Correct)
  • Cable testers
  • Power supply testers

Answer : Screwdrivers

Explanation Correct Answer:Screwdrivers are sometimes magnetized to make it easier to keep the screw on the end of the screwdriver.Incorrect Answers:A power supply tester is used to make sure that a power supply is working correctly. It shouldn't be magnetized.Cable testers are used to test for resistance and continuity in Ethernet cables.Pliers aren't usually magnetized.

A customer says they cannot access the network printer. The technician cannot PING the printer from their location. Which of the following should be the next step in troubleshooting this issue?

Options are :

  • Reboot the client PC
  • Check the toner cartridge
  • Reboot the printer
  • Check the link lights on the printer NIC (Correct)

Answer : Check the link lights on the printer NIC

Explanation Correct Answer:The printer's NIC link lights will show you whether or not the printer is communicating with the network.Incorrect Answers:The toner cartridge doesn't have anything to do with the printer's network connectivity.Rebooting the client PC won't help with the printer.Rebooting the printer might help, but check the link lights first.

Which of the following is an example of a MAC address?

Options are :

  • 4309:FD21:ACB3:0012
  • 00-00-00-1B-02-55 (Correct)

Answer : 00-00-00-1B-02-55

Explanation Correct Answer:00-00-00-1B-02-55 is an example of a 48-biit MAC address.Incorrect Answers: is an IP address.Http:// is a URL.4309:FD21:ACB3:0012 is a 64-bit address. It's formatted like part of an IPv6 address.

A customer calls you and states that her laptop screen is very dim. In order to avoid going to the client's site, which of the following is the first action you should recommend to the customer to perform?

Options are :

  • Reboot the laptop
  • Go to the Power Options in Control Panel
  • Use the function keys (Correct)
  • Increase the resolution

Answer : Use the function keys

Explanation Correct Answer:Using the function keys enables you to change the brightness on your LCD screen.As this suggestion is easily the quickest and most simple fix among the bunch, you should try it first.Incorrect Answers:Increasing your resolution will change how many pixels are on the screen. Usually you just want to stick with your native resolution on a laptop, though. Regardless, this won't help a dim screen issue.Rebooting always sounds like a good idea, doesn't it? Well, it can never hurt, but since it takes a bit of time, that might be what I try second, not first.Going to the power options in the Control Panel enables you to change settings for screen savers, standby, sleep, and other ACPI settings.

A technician has upgraded an internal Wi-Fi card on a laptop and now the signal power to connect to a WAP is low. Which of the following is the most likely cause of the issue?

Options are :

  • Wi-Fi card drivers are not installed
  • The laptop's memory is faulty
  • One of the antenna wires is unplugged (Correct)
  • The laptop's battery is dead

Answer : One of the antenna wires is unplugged

Explanation Correct Answer:It's very possible that the technician has simply forgotten to connect the antenna wire. It happens to the best of us.Incorrect Answers:

For any given 802.11n wireless Internet signal, which of the following is needed to establish a connection?

Options are :

  • Windows password
  • SSL certificate
  • Proper SSID (Correct)
  • MAC address filtering

Answer : Proper SSID

Explanation Correct Answer:To join a wireless network, you must have the proper SSID. Otherwise, you'll join the wrong network!Incorrect Answers:MAC filtering keeps unwanted computers off your wireless network.A Windows password won't help you join a wireless network.A SSL certificate is used in encrypting Web pages.

A client complains that they are unable to connect to a company network. The technician is dispatched to review the problem. The user is plugged into the wall jack, however, there is no connection. The technician troubleshoots the connection between the wall jack and the switch. All cables are plugged into the switch in the network room, however, none of the cables are labeled. Which of the following tools would the technician MOST likely use to find this cable?

Options are :

  • WiFi analyzer
  • Tone generator (Correct)
  • Loopback plug
  • Multimeter

Answer : Tone generator

Explanation Correct Answer:A cable plugged into a tone generator sends a tone through the cable that can be detected through a receiver called a probe. Incorrect Answers:A mulitimeter measures voltage and amperature.A loopback plug tests a port, but will not identify cables to a jack.A WiFi analyzer shows the WiFi channels in your area.

A computer starts to boot, but then quickly shuts down. Which of the following should a technician use to troubleshoot this issue?

Options are :

  • Toner probe
  • Event logs
  • Power supply tester (Correct)
  • Loopback plugs

Answer : Power supply tester

Explanation Correct Answer:Use a power supply tester to make sure your power supply isn't failing. Many early-boot issues like this are due to a failing power supply.Incorrect Answers:A toner probe is used to find the port in a patch panel that goes with a particular cable.Loopback plugs enable you to test your NIC.You can't look at event logs if you can't boot into your OS.

An "active" CPU cooling solution contains which parts?

Options are :

  • A heatsink, attached fan, and thermal compound (Correct)
  • A heatsink, case fan, and thermal compound
  • A heatsink, radiator, and thermal compound
  • A heatsink and thermal compound

Answer : A heatsink, attached fan, and thermal compound

Explanation Correct Answer:An "active" cooling system consists of a heatsink attached to the CPU using thermal paste to assist heat transfer. A CPU fan makes sure that heat dissipates as quickly and efficiently as possible.Incorrect Answers:The other answers are not components of active cooling systems.

A technician is installing a new wired router and needs to disable all the ports currently not in use. The documentation for the router mentions the Web interface for the router is available by default at In which of the following ways would the technician go about doing this?

Options are :

  • Use Windows Explorer and search for a file called
  • Manually set the IP address to, and then access the website at
  • Place labels on top of all the ports that are not to be used
  • Use the Internet browser to access the router configuration at (Correct)

Answer : Use the Internet browser to access the router configuration at

Explanation Correct Answer:You can use your Web browser to access a router's Web interface by typing the router's IP address into your address bar.Incorrect Answers:This isn't a problem that sticky labels will solve.There's no need to set your IP manually.There's no file called That's an IP address!

A custom configured PC with a powerful processor, high-end video, upgraded audio, and increased cooling would be most suited to which of the following applications?

Options are :

  • Virtualization workstation
  • Thick client
  • Gaming PC (Correct)
  • Thin client

Answer : Gaming PC

Explanation Correct Answer:This setup would be ideal for a powerful gaming PC. Work's for chumps!Incorrect Answers:Thin clients are the most bare-bones PCs around. They wouldn't have these advanced features.A virtualization workstation wouldn't need a high-end video card or upgraded audio.A thick client is just a basic PC. Nothing fancy needed.

A customer needs to create a copy a database on media, however the file is 89GB. Which of the following format specifications can support the file size?

Options are :

  • BD - RE DL
  • BD - RE
  • BDXL (Correct)
  • BD - R

Answer : BDXL

Explanation Correct Answer:Conventional Blu-ray technology has a capacity of 50GB. BDXL supports 100 GB and 128 GB disks through triple and quadruple layer disks.Incorrect Answers:BD-RE DL will not support the file size.BD-RE will not support the file size.BD-R will not support the file size.

Of the following types of expansion slots, which is MOST commonly found in a blade server?

Options are :

  • PCI
  • PCIe (Correct)
  • PCI-X
  • miniPCI

Answer : PCIe

Explanation Correct Answer:Modern blade servers most commonly use PCIe expansion slots.Incorrect Answers:PCI-X is an older technology that is no longer the standard in servers.PCI is an older technology that is no longer the standard in computers.

Which of the following provides the least network security?

Options are :

  • Switch
  • Hub (Correct)
  • Firewall
  • Router

Answer : Hub

Explanation Correct Answer:A hub works by transmitting traffic to all nodes attached to it. However, only the device the information is destined for (based on MAC address) will actually process the information. Having said that, get yourself a nice packet analyzer and all of those juicy details now belong to you, making the hub the least secure on this list.Incorrect Answers:A switch by itself isn't exactly secure, but it has the possibility of being secure based on what functions come with the switch. A big difference between a switch and a hub is that the switch remembers where to send data by recording the MAC address information of different nodes. By doing this, a switch won't broadcast data to every port on the network once it has learned MAC addresses of the sending devices on its network. It only sends packets to the device the packet is destined for.A router deals with forwarding packets based on IP addresses. Many routers have password protection, so you can't alter their settings. Many SOHO routers come with built-in firewalls as well.Firewalls are the epitome of network security. They are often the first line of defense between your network and the many evil-doers on the Internet.

In order for a digitizer to work properly upon installation, which of the following is required?

Options are :

  • The digitizer needs to connect to the internet.
  • The digitizer requires the latest software updates.
  • The digitizer must be cleaned.
  • The digitizer must be calibrated. (Correct)

Answer : The digitizer must be calibrated.

Explanation Correct Answer:A digitizer transfers all of the touch function from the device to the LCD. When installed, the digitizer requires calibration so it can determine, when the screen is touched, where to signal the operating system the location of the touch on its grid.Incorrect Answers:Digitizers do not require internet connection.Digitizers do not require maintanence cleaning.Digitizers do not require an update.

For what is a DVI-D cable used?

Options are :

  • Delivering audio & video
  • Delivering audio only
  • Delivering an analog signal
  • Delivering video only (Correct)

Answer : Delivering video only

Explanation Correct Answer:DVI-D cables deliver video signals, just like every other type of DVI cable.Incorrect Answers:DVI-D has nothing to do with audio signals.DVI cables use a digital signal.

When troubleshooting a VoIP telephone connection, the line connected to the telephone is MOST likely which of the following cable types?

Options are :

  • CAT3 cable
  • HDMI cable
  • Single-mode fiber
  • CAT6 cable (Correct)
  • USB cable

Answer : CAT6 cable

Explanation Correct Answer:VoIP phones use an IP ethernet network, such as the internet, to provide telephone service; so, it uses a network connection. CAT6 is the most common cable used in VoIP.Incorrect Answers:CAT 3 cable can support power over ethernet, however, it usually has difficulty providing the required bandwidth for VoIPUSB cannot be used for VoIP; it is used for peripherals.Single-mode fiber is used in fiber optics.HDMI cables are used for video/audio connections.

A technician is troubleshooting a RAID 6 array on a high-end CAD/CAM workstation. Two disk drives have their fault lights on. Which of the following is the best action for the technician to perform when fixing the problem?

Options are :

  • Replace the failed drives and restore the data from a known-good backup
  • Reseat the drives, back up the data, and then replace them
  • Replace the failed drives and verify the RAID rebuilds completely (Correct)
  • Reseat the drives and monitor the RAID status over a few days

Answer : Replace the failed drives and verify the RAID rebuilds completely

Explanation Correct Answer:Two drives have failed, but you can still rebuild the RAID 6 array. Replace the drives and make absoultely sure that the rebuild completes successfully.Incorrect Answers:If the fault lights are on, then it's probable that the drives have failed, so reseating them won't help. It's in your best interest to get those drives replaced as soon as possible.If you replace the drives, the RAID will rebuild the data automatically.

A network consisting of numerous geographically dispersed networks that cover a large physical distance is referred to as a:

Options are :

  • WLAN
  • WAN (Correct)
  • LAN
  • MAN

Answer : WAN

Explanation Correct Answer:A WAN, or wide area network, is a type of network that covers a large area, spanning more than one city.Incorrect Answers:WLAN stands for wireless local area network. These do not cover a large physical distance.A LAN is a small, local network.A MAN is a metropolitan area network, or a network covering an entire city. These are larger than LANs, but smaller than WANs.

An office printer that was working earlier in the day is no longer printing any documents. Pre-existing workstations are manually configured to print to the printer directly over the network. A technician has started to troubleshoot the problem and determines that the printer can still be seen in the network directory. The technician has also verified that the printer can print self diagnostic pages successfully. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the problem?

Options are :

  • Two or more users sent print jobs simultaneously, causing a print collision.
  • The printer's IP address has changed. (Correct)
  • The network print spooler service has been restarted.
  • "Perform Printer Maintenance" message is displayed on the printer's LCD panel.

Answer : The printer's IP address has changed.

Explanation Correct Answer:The printer is functioning properly, however, print jobs are not reaching the printer.Incorrect Answers:If the spooler service was restarted, it would not cause print jobs to not print. It may help them to print, if the spooler had been stopped.The printer does not need maintenance, as it is printing diagnostic pages properly.A print spooler will prevent simultaneous jobs being sent to the printer.

A customer downloaded and set up a mobile pay service to use with their first generation smartphone. When trying to use the service at a retailer that supports the mobile pay service, the payment service will not work. Which of the following is missing from the customer's smartphone?

Options are :

  • Bluetooth
  • IMSI
  • RFID
  • NFC chip (Correct)

Answer : NFC chip

Explanation Correct Answer:Mobile pay technology uses a Near Field Communication chip. This chip allows two devices to set up a set of protocols that allow communication while in close proximity. Early smartphones did not have NFC chips and are not able to support mobile pay service.Incorrect Answers:RFID is an electronic tracking technology.Bluetooth does not support mobile pay.IMSI is used to identify the user on a cellular network. It is not used for moble pay.

Which of the following would you use to segment a LAN and provide extra ports?

Options are :

  • Hub
  • Access point
  • Switch (Correct)
  • Modem

Answer : Switch

Explanation Correct Answer:A managed switch can use VLANs to create network segments.Incorrect Answers:An access point is a device that enables clients to connect to a wireless network.A modem is used for dial-up Internet access.Hubs are dumb devices that do nothing but provide extra Ethernet ports.

What type of printer uses carbon paper?

Options are :

  • Laser
  • Thermal
  • Impact (Correct)
  • Inkjet

Answer : Impact

Explanation Correct Answer:Impact printers use a special type of carbon paper and an ink ribbon in order to leave marks on the paper by striking the ribbon.Incorrect Answers:Inkjet printers use ink to print on a variety of types of paper.Thermal printers use heat-sensitive paper to create images.Laser printers can print on many different types of paper.

How can a technician limit access to a SOHO wireless network based on a computer's NIC?

Options are :

  • DHCP
  • SSID broadcast
  • Encryption
  • MAC filtering (Correct)

Answer : MAC filtering

Explanation Correct Answer:MAC filtering determines which computers can join a SOHO based on the PC's MAC address.Incorrect Answers:Encryption limits access by making it necessary for users to know an encryption password. Disabling SSID broadcasting just makes it more difficult for others to discover the network. It doesn't do anything to prevent anyone from joining the network.DHCP is in charge of passing out IP addresses.

Alex has just purchased a new 802.11n Wi-Fi router for his home. He powers it up and configures it. He then proceeds to connect his current 802.11g devices, as well as his brand new laptop. Even though the laptop has a built-in 802.11n antenna, he is still not noticing any speed increase. Which of the following is the most likely cause?

Options are :

  • The router should be configured to "G-Only"
  • The laptop is not close enough to the router
  • The router is broadcasting a mixed mode (Correct)
  • The laptop needs a dedicated access point

Answer : The router is broadcasting a mixed mode

Explanation Correct Answer:By default, many Wi-Fi routers broadcast their signal in mixed mode. By broadcasting in mixed mode, the access point portion of your Wi-Fi router will allow any devices that use 802.11b, 802.11g, or 802.11n to connect to the network. The big catch is that by doing this, your network throughput will drop down to the speed of the slowest device. Ouch!Incorrect Answers:While the distance between the laptop and the wireless router is definitely a factor, there is nothing in the scenario that states the new laptop's position in relation to the router. We are forced to assume that since he hasn't noticed any speed increases, Alex has already tried positioning himself in many different places.If the router is set to "G-Only," then Alex will only get 54 Mbps. The router should definitely not be set to that mode of operation.The laptop does need a dedicated access point. Luckily, Alex bought one. It says that in the first line of this particular scenario.

A user reports that their PC boots up to a screen that reads "OS not found." Which of the following would be the most likely cause of this problem?

Options are :

  • The system has a BSOD
  • Not enough memory is available
  • The user has a USB key attached (Correct)
  • There are conflicting operating systems

Answer : The user has a USB key attached

Explanation Correct Answer:If the user had plugged a USB stick into the computer, it's possible that the PC is trying to boot to that device instead of the hard drive.Incorrect Answers:There are most likely not conflicting operating systems installed.A lack of memory would not result in an OS not found error.A BSOD probably would not cause a boot error.

Which of the following are good ideas for cooling a high-end gaming PC? (Select two.)

Options are :

  • Additional case fans (Correct)
  • Passive cooling
  • Liquid cooling system (Correct)
  • Power-saving NIC
  • Lower-wattage power supply

Answer : Additional case fans Liquid cooling system

Explanation Correct Answers:Liquid cooling is a great idea for keeping your most important components (primarily the CPU and video card) cool, and adding additional case fans will keep the rest of your system cool, too.Incorrect Answers:A power-saving NIC won't help cool your PC at all.Passive cooling won't cut it for a gaming PC.A lower-wattage PSU will make your gaming PC not work at all. Which I guess would keep it cool.

A technician is called out to look at a wireless client that can't access the Internet. She notices that the computer has an IP address of What is the problem?

Options are :

  • WPA
  • DHCP (Correct)
  • DNS
  • WINS

Answer : DHCP

Explanation Correct Answer:If the wireless client can't access the DHCP server for some reason, its operating system will assign it an APIPA address. The tech should check the DHCP server.Incorrect Answers:WPA is a wireless encryption technology and has nothing to do with handing out IP addresses.WINS stands for the Windows Internet Name System. It is Microsoft's implementation of DNS, and neither it nor DNS hand out IP addresses.

Two users would like to share pictures between their mobile devices. Both devices will be in close proximity and the users do not wish to use a third party service and/or another networking devices. Which of the following is the BEST option for this scenario?

Options are :

  • NFC (Correct)
  • IR
  • Wifi
  • USB

Answer : NFC

Explanation Correct Answer:Near field communication (NFC) protocols are designed for just such sharing. Used over wireless communication, it allows for data exchange for distances of 4 centimeters or less.Incorrect Answers:Infrared (IR) will require software.WiFi will require that they are connected to a common network.USB will require cabling.

Which of the following options gives the best brief summary of RAID?

Options are :

  • RAID uses multiple hard disks to increase performance and/or provide protection against data loss (Correct)
  • RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks
  • RAID uses data striping to reduce hard drive write time and parity bits to reconstruct the data from a failed hard drive
  • RAID is a dynamic logical disk management system

Answer : RAID uses multiple hard disks to increase performance and/or provide protection against data loss

Explanation Correct Answer:The whole purpose of RAID is to increase drive performance and data redundancy.Incorrect Answers:None of the other answers adequately describe RAID.

A Windows 7 desktop PC has blue screened several times, indicating a possible RAM problem. Which of the following tools can be used to test this problem?

Options are :

  • Windows System Restore
  • Windows Memory Diagnostic (Correct)
  • Windows System File Checker

Answer : Windows Memory Diagnostic

Explanation Correct Answer:The Windows Memory Diagnostic tool diagnoses memory problems. Incorrect Answers:System Restore just restores Windows to a previously-set snapshot.The System File Checker makes sure that all of Windows' system files are in proper working order.MSCONFIG is the tool that enables you to set startup programs.

What wireless standard can operate at speeds of up to 600 Mbps?

Options are :

  • 802.11 g
  • 802.11 b
  • 801.11 a
  • 802.11 n (Correct)

Answer : 802.11 n

Explanation Correct Answer:802.11 n has a maximum speed of up to 600 Mbps. Incorrect Answers:802.11 a and g have a maximum speed of 54 Mbps.802.11 b has a maximum speed of up to 11 Mbps.

What type of printers use voltage control to limit the amount of liquid they use?

Options are :

  • Inkjet printers (Correct)
  • Thermal printers
  • Laser printers
  • Impact printers

Answer : Inkjet printers

Explanation Correct Answer:Inkjet printers apply voltage to an electrically-sensitve material (or, in older printers, a heating element) to control the amount of ink sprayed onto the page.Incorrect Answers:None of the other printers use liquid media.

A user has just dropped off his laptop reporting that the screen is very dim and it's difficult to make out the icons on the desktop. When you plug in an external monitor to the system, it brings up the desktop perfectly. Which of the following needs to be replaced?

Options are :

  • The external monitor
  • The VGA card
  • The LCD panel
  • The LCD inverter (Correct)

Answer : The LCD inverter

Explanation Correct Answer:The LCD inverter is likely not supplying voltage to the backlights (CCFLs) and will need to be replaced.Incorrect Answers:The external monitor was there to help us diagnose this malfunctioning laptop. And it did its job pefectly.While the LCD panel may seem like a good answer, it's probably not the BEST answer. We can still see the icons—they are just very dim and hard to make out. It's more likely a problem with the backlights or the inverters that power the backlights.The VGA card is working just fine, if it wasn't, we would have had nothing on the external monitor we connected.

What ports are used by the two HTTP protocols?

Options are :

  • 25 and 53
  • 110 and 53
  • 53 and 8080
  • 80 and 443 (Correct)

Answer : 80 and 443

Explanation Correct Answer:HTTP uses port 80, and HTTPS uses port 443.Incorrect Answers:Port 25 is used by the SMTP protocol, and port 53 is used by DNS.Port 8080 is an alternate port used sometimes by HTTP, most often on a proxy server.Port 110 is used by POP3.

If you want to record some new footage of yourself playing games for your popular Youtube channel, what type of hardware do you need to record from a game console?

Options are :

  • Video capture (Correct)
  • High-end graphics
  • Network
  • RAID controller

Answer : Video capture

Explanation Correct Answer:A video capture card enables you to record video from any video source, including game consoles.Incorrect Answers:If you're recording video from a game console, you don't need a high-end graphics card.You'll need a network card to upload the video to Youtube, but it won't help you record any video.A RAID controller enables you to set up a redundant array of independent disks.

What should you do with a worn-out Li-Ion battery?

Options are :

  • Return it to the manufacturer for a trade in.
  • Recharge it.
  • Throw it away
  • Contact your local disposal authority for guidance. (Correct)

Answer : Contact your local disposal authority for guidance.

Explanation Correct Answer:All laptop batteries should be considered hazardous material. Contact your local waste disposal authority.Incorrect Answers:Don't throw it away! Don't try to return it. Don't try to recharge it. Just don't do it.

What type of 802.11 network has a maximum throughput of 11 Mbps?

Options are :

  • G
  • N
  • B (Correct)
  • A

Answer : B

Explanation Correct Answer:802.11 B networks have a maximum throughput of 11 Mbps.Incorrect Answers:802.11 A has a throughput of 54 Mbps.802.11 G's throughput is also 54 Mbps.802.11 N's maximum throughput is 600 Mbps.

A client reports that their VoIP phone screen displays a "Duplicate IP address" error. Which of the following is the first action to try to resolve this problem?

Options are :

  • Reboot the phone (Correct)
  • Call the vendor
  • Try another LAN connection
  • Change MAC address settings

Answer : Reboot the phone

Explanation Correct Answer:Rebooting a device is almost always the first thing you should do when trying to fix a problem.Incorrect Answers:MAC address settings won't have any affect on the phone's IP address.You might have to call the vendor, but that's not the first thing you should do (unless you're starved for even the tiniest bit of human contact).Trying another LAN connection is another of those "do it, but not first" solutions.

A technician notices a computer is overheating after 30 minutes of use. Which of the following is the most likely cause?

Options are :

  • Incorrect input voltage setting
  • ACPI is disabled
  • Internal dust buildup (Correct)
  • Clogged temporary file folders

Answer : Internal dust buildup

Explanation Correct Answer:The buildup of dust on a PC's internal components can eventually cause overheating. Get in there from time to time with some canned air to clean your computer out!Incorrect Answers:Neither temporary files nor ACPI settings will cause overheating. An incorrect voltage setting for the CPU could be a sign that a user is overclocking their CPU, which could cause overheating, but this is much more rare than a dusty PC.

Which of the following components would a user most need when building a virtual server? (Select two.)

Options are :

  • RAM (Correct)
  • High-end video card
  • HDMI
  • CPU (Correct)
  • Networking speed
  • High-end sound card

Answer : RAM CPU

Explanation Correct Answer:Every computer in the world needs, at minimum, a CPU and some RAM. Since you're sharing one computer's resources among many virutual computers, each one of the virtual PCs will need some of the server's CPU and RAM resources. A virtual server needs as many CPU cores and as much RAM as possible!Incorrect Answers:The word "server" might have thrown you a bit, but a good CPU and lots of RAM are far more important for any virtual machine than good network speed.If all you're creating is a virtual server, it doesn't need a sound or video card at all, much less high-end ones.HDMI would be more useful for an HTPC than a virtual server.

Tammy has an iOS tablet. She has filled up her device to maximum capacity with games, music, and pictures. She wants some additional storage. Which would work BEST in helping her get more storage?

Options are :

  • Purchase a new tablet (Correct)
  • Install an external USB hard drive
  • Restore the device to default state
  • Install additional flash memory

Answer : Purchase a new tablet

Explanation Correct Answer:Because this is an iOS device, it works in the closed-source Apple environment. No upgrades for you—buy a new one with more space!Incorrect Answers:You can't install an external USB hard drive with an iOS-based device. As stated earlier, it's closed source.You also can't install additional flash memory either, sorry!Restoring it to the defaults certainly would free up some space, but it would also trash her existing files. That would not be the BEST situation for Tammy.

Which of the following connector types is associated with a fiber connection?

Options are :

  • RJ-45
  • RJ-11
  • HDMI
  • LC (Correct)

Answer : LC

Explanation Correct Answer:LC connectors are used with multimode fiber-optic connections.Incorrect Answers:RJ-45 connectors are used with UTP cables for Ethernet.RJ-11 connectors are used with telephone cables.HDMI cables have either 19 or 29 wires.

Which of the following components would be utilized most in a virtualization server? (Select two.)

Options are :

  • Maximum memory (Correct)
  • High-end video card
  • Dual-rail 1000w PSU
  • Quad core CPU (Correct)
  • High-end sound card

Answer : Maximum memory Quad core CPU

Explanation Correct Answers:In order to properly manage and run all of the virtual machines, the virtualization server will need to have as much memory as possible as well as a multi-core CPU.Incorrect Answers:Having a high-end graphics card and high-end sound card is more important for a gaming PC. Those features are not needed in a virtualization server.A dual-rail 1000w PSU would also probably be needed in a gaming computer where you have multiple graphics cards that require a lot of extra power.

Which of the following memory features allows for protection against random inconsistencies in the transfer of data?

Options are :

  • ECC (Correct)
  • Dual channel
  • Low latency
  • Single channel

Answer : ECC

Explanation Correct Answer:Error correcting code RAM detects and corrects any any data errors that it may encounter.Incorrect Answers:Latency is a measurement of RAM's speed.Dual-channel is a feature that means that installing two identical sticks into certain motherboard slots. Single-channel is just a single RAM stick.

After installing a new firewall, Bran can't send any e-mail. What port in the firewall should he check?

Options are :

  • 110
  • 21
  • 443
  • 25 (Correct)

Answer : 25

Explanation Correct Answer:Port 25 is used by SMTP, the protocol in charge of sending e-mail.Incorrect Answers:Port 21 is used by FTP, used to transfer files between computers.Port 110 is used by POP3, which is in charge of receiving e-mail.Port 443 is used by HTTPS, which is the secure form of the HTTP protocol.

The on-screen display of a monitor indicates the proper video source is selected, but the image will not display. Which of the following issues are the MOST likely reasons? (Select TWO).

Options are :

  • The source cable is disconnected (Correct)
  • No device is sending source video (Correct)
  • The monitor's brightness is set too low
  • The monitor's contrast is set too high
  • The backlighting of the monitor is faulty

Answer : The source cable is disconnected No device is sending source video

Explanation Correct Answer:Always review the basic connections of your system when setting it up. Connectivity is the easiest thing that can cause a problem.Incorrect Answers:A low brightness setting will not cause the image to not display.Bad backlighting may cause a bad image, but will not cause the image to not display.Improper contrast settings will not cause the image to not display.

What is likely to be reset during standard printer maintenance?

Options are :

  • Page count
  • Print job cache
  • Job queue
  • Paper and tray settings (Correct)

Answer : Paper and tray settings

Explanation Correct Answer:Printer maintenance might have the effect of resetting the printer's paper and tray settings.Incorrect Answers: None of the other answers are reset by standard printer maintenance.

Jim, a user, states that his inkjet printer is not printing as clearly as when he first purchased it. What should you do first to rectify this issue?

Options are :

  • Use a different type of paper
  • Replace the USB cable
  • Replace the ink cartridges
  • Calibrate the printer (Correct)

Answer : Calibrate the printer

Explanation Correct Answer:Looks like the ink may have dry up a little and you need to run the maintenance tool. Often times calibrating the printer will include running a printer head cleaning utility.Incorrect Answers:It may come to replacing the ink cartridges, but don't get too eager. Those bad boys are expensive, after all! Try doing that last if possible.Using a different type of paper might help if you are using a some strange type of paper. Unfortunately, in this scenario, we don't have any idea what kind of paper Jim is using. Initially, assume he is using the right kind. Regardless, it definitely wouldn't be my FIRST step.Replacing the USB cable would be a good idea if we were having connectivity issues with the printer itself. This, however, is a performance issue with the printer. Besides, based on this scenario, we have no clue what kind of connectivity is being used. Granted, it probably IS using USB, but it could also being using Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or even a parallel connection.

What component is in charge of powering an LCD screen?

Options are :

  • Backlight
  • Inverter (Correct)
  • PCIe card
  • PCMCIA card

Answer : Inverter

Explanation Correct Answer:The inverter provides power to an LCD screen.Incorrect Answers:PCMCIA cards are used as expansion slots on laptops.Backlights are also powered by the inverter.PCIe is a type of expansion slot, and has nothing to do with powering LCD screens.

Which of the following cable connection types is an example of a mini DIN?

Options are :

  • PS/2 (Correct)
  • DB9
  • RCA
  • BNC

Answer : PS/2

Explanation Correct Answer:Mini-DIN connectors are small multi-pin electrical connectors commonly used for keyboard and mouse connection. Incorrect Answers:A BNC is a quick connect/disconnect coaxial connection for cable, and are not multi-pin.RCA is a common audio/video coaxial connection that is not multi-pin.A DB9 is a multi-pin connector, however, it is not a mini Din.

After replacing a motherboard on a customer's laptop for a no-sound issue, a technician realizes that there is intermittent wireless connectivity on the laptop. Which of the following should the technician perform first?

Options are :

  • Replace the wireless card because it is not fully compatible with the new motherboard
  • Reinstall the driver of the Wi-Fi card
  • Check if the Wi-Fi antenna is connected properly to the wireless card (Correct)
  • Check to see if there is a wireless switch on the laptop and its current position

Answer : Check if the Wi-Fi antenna is connected properly to the wireless card

Explanation Correct Answer:Check to make sure that the Wi-Fi antenna is properly connected to the wireless card. A loose connection might be the cause of an intermittent connectivity problem.Incorrect Answers:All the other answers would be solutions for permanent problems, but not intermittent ones.

What wireless standard is backwards-compatible with 802.11g?

Options are :

  • 802.11n (Correct)
  • 801.11a
  • 802.11b
  • 802.1q

Answer : 802.11n

Explanation Correct Answer:802.11n devices are backwards-compatible with 802.11g.Incorrect Answers:802.11a isn't at all compatible with 802.11g.802.11g is backwards-compatible with 802.11b devices, but not vice-versa.802.11q is not a real thing.

Which of the following could you find on a piece of UTP cable?

Options are :

  • BNC
  • SC
  • RJ-45 (Correct)
  • ST

Answer : RJ-45

Explanation Correct Answer:RJ-45 connectors are used in Ethernet networking.Incorrect Answers:BNC connectors were found on coaxial cable.SC and ST connectors are found on fiber-optic cable.

Which of the following types of cables are MOST likely to be used to connect to an external hard drive? (Select TWO)

Options are :

  • eSATA (Correct)
  • USB 3.0 (Correct)
  • HDMI
  • CAT6e
  • Molex

Answer : eSATA USB 3.0

Explanation Correct Answer:eSATA and USB 3.0 both allow for external connections to a PC that can connect to an external hard drive. HIncorrect Answers:A molex is a connection used to power devices internally.SPDIF is an audio connection.HDMI is an audio/video connection.CAT6e is a network connection.

Which of the following happens during POST?

Options are :

  • The OS will load.
  • The CMOS setup screen is loaded.
  • System RAM is checked. (Correct)
  • The MBR is checked.

Answer : System RAM is checked.

Explanation Correct Answer:Your system RAM is being checked. You can see this if you turn off quick boot in CMOS. Your PC should count all the RAM in your computer.Incorrect Answers:The OS loads after POST.The MBR loads just after POST completes by a service called the bootstrap loader.The CMOS setup screen is only loaded if you press the correct key during POST, usually delete.

The purpose of applying thermal paste between the CPU and heatsink is to:

Options are :

  • make the heatsink easier to remove when replacing the CPU.
  • aid in the transfer of energy from the CPU to the heatsink. (Correct)
  • act as a fire retardant should the CPU overheat.
  • keep the heatsink firmly in place on the CPU.

Answer : aid in the transfer of energy from the CPU to the heatsink.

Explanation Correct Answer:The purpose of applying thermal paste between the CPU and the heatsink is to aid in the transfer of energy (heat) from the CPU to the heatsink itself.Incorrect Answers:If anything, thermal paste makes the heatsink more difficult to remove depending on the thermal paste you get. There's a reason it's called thermal PASTE.There are no fire preventing characteristics in thermal paste.Keeping the heatsink firmly in place on the CPU is the job of the heatsink's brackets and mounting clips.

A user is complaining that nothing happens when he tries to print to a shared printer, even though the printer is powered on. What is most likely the cause of the problem?

Options are :

  • The user's print drivers are corrupted
  • The print server does not have network connectivity (Correct)
  • The ISP service is currently not available
  • The printer is low on toner

Answer : The print server does not have network connectivity

Explanation Correct Answer:The answer to about 90% (a rough, completely made-up estimate) of network printer problems is "the printer has no network connection." Do yourself a favor and check that first.Incorrect Answers:You're not sharing a printer over the Internet, so your ISP has nothing to do with it.It's probably not a corrupted driver issue. Network issues are far more common than driver issues.If the printer was simply low on toner, it would at least try to print or give an error message.

You have just assembled your first PC. You hit the power button and the computer turns on. As the computer runs through POST, it starts beeping multiple times and you don't see anything displayed on the LCD. You notice there are no activity lights flashing for the HDD. However, we you check the inside of the computer, you can hear the drive spinning up. What is the NEXT thing you are going to check in order to get the PC functioning?

Options are :

  • Reseat your RAM (Correct)
  • Replace the LCD with one that functions
  • Reseat your Front Panel LEDs
  • Change the jumper settings to C/S

Answer : Reseat your RAM

Explanation Correct Answer:Reseat your RAM. Amongst all the information you were able to gather from this scenario, knowing that it was making multiple beeps is an indication that the RAM is not seated correctly or worse yet… is bad!Incorrect Answers:Changing you hard drive settings to Cable Select (C/S) won't effect your outcome of POST.Replacing the LCD monitor won't change the lack of character on the screen because your RAM still needs to be seated.Reseating your Front Panel LED's, while a good idea considering you don't see hard drive activity, would not fix a no-boot situation like you are in.

A user updates their video driver on their system. Upon restart, the system will not complete loading Windows; it falls into a reboot cycle. What should a technician use to quickly resolve this issue without losing personal files or programs?

Options are :

  • Restore from backup
  • System Recovery (Correct)
  • Restore from OEM image
  • Emergency Repair Disk

Answer : System Recovery

Explanation Correct Answer:The System Recovery tool will allow you to restore your Windows configuration to an earlier point. When turned on, Restore Points are set to take a snap shot of your Windows system configuration that can be used to quickly restore your Windows, when you have an issue. It will not affect your personal files.Incorrect Answers:An emergency repair disk backs up Windows related system files and settings.Restoring from the OEM image will cause a loss of personal data.Restoring from a backup generally only takes care of loss of personal data.

What type of backup media works best for very large data backups?

Options are :

  • Blu-Ray
  • Tape (Correct)
  • DVD
  • CD-ROM

Answer : Tape

Explanation Correct Answer:Tape drives, though slow, are great for large backups due to their potentially enormous capacity and resistance to errors.Incorrect Answers:None of the other available choices can store as much data as tape drives potentially can.

A technician is working on a workstation that is receiving read/write failures when trying to access a particular file. Which of the following commands should the technician use to resolve this issue?

Options are :

  • CHKDSK (Correct)

Answer : CHKDSK

Explanation Correct Answer:The CHKDSK command scans a hard drive for errors and repairs them as needed.Incorrect Answers:DISKPART enables you to partition a drive from the command line.FORMAT erases all the data on a drive and sets up a new file format on it.FDISKis an older partitioning tool that was replaced by DISKPART.

You are working on a customer's laptop and need to swap out some parts. Which are of the following would you consider to be an FRU? (Choose two.)

Options are :

  • HDD (Correct)
  • NIC
  • USB
  • RAM (Correct)
  • Sound card

Answer : HDD RAM

Explanation Correct Answers:Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and Random Access Memory (RAM) are great examples of Field Replaceable Units (FRUs).Incorrect Answers:Anything that you can't really remove from a laptop computer would fall into the realm of parts that are not FRUs. Such as sound cards, NICs, and USB controllers.

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