formation security strategy paper
Senior management commitment and support for information security can BEST be enhanced through:

Options are :

Answer : periodic review of alignment with business management goals

CISM Information Risk Management Certification

Which of the following would BEST prepare an information security manager for regulatory reviews?

Options are :

Answer : Perform self-assessments using regulatory guidelines and reports

The MOST basic requirement for an information security governance program is to:

Options are :

Answer : be aligned with the corporate business strategy.

The FIRST step in developing an information security management program is to:

Options are :

Answer : clarify organizational purpose for creating the program.

CISM Incident Management Response Certified Practice Exam Set 3

At what stage of the applications development process should the security department initially become involved?

Options are :

Answer : At detail requirements

Which of the following is MOST important in developing a security strategy?

Options are :

Answer : Understanding key business objectives

A security manager is preparing a report to obtain the commitment of executive management to a security program. Inclusion of which of the following would be of MOST value?

Options are :

Answer : Associating realistic threats to corporate objectives

Cism Information Security Program Development Practice Exam

In order to highlight to management the importance of integrating information security in the business processes, a newly hired information security officer should FIRST:

Options are :

Answer : conduct a risk assessment.

An information security manager mapping a job description to types of data access is MOST likely to adhere to which of the following information security principles?

Options are :

Answer : Proportionality

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