Hello There! I am KarthiQ. Senior Test Engineer.

Chercher tech is hub for learning all information related to testing and development. We have main focus on selenium webdriver

Basic Information
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Funny History

2013 - 2014


During 2014, one of my teammate named Vikas asked me to learn Selenium. He was one year senior to me, so we started to learn selenium and we completed it in few weeks. Later we started to work on selenium project where I worked as a Automation Tester with selenium and Java.

After some days I resigned my job at Accenture Services Pvt Ltd and I joined to Unifylabs systems Pvt. After me Vikas also resigned from Accenture and he Joined to Wipro

May 2016 - April 2016


I felt like starting a website for selenium webdriver and the website name was "selenium-mentor.com". This was my idea and Vikas told me that there are only few websites so you can start to teach as you are good at Selenium.

But After some days I was not sure about why should I teach someone for free by writing articles. I thought like every articles takes lot of time. After a month I had Stopped writing for the website. By this time I have resigned my Post as Design Tech lead at Unifylabs Systems Pvt Ltd

November 2017 - February 2018


Sometime in November 2017, I felt like I should keep myself busy, so I have started a website called "selenium-webdriver.com" and started writing all about selenium in great details. Because of this reason you might find "selenium-webdriver.com" word in some examples

February 2017 - Present


In Feb 2018, I thought like I should write other tools/languages other than selenium, So I wanted change the name of the website but i did not get good names. Then I have learned that it does not matter whether a name points to the technology or not.

Then I was choosing different names for this website but finally i have came across the word chercher in French. In French "chercher" means Look/Search for, at the same time I tried to register the website "chercher.com" but unfortunately someone have already registered the website name.

BUt I was first about the word "chercher" so I was looking for domain extenation like .in, .net, .org but finally I have decided to go with .tech as t will give good meaning like search for Technologies

This is all the history behind chercher.tech

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Bangalore, Karnataka, India


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