Installtion of Arduino

To get started with Arduino, we need to first install the Official Software of Arduino. Below are the steps of getting started with Arduino.

Step 1: Downloading the Arduino Software

To download the Arduino software, visit the official website of Arduino:

After you visit this site, you will see something like this below. (Interface and options of the website may differ)

After clicking into the Windows Installer, you will see this below page:

After you click on JUST DOWNLOAD, the software will start downloading into your system.

Step 2: Installing the software into your system

When the download finishes,

  • open the downloaded folder,
  • right-click on the file
  • select run.


After you click agree, you must see this window.

Remember, don't try to uncheck any checkbox and directly click on next.

After you click install, you must see the below window.

After the installation is done. It should create a desktop icon if you have not unchecked any option in earlier steps.

Cheers! You are done with the installation, but you are still not ready to go.

Step 3: Fixing the PORT

Port is that virtual interface that will be used by your Arduino Board. Your computer will supply power through the USB port, as well as it will upload the code into the board. Everything will be done using the port, and so a virtual port name should be allocated for your Arduino.

Go to Device manager :

how to go... add image here !


Click to the Communication Port (COM3 or whatever is visible in your device).

Click on the Update Driver and browse for the Arduino Driver. It should be inside the Arduino Folder (It should be Inside the Windows Program Files by default.)

Now, go to the Arduino Folder. It should be inside the C drive, inside the Windows Program Files. But if you have changed the path at the time of installation, go there and find the folder, Arduino. In my case, it is inside the Program files(x 86).

Then click OK.

Yes !!!. Now you are ready to Go!

Arduino Software Interface

Double click on the Arduino icon on the desktop and you must see this:

After some time, the Arduino Interface will be in front of you!

This is the final interface of the Arduino, now you can directly connect your Arduino Board and upload this default sketch into the Arduino.

Sketch is nothing, but the code what we write in the Arduino IDE. Just they call it Sketch. I don't know why. But, we shall use this term as we go on.
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