Automation Anywhere Master Certification Set 3

Which of the following dashboard provides information on 'Total Users', 'Total Bot Schedules' and 'Total Queues'?

Options are :

  • Home (Correct)

Answer :Home

Memory Utilization Widget can be found under the ___________________ Dashboard in CR.

Options are :

  • Devices (Correct)

Answer :Devices

Which dashboard widget in Web CR provides a statistical representation of the relationship between the failure score of a bot and the respective bot, where the failure score is a calculation of the resources utilized by the CPU, memory, and hard disk (HDD) when you run the bot?

Options are :

  • Heartbeat Widget (Correct)

Answer :Heartbeat Widget

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) calculator page allows you to estimate _________________________. You can use this information while orchestrating work load management to meet target SLA of an organization.

Options are :

  • Either Required device pool size or Time required to process a given queue size (Correct)

Answer :Either Required device pool size or Time required to process a given queue size

Which of the following pre-defined system roles in Web CR are associated with the Workload Management feature?

Options are :

  • AAE_Pool Admin and AAE_Queue Admin (Correct)

Answer :AAE_Pool Admin and AAE_Queue Admin

The pre-defined system roles associated with Bot Insight dashboards are _______________________.

Options are :

  • 'AAE_Bot Insight Admin', 'AAE_Bot Insight Expert' and 'AAE_Bot Insight Consumer' (Correct)

Answer :'AAE_Bot Insight Admin', 'AAE_Bot Insight Expert' and 'AAE_Bot Insight Consumer'

Which file formats are supported while defining the Work Item Structure in a queue?

Options are :

  • CSV and TXT (Correct)

Answer :CSV and TXT

Which of the options can be chosen to assign a new value to the variable that has been previously defined?

Options are :

  • Variable Operation (Correct)

Answer :Variable Operation

When a credential is created with its type as 'user-provided' and assigned to a locker, all the present ________________ will receive a credential request.

Options are :

  • Locker Consumers (Correct)

Answer :Locker Consumers

When a new credential is added to a locker an email notification is sent to _____________________ of the locker at their registered email address in Control Room.

Options are :

  • All Consumers (Correct)

Answer :All Consumers

For which activities does the Audit Log captures and provides read-only records of all the important actions performed by users?

Options are :

  • Both Control Room and Client activities (Correct)

Answer :Both Control Room and Client activities

Locker managers have all the permissions that owners do and they can also add other owners or managers in the locker.

Options are :

  • False (Correct)

Answer :False

Which system role is associated with the Bot Insight feature that allows a user to configure and publish the dashboards?

Options are :

  • AAE_Bot Insight Expert (Correct)

Answer :AAE_Bot Insight Expert

Which of the following widgets displays bots based on their maximum processing time and the number of times they are run?

Options are :

  • MVP Bots Widget (Correct)

Answer :MVP Bots Widget

Which CR feature allows you to estimate device pool size or time required to process a given queue size?

Options are :

  • Workload -> SLA Calculator (Correct)

Answer :Workload -> SLA Calculator

Merge Documents is a sub-command associated with the _____________________ command.

Options are :

  • PDF Integration (Correct)

Answer :PDF Integration

Which of the following is/are the valid Error Handling Action(s)?

Options are :

  • 'Continue' and 'Stop Task' (Correct)

Answer :'Continue' and 'Stop Task'

When a hotkey is configured to run a Bot, does it work when AA Client is not running?

Options are :

  • No (Correct)

Answer :No

Which Excel sub-command can be used to read the content of the specified cell in an active spreadsheet?

Options are :

  • Excel - Get Cells (Correct)

Answer :Excel - Get Cells

It is possible to close a message box automatically after a predetermined time interval specified in seconds.

Options are :

  • True (Correct)

Answer :True

PGP is the command used for encryption and decryption of files using ______________________.

Options are :

  • Passphrase as well as Public and Private keys (Correct)

Answer :Passphrase as well as Public and Private keys

Which of the following actions can not be performed using the PDF Integration command?

Options are :

  • Conversion of Text into PDF (Correct)

Answer :Conversion of Text into PDF

On which browser, the Web Recorder command works?

Options are :

  • All browsers (Correct)

Answer :All browsers

Log to file command can be used to log data into ___________________.

Options are :

  • Text files only (Correct)

Answer :Text files only

What is the type of variable is returned when 'Prompt For File' command is used?

Options are :

  • List (Correct)

Answer :List

Which of the listed commands will allow you to change the active cell in an excel worksheet?

Options are :

  • Excel - Set Cells (Correct)

Answer :Excel - Set Cells

Which of the listed databases or files can not be processed using Database command?

Options are :

  • PDF (Correct)

Answer :PDF

Which of the following is not a valid Printer command?

Options are :

  • Add Printer (Correct)

Answer :Add Printer

A task is required to run everytime you open your browser, which of the options will help you to accomplish this ?

Options are :

  • Trigger Manager (Correct)

Answer :Trigger Manager

During task creation and play, the Credential variables can be accessed by a Bot-Creator even when it is disconnected from the Control Room.

Options are :

  • False (Correct)

Answer :False

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